How Lists Work

Lists are an important tool when researching whakapapa. Many genealogists keep a track of where they find information when they are doing research and these turn into lists, that are often shared around to help others in their research. For example, someone may be reading a book and come across names, so they create a list of names that can be found in that book. This of course helps with research and having references for information that you find.

Here at the Whakapapa Club our lists fall into two categories – lists of names of people and reference lists. Each list will say where it is from. If the lists is from a book, you can always get a copy of the book to find more information. If the list is from another website there will be a link at the bottom of the page to that website where you may be able to find out more details.

Lists of Names of People

The main focus on these lists are names of people. The lists include names in whanau sites on the net, births, deaths, marriages, school rolls, biographies and battles. Some of these lists have only 6 records while some have over 1000 names.

Lists For Reference

The main focus in these lists are other references that could be important when you are researching whakapapa . The lists include places, iwi, hapu, marae, waka, pa and battles.

Adding a List

If you would like to contribute to the lists here, read How To Add Lists

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