Manaia Cemetery Listings

List of burials at Manaia Cemetery, Taranaki, including some dates. There could be a photo of the stone by visiting the link at the bottom of the listings. If you are looking for someone who has both English first and last names and they are not on this list, visit the link at the bottom of the page as you may find them in the full listing.


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There are 7 names in this directory beginning with the letter T.
Taha, Ricky James Poutokomanawa (1966 - 2000)

Tahataha, John Terou (Died: 25 Apr 1990)

Tahataha, Mata Martha Hora Whakatutu (Died: 16 Oct 1990)

Tangaroa, Nicholls (1948 - 2000)

Thompson, Jeffrey Taha (Died: 26 Dec 1990)

Tito, Corina Maya Te Taurima (1988 - 2001)

Tito, Edward Charles (Eddie) (Died: 30 Dec 2006)