Houhora Cemetery Records

Houhora Cemetery
Located 47 km north of Kaitaia
Northland Province, New Zealand
Currently active (+ historical) cemetery

Contributed by Alan Wagener, May 12, 2000

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There are 31 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Samuel, Harry Yates Tautahi, Sec. R, Gr# 5, Age: 83, 2nd NZEF, bur. 8 Oct 1986

Sarich, Stipan, Sec. B, Gr# 10, Age: 83, bur. 30 Dec 1964

Scelly, Mrs, Sec. X, Gr# 10, Died and brought back to Kowhai in lifeboat. Believed to be a stewardess on the Elingamite.

Sharp, Martha Evelyn, Sec. R, Gr# 2, Age: 78, Wife of Robert Sharp, bur. 14 Jul 1988

Sharp, Robert Louis, Sec. R, Gr# 1, Age: 80, Husband of Martha Evelyn Sharp, bur. 17 Aug 1973

Shaw, Sam, Sec. G, Gr# 6, Lived Trigg Rd. Owned one of the 1st motor vehicles. English born, bur. 1940's

Skerrit, F.K.H. (Keith), Sec. Q, Gr# 19, Age: 70, NZ Police, bur. 30 May 1977

Smith, Annie Elizabeth, Sec. G, Gr# 23, Age: 85, 2nd wife of Ted Smith. She herself was first married to Dessie Blucher, bur. 24 Apr 1982

Smith, Iris Marguerite, Sec. G, Gr# 20, d. 14 Oct 1938, b. 1900, Age: 38, 1st wife of Ted Smith. Children Doris and Kathleen (Binkie), bur. 14 Oct 1938

Smith, John Edward (Ted), Sec. G, Gr# 22, d. 10 May 1959, b. 1895, Age: 64, 1st wife was Iris, 2nd was Annie Blucher (nee Housham), bur. 12 May 1959

Smith, Mr Jacomb (Jacob?), Sec. X, Gr# 23, Lived where Janet Ujdur lives. Had wife died first. Roustabout at pub. (Assumes death mid-60's), bur. Late 1930's

Smith, W. Jacob, Sec. G, Gr# 2, d. 1 Jun 1964, b. 1876, Age: 88, Boer war, bur. 1 Jun 1964

Stepanicic, Isabella Frances Margaret, Sec. Q, Gr# 2, Age: 62, Wife of Patrick Stepanicic, bur. 10 Nov 1973

Stepanicic, Patrick Walter, Sec. Q, Gr# 1, Age: 72, Husband of Isabella, bur. 10 May 1979

Stephens, Arthur Vincent, Sec. I, Gr# 6, Age: 56, bur. 6 Oct 1936

Stone, Edna Edith Alice, Sec. N, Gr# 2, Age: 76, Sister to Freda Bradley (Tom's wife). Stones Shoes, bur. 7 Jul 1979

Stratton, Arthur Wray, Sec. E, Gr# 15, Age: 85, bur. 12 May 1993

Stratton, Jack, Sec. X, Gr# 2, Stratton snr?, bur. 28 Jun 1939

Stratton, John David (child), Sec. E, Gr# 8, Age 1 day. Mother may be Joy Stratton, bur. 27 May 1968

Stratton, Margaret (Mrs), Sec. N, Gr# 18, Mrs Ray Stratton. nee Mikalovich (sister to Mrs (Bonsie) Henry Henderson, John Mikalovich, bur. 25 Jun 1916

Stratton, Marjory Mildred, Sec. E, Gr# 16, Age: 68, bur. 20 Aug 1981

Stratton, Robin Francis, Sec. E, Gr# 17, Age: 43, bur. 2 Sep 1983

Subritzky, John Henry, Sec. I, Gr# 24, Age: 79, 'Master mariner'. Husband of Mary Ann Subritzky, bur. 1931

Subritzky, Norman Henry Ernest, Sec. F, Gr# 23, Age: 77, Son of John Henry Subritzky. Unmarried, bur. 14 Jul 1976

Susich, (child), Sec. X, Gr# 21, Source; family

Susich, George, Sec. L, Gr# 3A, Husband of Mary Melba Susich. See B12.

Susich, Hannah, Sec. B, Gr# 11, Age: 92, bur. 18 Jan 1990

Susich, Jan, Sec. L, Gr# 2A

Susich, John Paul, Sec. B, Gr# 8, d. Waihopo, Age: 61, bur. no record

Susich, Mary Melba, Sec. L, Gr# 3A, Age: 78, Wife of George Susich. nee Ford. Other husband William Urwin, bur. 18 Nov 1995

Sutton, Murray Wray (child), Sec. E, Gr# 9, Infant age 2.5 months, bur. 13 Mar 1967