Set Google Alert For Whakapapa

If you do the same search on Google every now and again to see what is new for the whakapapa you are researching, there is a far better way to do it and that is by setting up a Google Alert.

A Google Alert is exactly that – the system will alert you when new pages are added to Google that are related to your search term. Here is how to do it.

Find Your Search Terms
Start off by going to our basic search, fill in the form and when the results show, click on the Google link then check the results. If there are alot of results that do not apply to what you are looking for, check out our How to do a Surname Search on Google – while it is a video, you can scroll down from that and read the transcript – and this will show you how to get rid of the results that do not apply.  Once you are happy with the results, that will be your search term to set up for a Google Alert. You can do this for as many names as you want.

Set Up Your Google Alerts
Log into your Google account, or Gmail.  If you do not have either, go to Google and set up an account then log in.  Once that is done, go to Google Alerts.

Copy and paste your search term into the “Create an alert about…”. Once that is done you will see there is a “Show Options” link so click on that.

How Often
You can decide often you want to receive the alerts, from as it happens to at most once a week.  The best option is the middle one – at most once a day.

Leave at Automatic so it will use all of the Google resources.

Leave as English.

Set to New Zealand if the whakapapa you are looking for relates to Aotearoa only.

How many
Set this to All results so that you can see everything.  If you leave it to Google they may decide to not tell you about something that may be vital for the whakapapa you are working on.

Click “Create Alert” and this will create the alert.  You may not get an alert every day, but you will get notified each time there is something new added that relates to your search term.

You can set up as many Google Alerts as you want.