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Ngati Kuri meet & greet - Te Hapua end Dec 2006 - 2 Jan 2007  

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ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

quote from www.ngatikuri.tk

...Melissa it was lovely to chat the other day.

Melissa enjoy your trip north at the end of the month.

Welcome back from France and thank you so much for your enthusiasm and initiative to get us all together young and old, rich and poor, singles and families, willing & able.

Yes, YEs, YES let's get it together this year's end.

We could start in Te Hapua but we need to get some firm numbers as the booking for the Marae will need to be done ASAP.

People anyone who visits this site interested in having a 'social' get together? OIt could be like a family reunion... expect bigger because anyone and everyone is invited and it will be good just to spend time finding out who are our close and distant relations. This could be aimed especially at those who are Ngati Kuri by birthright, but have little or no idea what makes us stand apart from other iwi/hapus?

It will be good opportunity for us who don't presently live or visit the Far north often to meet up with the Ahika (those who keep the home fires burning) and maybe we will be blessed with some yarns of the old days and the old ways and what the Manawa o Ngati Kuri represents. It would be an excellent idea to organise a Marae working Bee and get some particular jobs down on the Agenda. Then we can put the word out for those that are trained in that field to help.

For the hale and hearty there can be walking trails organised or horse treks for those that know one end from the other. Trips accross the Parengarenga Harbour are a possibility and even a camp out at Waikuku Beach or Spirits Bay.

We especially encourage those that have the girft of weaving, music and singing to share their talents and of course those that excell in the kitchen can help with writing up the menu.

It will be nice to learn about the flora and fauna and the long history of the Te Hapua School. There will be great interest to walk through the cemetary and speak of those that are now resting.

I know we spoke about this last year and it was unfortunately rescheduled... so how about this year family. Maybe 30 December to the 2nd January 2007.

Your comments are comments on the dates, the timing etc will be much appreciated.

Posted : 25 May, 2006 10:50 pm
iki OWC
New Member

Kia ora whanau Ko Iki Valivaka ahau. Just wanted to know a bit more on the Ngati Kuri meet and greet hui. Really interested in coming. My Grand father Lewis Tairaki (Waitohi /TeRau)was born in Te Hapua and left at the age of 15. His family still lives there HOWEVER no one new to much of my grandfather's side. I am POSITIVE i have whanau that I have never met. PLease respond as I am very much interested in attending

Posted : 22 July, 2006 7:49 pm
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Thank you for your reply Iki.

I will try to keep this updated however better you check www.ngatikuri.tk as well. I am not sure if i should leave this post here or move it over to the Wananga section?

Posted : 22 July, 2006 10:24 pm
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Please reply to me direct at ngati_kuri@hotmail.com or www.ngatikuri.tk

Kia ora whanau
I didn't get any yes or no on the revised date which is from 31 December - 2 January 2007

Is it as cold where you are, as it is here? Are you hibernating or have you gone to the tropics until winter is over??

However... I recently spoke to one of our elders Saana Murray and she already knew and was excited to hear there will be a hui in Te Hapua.

So that's that word out there... Let's show them we may live (down the line) elsewhere but our manawa o Ngati Kuri is beating strong!

So I am relying on everyone to send out your messages far and wide to all your near and dear whanau and tell them to do the same.

Get as much of your whakapapa together in your head or on paper, practise those songs (I have some Ngati Kuri songs on paper but if you are in Auckland go visit Uncle Bob Mehana and practise them live with him - look in the phonebook for his number under Mehana, 60 Maybury St Panmure), get all those photos together.


Your committment to this Haeretanga to Te Hapua will make it happen.

I am relying on each person in a particular area to keep tabs on the numbers from there and send me regular updates.

Say 40 or 50 would be nice however the Marae will fit 200 and then we can always bring tents!!

Lets show the home people that our hearts are still in the north and let them welcome us home. They have kept the home fires burning and we can go home and warm ourselves with all our whanaunga!!

For those that have been on maraes before, help the others pick up the knowledge. Otherwise again send us your queries and we will try to get you in touch with an elder in your area,

Let's all learn together.

I am really relying on each and every one of us to gather ourselves and our people and start a kitty for the journey and our stay on the marae.

What we put into the planning is what we will get out of it.


Anyone with strengths in a particular field this is a shout out for someone (or a group of say two or three) to take on coordinating one of the many areas needed to make this the gathering of all gatherings!

Not just a family coming home a whole tribe!!

Please send all feedback and your pledge to be involved here I will start a new folder for us to gather the info called Te Hapua Wananga 31 Dec - 2 January or do you think we should make it 4 nights instead or 3??

Please send your family name and best contact details and the number/s as it changes ASAP. Good excuse to have a hui BBQ with the family!!

Ka pai to ra!!

Posted : 22 July, 2006 10:28 pm
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Calling all Ngati Kuri

Working hard to sort out an end of year/New Year ''do'' in Spirit's Bay & Te Hapua for anyone connected to Te Reo Mihi.

If you are interested in attending or can forward the news onto others, check out www.ngatikuri.tk or email ngati_kuri@hotmail.com,or ph Melissa 0210 637 668
Rozita & Melissa

Posted : 06 August, 2006 9:47 am
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Please reply even a couple of words would be seriously appreciated!

Everyone would have received previous emails in the last year about the idea of all of us getting together for one big shout for Ngati Kuri. I was told we have approx 4,000 aligning to Ngati Kuri and 2,400 live in Auckland!!

Please send your registrations in as soon as possible. We need to have the list completed by Oct 21st ( 2 and a bit months away)!

Best format:
1. Family Group name:
2. Contact name for Family Group:
3. Email/Ph contact:
4. Number attending please write adult & kids. If you are registering for yourself and say a cousin as well, put down your name and your family and then their name and their family. Then if you are the contact and/or their contact details.
5. Best way to help calculate cost say if you are mum, dad & two kids that is one family unit, mum and one child is one family unit, mum, dad and eight kids is one family unit. How we work out the cost per family can be pro rata or just a fixed charge depending on the amount of people coming and the amount of kai we need to buy. We need to make sure there is enough for the marae expenses.
6. WE WANT EVERYONE TO COME AND WE DO NOT WANT COST TO BE THE DECIDING FACTOR. Maybe you can have a raffle or another fundraiser?
7. How we help everyone get there will be a show of unity in action. So far we have registrations from Australia, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland, Whangarei Kaitaia & Waimanoni. It will be important to set up networks for those passing through on there way north so if some need stopovers on the way, cup of tea, showers or a sleepover, if you can offer this, please indicate this also.

We do have a marae in Auckland for the far north but as we are all travelling individually.... it would be difficult to arrange unless so from the south want to consider this on the way up or down. It is in Pt Chevalier and very handy to everything.

8. Do you have a skill you can offer (eg boning meat, making a hangi, organising the linen, story teller, arts and crafts (pois, carving or weaving), filming the event, have access to the barges or boats for trips or fishing, know how to dive or fish, willing to teach some waiatas, help some with their pepeha, karanga etc, horses and horse riding etc etc. Every little bit will help!!

9. How to keep up the date with bookings: We have contacts in various places, (Australia, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland, Whangarei Kaitaia & Waimanoni) however it looks like this hui will be built on trust and aroha. The cheapest and quickest way to be in touch is by email. If within your own rohe you can have a whanau hui that would be great. I will draft up a 'notice' soon and Registration form that you can show to anyone who is linked to Te Reo Mihi Marae.

10. Past Kaitaia there are maraes in Kareponia, Waimanoni, Paparore, Ngataki & Te Kao that we may also link to. Someone who is in contact with these maraes could put the word out so the whanau could stopover there on the way up or on the way down the line since we are journeying so far we might as well meet whoever we can!! For a modest cost you could really bring the family home. Now that would make the tupuna smile!!

Well Whanau the shout is out, the ball's in your court. I am just waiting for the replies and sleepless nights facilitating the best thing I've been involved in for years.

Love to all,


Posted : 07 August, 2006 1:08 am
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Thanks whanau for the replies so far keep them coming in direct to ngatikuri@hotmail.com or on the www.ngatikuri.tk site.

Will send regular updates.

Do not forget please Register individual family group even if you have the same family name eg Family Brown Joe 2 adults 1 child, Brown Mary 2 adults 4 children etc. The sooner we get the figures we can start to calculate the costs. I was thinking 50 would make it a viable project, but already we are close to that. Please register ASAP we would hate you to miss out. I thought we could fit 200 in the marae but I have been told 150?? Will follow this up for confirmation.

If you copy and paste the text below into and email and fill it in that would be great.

Ka pai to ra!!

1. Family Group name:
2. Contact name for Family Group:
3. Email/Ph contact:
4. Number attending:
(Please write adult & kids. If you are registering for yourself and say a cousin as well, put down your name and your family and then their name and their family. Then if you are the contact and/or their contact details.)
5. Best way to help calculate cost say if you are mum, dad & two kids that is one family unit, mum and one child is one family unit, mum, dad and eight kids is one family unit. How we work out the cost per family can be pro rata or just a fixed charge depending on the amount of people coming and the amount of kai we need to buy. We need to make sure there is enough for the marae expenses.

Posted : 08 August, 2006 11:19 am
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member


Nga uri o Muriwhenua
Ngati Kuri
(Descendants of Muriwhenua – Ngati Kuri)
To attend the Hui & Wananga to be held at:
Te Reo Mihi Marae
Te Hapua
31st Dec – 03 Jan 2007
Transport: own (Do you have a spare seat for share petrol costs)?
Accommodation: Te Reo Mihi Marae – Te Hapua
Program: The purpose of the Journey is to answer the call of our ancestors; to relate to the traditions, culture, & heritage of Ngati Kuri.
This is a great opportunity is for all to spend time as a family.
The journey home will be honoured by your participation.
For further details and full program: ngati_kuri@hotmail.com
There will be plenty of time for introductions, songs & stories, presentations from families, trips around the area etc.
BOOKING FORM Ngati Kuri Hui 31 Dec – 3 Jan 07
Family name: ...........................................................Firstname: ............................................................................
Ph:...................................... Mobile:................................... Email: ............................................................
Number attending: Adults: ................................................... Children: ....................................

Your prorata contribution will support electricity, gas, linen and other housekeeping, food for the 3 days and the donation for the marae’s upkeep. Once your booking form is received your name will be registered. Bookings will be taken for a total of 200 participants. Payment will be collected on arrival. The projected costs will be $150 - $180 per individual family unit which will be finalised by beginning of November.
POST: 169 Carrington Rd Mt Albert Auckland NZ or EMAIL: ngati_kuri@hotmail.com You can register directly on the webpage http://groups.msn.com/NgatiKuri-Tehapua-NorthlandNZlinks/tehapua31dec0602jan07.msnw or have a look at the full website www.ngatikuri.tk

Your grandfather may have been tall but you will have to do your own growing."

Posted : 16 August, 2006 5:05 am
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Hello everyone,

The response to the


has been positive and with lots of committment.

The heart that beats in Ngati Kuri
(Te manawa o Ngati Kuri)
strong & steady.

Apart from those just across the ditch,
we have two saving hard from Germany and two bookings from Canada.

Keep those names and numbers rolling in,
and we also appreciate that your spreading the word.


Posted : 18 August, 2006 8:52 pm
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Hello whanau thank you for your registrations. Updates are posted at ww.ngatikuri.tk

Did you see the Tangihana notices and how well the bush telegraph works... at one of the recent tangi's for Pene Waenga 400 arrived. The tea towels and linen had just finished drying with the rain and all and... news was sent to the Ahika (our home people who keep the fires burning and...) that another whanaunga had passed away in Auckland. So busy as bees, they set about opening the marae and doing it all over again!!

Kia ora whanau

Posted : 12 September, 2006 9:15 am
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

We are working on the Program and hope to have it out for comment within the next week. Keep those registrations coming.

Registrations are going well.
We have 60 confirmed bookings and the newest one is 3 from USA.

This figure does not include our home people so we get confidently say we are close to 100 and it is still August!

Our next phase will be organising the program for the 4 days. There will be an opportunity for each whanau to stand in their family unit or find the family unit they link to most...
and choose to introduce themselves, either speak or write their whakapapa, give a background of where they live today, a particular story of their family and sing a song.

At a family reunion I went to families wrote their whakapapa on cardboard and bluetacked it to the walls of the wharekai so people could find their whanau links.

Marae protocol: if this is your first time on a marae there are many ways to pick up the 'How to...s' before you arrive. The most common ways are speak to an elder, look up on this web site, and/or look through books at your local library.

One of the main things to remember is:

There will be a powhiri(welcome)from the home people on the 31st December before sunset. You can arrive any time in the day, but please all try to be on the road north from Kaitaia early afternoon. Information about powhiri is on this site see tab aboved "customs", marae protocol.

It is "shoes off" and no eating in the wharenui (big house)

Eating is done in the wharekai (food house) and shoes are permitted to be worn inside the wharekai and in the grounds.

No smoking or alcohol within the buildings or the grounds.

There are men's and women's shower and toilet blocks.

There will be a roster for help. However if you see you can lend a hand to any working group just go up and offer it.

This is your marae and it is for you to use and care for.

A professional photographer will be attending our hui and will take photographs of our hui on 2 Jan. These can be a full group, whanau groups, individuals. The bookings and payments will be done onsite and the photos will be posted. Anyone who has traditional dress would be encouraged to bring this with you. If you can make a banner eg Ngati Kuri 2007 Te Reo Mihi Marae Te Hapua please send an email indicating this. Maybe you have a school group who would like to work on this? Different families may like to do one for themselves. Waiata - traditionally singing has warmed the heart of the Maori and filled the air with the songs of our ancestors.

Those that are versed on mihi, pepeha, tauparara,whakapapapa and waiata now is the time to meet with whanau and work together as a family to share and help those who know less than ourselves.

Guitarists... kapa haka groups etc please come one come many.

As we are planning our journey home we may wonder, how did our tupuna travel all over the motu for work and still find their way home for huis, tangis, weddings etc?

They made a decision, got the family organised and followed the ancestral paths. Ngati Kuri have two coast paths (both sides of our peninsular take us)to Te Hapua. However most of us will use vehicles and the tar sealed road in the middle to get there. Some may use horse, others may walk in. However you find your way home know you will be welcomed.

We ask that those that use the road be careful of the bends in the road at Waipapakauri, coming into Pukenui, Waihopo and just before Waitiki landing. When you turn right to drive on the 8 km metal please use caution.

Kaitaia is the last town to stock up on food and medical supplies. Past here there are small stores at Awanui, Waiharara, Pukenui, Te Kao (a must for the $1 icecream on a cone) and Waitiki Landing.

Petrol stations are at Kaitaia, (+ 7 kms) Awanui, Pukenui (+ 45 kms), Waitiki Landing (+ 49). All distances approximate. Count on Kaitaia to Te Hapua 1 and a bit hours on a clear day.

If you arrive in Kaitaia in the night. It is better to stop over if you haven't driven north before. There will be suggestions of where to stop over Auckland to Kaitaia later. All that have travelled from Wellington - Auckland please forward your information. I suggest you place a little card/sticker in your back window with something like "Ngati Kuri Reunion 2006/2007" on it. When you see another car in the carpark or on the road you can say hi.

NB anti mosquito items are a must!!

More following...

Posted : 22 October, 2006 2:34 am
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Finalising booking numbers for Ngati Kuri Kotahitanga

1. Is your name on the list?
2. Are you going to add your name to the list?
3. Oct 31st is the deadline to start organising the food for the 3 days
4. This Kotahitanga is being organised on an honour basis.
5. Once we do the Administration figures we will send out a draft program with the costs included. As the food will be purchased/ordered finalised at least 10 days before the 31st December, please set aside the money for your family well ahead of time. Payment will be organised at a later date. At this point in time it looks like $50.00 per day per individual family booking should cover food and accomodation.
6. Your suggestions and comments are always welcomed and appreciated!
7. This Kotahitanga will be a success with your attendance help and support.
8. It is not owned by any particular group or family. It is an ALL of Ngati Kuri Hui and we welcome all people of good will.
9. If we get 50 people that will be kapai if we get 100 it will be a party. If we get 200 it will be a celebration, and if we get 500 it will be a great shout out to our tupuna that we have 'come home'!!
10. Please remember you are always welcome to volunteer any skills, especially music, weaving & whaikorero etc ahead of the kotahitanga.
11. For those that want to take advantage of some direct Kaumatua training and live in Auckland please call Koro Bob Mehana Ph: 09 570 8693 for waiata, reo & tauparapara. It is hands on and you needs to meet at least once a week. It is not info on paper, it is all done on a person to person basis. Koro gives his time and shares his gift and is happy to hear from committed, determined and sincere whanau who want to link back to Ngati Kuri.
12. If you need quick answers don't hesitate to email direct at ngati_kuri@hotmail.com.
13. Otherwise posting public is fine and we want to get to know each other before we meet up in Te Hapua.
14. If you have yahoo and/or msn we can set up a time to come online and chat. My id is rozita_leoni at yahoo and rozita_leoni@hotmail.com I am happy to come on regularly Friday and/or Sunday evenings at 8PM NZ time. If you have microphone we can conference.

Posted : 29 October, 2006 11:18 am
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Nga uri o Muriwhenua
Ngati Kuri
(Descendants of Muriwhenua – Ngati Kuri)
Te Reo Mihi Marae
Te Hapua – FAR NORTH
31st Dec – 03 Jan 2007
Attendance: see registration on http://groups.msn.com/NgatiKuri-Tehapua-NorthlandNZlinks/tehapua31dec0602jan07.msnw or have a look at the full website www.ngatikuri.tk
Transport: own transport to Te Hapua. The roads are tar-sealed except the last 8kms to Te Hapua (blue metal). Please drive carefully and safely. For further advice/directions, email: ngati_kuri@hotmail.com
Cost: Approx $150 for 3 days per individual family registration (2-4 persons) will cover marae use (accommodation, kitchen, power & gas), food etc.
WE ASK FOR “ALL HANDS ON DECK” FOR THE ROSTERS FOR THE 3 DAYS. Every little bit will help in the preparation /cooking /serving /cleaning & workshops etc
Accommodation: Te Reo Mihi Marae (mattresses, pillows & linen supplied) you need to bring you own blankets. Those that are organised to camp before or after at Kapo Wairua (Spirit’s Bay will need to bring all their camping gear).
Personal Requirements: Bring your own mosquito repellents, torches, toiletries, medications, special needs etc
Memorabilia: There is still time to make up a whanau book if our whanau desktop publishers want to lend a hand. Any photos or data you want included for your whanau must be sent to ngati_kuri@hotmail.com ASAP. Professional photographs (full group and whanau groups) will be taken on the 2nd January 2006 by Athol Corbett. The group photos will have a title board with sub-titles included, for example, GROUP PHOTO OF ALL ATTENDEES, Person Name - ID WHANAU GROUPS, etc Photographic sizes and prices ( payable with orders ) will be; 13 x 18cm ( 5x7in) $15-00 18 x 25cm ( 7x10in) $20-00 (all postage is included )
Marae will be in use until the 30th December day with a Brown Whanau hui.
Anyone that can make it upon the 30th Dec afternoon to help out with organising is welcome.

Sunday 31 Dec 2006
Powhiri (Welcome from the home people to the travellers) will be at 4.30PM to accommodate the travellers and the home people preparing the first meal. Anyone that arrives earlier is welcome to freshen up, have a cuppa, visit the urupa (cemetery), lend a hand with the day’s chores or rest in your car until we are welcomed into the wharenui.
After Whaikorero (greetings from both sides) waiata and hongi at approximately 5.30PM, we will move to the whare kai (to share a meal).
Afterwards those staying on the marae will get their beds, ready, take showers etc to 7.30PM – 8 PM.
11.30PM Those attending the Ratana Service will head down to the Church.
Food & Tea, coffee & cordial will be served afterwards.

Monday 01 Jan 07
Tuesday 02 Jan 07
Wednesday 03 Jan 07 TO BE FINALISED SHORTLY.

This will include discussion groups who may want to break up into Whanau groups for whakaheke korero.
There will be Ngati Kuri waiata and action groups (Kapa Haka)
Weaving with Kuia,
Trips out on the Harbour.
Possible horse trail into Te Poroporo
Urupa tour (You may know where your whanau are laid to rest). However listening to some of the history and stories of our other whanautanga may aid us in our own timeline.
School Tour
Talk on the flora and fauna endemic to our area.
Trip to Te Kokota Sands, Te Minggi, Takapaukura, Kapo Wairua if possible.
On the 2nd January will our opportunity to place our whakaheke up for all the help us fill in some gaps display photos/maps etc and awhi each other on our journey home. This will also be the time that we hear traditional waiata for our area and stories and propose where do we go from here… and organise our next gathering hopefully bi-annually.

Facilitated by Rozita Leoni ngati_kuri@hotmail.com and webpage www.ngatikuri.tk

Posted : 05 November, 2006 8:12 pm
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

www.ngatikuri.tk has the latest updates and lists.

Kia Ora Whanaunga

Posted : 12 November, 2006 11:24 pm
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Kia Ora ki te whanau,
It has been a busy few months, but I can already see Te Kokota as I turn the last curve in the road and see Parengarenga Harbour spread out before me!

I can smell the fresh sea breeze and see Te Hapua Village!

Ahhhhh journies end home.... the tears in my ears are of joy and the smile on my face is from ear to ear!!

Yes while there is life there is hope.

I have spoken to some organising a family gathering and theres took 3 years to organise and is all ready to go.

In true Ngati Kuri style our doors and our hearts are open to those that take the road home. We have been waiting for you to come home - Ngati Kuri home fires have always been burning (te manawa o Ngati Kuri) - ...the kettle ever on the boil for a cuppa.

Maybe you thought nobody acknowledged your desire to bond with your tupuna and your turangawaewae. Ngati Kuri don't need a kotahitanga to give us a reason to take the road north. But this is a loving hand stretched out invitation to our younger one who want to know where their roots are from, to those in their autumn years who left the north in their youth and for our wider whanaungatanga seeking something out their that will anchor them and give them direction.

We know those that embark on the journey to the Far Far north will never feel the same again.

Whilst we mourn for our departed.... as they journey along Tohe o Oneroa to Rerenga Wairua homeward to Hawaiiki, this Kotahitanga will be a celebration of life, binding ourselves together much as the Kurahaupo made it's journey to Takapaukura, families, unity and a way forward for our people and our future.

Tehei Mauriora

From 15th December it is all systems go for the... organising supplies and the printed programs etc. Any that can help with paddling our waka home i.e. the organizing / ordering / adminstration side please email me at ngati_kuri@hotmail.com


More info to follow

Posted : 13 December, 2006 7:27 am
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