Video Pt 5 – Tracing Back Using the FamilySearch Site

The Whakapapa Club are producing a video series of researching your whakapapa online. In part 5 we show you how to trace back whakapapa through the FamilySearch Site.  Below the video is a transcript which has links to places mentioned in the video.


Kia ora and welcome to the Whakapapa Club Video series of researching your whakapapa online.  This video is Part 5 and looks at tracing back whakapapa on the FamilySearch Site.

We have already used the basic search page at the Whakapapa Club and created a search for KORAKO and used the FamilySearch link to get the records.

On the results page we scroll down until we see other surnames apart from the name KORAKO.  We have a look around here to see if any of these names are actually close to KORAKO. Because they are not we scroll back up here and next to KORAKO we put a tick in that box and scroll down and click the update.  The tick in the box means that the last name must be spelt exactly as we have it.

You need to check every single one of these links for every single record and the right click tip mentioned in the   first video makes it easy to be able to do this then come back to the search results.  By clicking on these links you will actually be taken to the tree for the person.

Here is the tree for Hoani KORAKO.

On the tree will be pairs of names.  The top name with the blue by it is always male and the bottom name with the pink by it is always female. If there were names here, they would be the parents of – follow the line – Hoani KORAKO and if there were names here they would be the parents of the person who would be listed here.  We can also find arrows pointing down with children.  If you click that you may find other records. If we look here we can see that Hoanai KOARAKO was born in 1844 and if we look to the left hand side we can see that there is a bit more information here – South Island, New Zealand.

Here is the tree for KORAKO and we can see here that we have his parents name as well as the parents of his wife.

Now if we move our mouse anywhere to the grey, press the left button and hold it down, we can then drag the tree across. And even more names appear so these ones would be the grandparents of KORAKO.  These arrows point to the right you can click and they may bring up other trees.  However there are not any more records past here. So how do you trace back?

We will use URURAU as an example. Go back to our FamilySearch, out the name URURAU in (the last name box), pull up the rerocrds and go through and check those.

Now also with this KORAKO record you may notice there is an arrow down here and it doesn’t say children like this one.  This arrow down means there are other spouses for this person so if we click on that we can see that other spouses are listed for this person here.  Likewise here there would be other spouses for this one and if say you wanted to check out this record all you have to do is click on that and information may appear on the left hand side.

One other thing with this tree is that there is also an arrow pointing to the left. So this will actually bring you closer into the present.  The same thing, by clicking on all of the arrows You can find descendants of KORAKO. Now here we follow this line up and there we can see more descendants of KORAKO.

Looking at the tree for Emma KORAKO we can see that her husband’s grandmothers’ both have the same surname.  so if we click here to exptend the tree, we can see that the parents of this grandmother are James and Wikitoria POMARE. If we click on this one here we can see that the parents here again are James and Wikitoria POMARE and this tree has the lines comeing right out.  We can also double check here by clicking on children. This is the one’s whose records we are looking at and this one here is possibly this one here. Again you need to check each record to see if they cross match.

You may also notice too that here is says COFFEE and here is says KAWHE. Coffee and KAWHE are both the same names.

Don’t forget, if you don’t find who you are looking for you can post in the Whakapapa Club forums. The link to the Forums is at the top of any page.

Happy searching and see you in the tree.

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