Video Pt 1 – Important Tips for Searching the Forums and Records

The Whakapapa Club are producing a video series of researching your whakapapa online. In part 1 we look at important tips for searching the forums and the records.  Below the video is a transcript which has links to places mentioned in the video.


Kia ora and welcome to the Whakapapa Club Video series of researching your whakapapa online.  This video is Part 1 and gives important tips for searching the forums and the records.

On the right hand side of any page at the Whakapapa Club you will find Search the Forums, which contain over 18,000 posts and Search the Records, which hold over 40,000 names in lists, including marriages, burials and rolls.

Now here are the search tips.

1. Use 1 Name Only
If you search for Jack NOHI you will get results that have just the name Jack and just the name NOHI so some of the results will be for any Jack, regardless of the surname.

2. If the surname is TE INGOA drop the TE
If you are looking for the surname TE INGOA the first rule applies, so drop the TE and use INGOA only

3. If your tupuna has one name use that
People born from the early 1800’s back usually had only one name, so use that as your search term.

Here are the records search results for TIPENE. Instead of clicking on each link to find the record, right click on the link and choose Open Link in a New Tab. Do this for each link that you want to look at.

At the top of your browser click on the tab abd then you can view that page. When you have finished you can close that tab and look at the next one. You can easily go back to the search results by clicking on that tab.

Don’t forget, if you don’t find who you are looking for you can post in the Whakapapa Club forums. The link to the Forums is at the top of any page.

Happy searching and see you in the tree.

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