Whanau Names at MyHeritage Site: U – W

A list of some of the names found in the former Gencircles Site that was available for viewing, as they are user created information. You could search and contact the person who put up the information.

Unfortunately now the site is part of myheritage.com, and while you can still search the records they force you to sign up for a 14 day free trial to view the information that does not belong to them, but to the many members who have contributed over the years.

For more information about the names, go to the URL at the bottom of the page and put the Name in the Last name box and click search. You can still see a bit of information from the results.

If you know who you are looking for the easiest way to find a name you are looking for is to use the CTRL+F and a search box will pop up. Type a name into the box then you can highlight all of the words that match and use the arrows to go up and down.

All | H I K P R T U W
There are 2 names in this directory beginning with the letter K.



Source: https://www.myheritage.com/research/category-New-Zealand/new-zealand-genealogy-vital-records