Video Pt 4 – Basic Search Tips for the FamilySearch Site

The Whakapapa Club are producing a video series of researching your whakapapa online. In part 4 we show you basic search tips you can use at the FamilySearch Site.  Below the video is a transcript which has links to places mentioned in the video.


Kia ora and welcome to the Whakapapa Club Video series of researching your whakapapa online.  This video is Part 4 and will show you basic search tips for the FamilySearch Site.

We start off at the basic search page at the Whakapapa Club – the link is on the right hand side of any page. We put in a first name, last name and press enter or click create searches. When the page loads we scroll down to search the FamilySearch site and click on that link.

We can see from the records that we have Rapine, spelt R a p i n e and Rapini spelt R a p i n i, but if we check the birth and death dates for both these records we can see that they are the same person. This is the reason why you must check the records because there are often typos in this site.

In this example, no records have been found for Rahi HETARAKA so what we do is we remove the first name, press enter, and this way we actually get the results for the HETARAKA whanau.

For these results we have five for the name Henare WEHI, but if we look here we can see that none of these are Henare Wehi, and none of them are actually the Wehi whanau. So again we remove the first name, press enter, and that way we get results for the WEHI whanau.

This search shows us there are over 1,700 records for the surname TAWHAI. So if we look in this middle column we can see some of the Tawhai whanau are from Hawkes Bay, Some from the Hokianga, in the north, again Hawkes, Bay, Wellington, Taupo. So to filter these results, over here on the left hand side, you will see that New Zealand is in any place. That is put in automatically when you come from the Whakapapa Club link. We change that. What we do though, is we do not a place like Hastings becasue that would limit these Hawkes Bay results. We put in an area or a district. So for this example, if we put in northland and press the enter we can now see that we only have 400 results for the Tawhai whanau who live in northland.

Don’t forget, if you don’t find who you are looking for you can post in the Whakapapa Club forums. The link to the Forums is at the top of any page.

Happy searching and see you in the tree.

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