Wakatu Original Owners Te Ati Awa

Here is a list of the original owners of the Tenths Reserves, as determined by the Māori Land Court in 1895. From the Nelson Minute Book 3, pages 268-279. For more information, visit the link at the bottom of the list.

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There are 11 names in this directory beginning with the letter M.
Makareta Riwai

Mata Pirika

Mata Riwai

Matiaha Te Arohatai

Meira Meira

Mere Nako

Mere Pirika

Mere Wiremu Pirika

Metapere Rahira

Mihirei Tauhei

Miriama Putaputa



Source: http://www.wakatu.org/original-owners/

Image Source: http://www.tkm.govt.nz/region/te-tau-ihu/ where you can find boundaries for Iwi of Te Tau Ihu.