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MAXWELL, Anahera: Please help me!! Looking for my whanau  


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Joined: 8 years ago
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25 March, 2013 10:48 pm  

[center] PLEASE HELP ME!!:-|

I am looking for information on my Maxwell side.

My mother (Janet Te Urumahiaarangi Maxwell nee Pene married my father Sidney James Maxwell back in 1978 or 1979)
they had three children, Oldest Anahera (me), Joyal and Kororia

Apparently my grandfathers name was Robert ? Maxwell, not sure on my grandmother's name, but there kids names are Sidney (dad), Rodney, Robert, and ? (Sister Luana I think) My grandmother and her children are still alive but my grandfather passed away in 198?.

Unfortunately I havent seen my dad:-|, for a very long time and in 2006 my mother and my grandmother on my mums side passed away both to cancer so I am lost:-|. I dont know where my uncles are staying, I think some of them are still in rotorua and the sister and grandmother is in australia.

I was born in rotorua, apparently when my grandmother on my mums side was still alive she said that my father and his family is from ngongotaha, rotorua. I can remember a maxwell family reunion that I went to in rotorua, ngongotaha area. My grandmother took me, but being so young I did not ask for addresses or nothing, which to this day I regret. I wish I had asked now that I have my own children.

If anyone can help me, please I would be so greatful:), I would love to get to know and meet my family.

Thank you
Anahera Maxwell[/center]

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28 March, 2013 9:28 pm  

Try www.oldfriends.co.nz, There are a lot of Maxwells on that site.