Takahiwai Marae Cemetery Burial Listings

List of burials at the Takahiwai Marae Cemetery  –  Takahiwai, Whangarei. You can find birth and death dates, other information, and maybe a photo of the stone by visiting the link at the bottom of the listings.


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There are currently 28 names in this directory
Clyde, George

Clyde, Mary Joan

Kepa, Edward

Kepa, H J

Leaf, Harry

Leef, Augustus Arthur

Paki, Carlton James

Paki, Harry Edwin

Paki, Hemara Papara

Paki, Hona "Jack"

Paki, Jack Hona

Paki, K P

Paki, Mary J. Makie

Paki, Phyllis Ada Jones

Paki, Riri Paea

Paki, Wilfred

Patene, Ani Petimana

Pirihi, Abraham

Pirihi, George Willard

Pirihi, Hera

Pitman, Bessie Evelyn Gladys Halford

Pitman, Griffin

Pitman, Joseph

Pitman, Tawhitu "Sam"

Scott, Barney Pitman

Scott, Frederick Robert

Smith, Harry Edwin "Harvey"

Tait, Thomas Alan