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These are the postings from the orginal news board. Sadly we do not have all of the records, but these cover from 2000 – 2004

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Maori Net
I am a Maori living in Australia looking for a Maori net.
Can't connect to previous net used.
Any help would be appreciated.
Posted By: George Rata on 01/10/2000
Beach whakapapa
Kia Ora koutou, first time in the net. Building my whakapapa and e mail address book. Any whanau out there? Mum was a Haig (Scot) and the name Beach orig Wales.
No Ngatiporou au, I am building a site on
check it out. Kia Ora
Posted By: Gary Wananga Beach on 04/10/2000
Beach whakapapa
THERE WERE 2 E MAIL ADDRESSES However click on this name for one only. Kia Ora
Posted By: Gary Wananga Beach on 04/10/2000
Piupiu funding
Kia ora, we are a small kapahaka roopu in Te Tau Ihu O Te Waka a Maui, and would appreciate help anyone can give us
about where to purchase piupiu, and any sources or resources people have found useful.

Posted By: Shane McKenzie on 04/10/2000
The Whanau show
Kia ora koutou Katoa the whanau show is broadcast on 1161 am Te Upoko o Te Ika every sunday evening from 6 pm to Midnight also linking in with our iwi stations around the Motu from 7 0clock onwards.
Posted By: LINDSAY HENARE on 04/10/2000
Maori Trademarks
FREE Advice for anyone wanting to register a Maori trademark/design in New Zealand is now available at http://www.nztrademark.com
Posted By: Pat Broadhurst on 04/10/2000
New web site live. Extensions to come see

Posted By: Huia (NZ) Ltd on 09/10/2000
views about work-values
Hi everyone. In the light of today's job market and the changes in it, do you feel that a Pakeha work ethic has been beneficial for the Maori over the last 150 years? If you had the opportunity to voice your beliefs on the subject, what do you feel should change in the working environment for Maori, so that you can equally participate in the economy, but still do it the Maori way? I am researching the subject for a thesis and not for any commercial ends or political means. I would very much like to receive your views.
Thank you,
Ruby Welch
Posted By: Ruby Welch on 09/10/2000
cultural views on the value of work
Hi everybody,
I wonder if there are any Mormons amongst you. I have a website on RULDS2 and wonder if you would be interested to voice your views on the value of work on it? It also reaches a worldwide email audiencel.
My main page is: http://www.egroups.com/group/work-values
and its posting address: work-values@egroups.com
Your comments are most welcome!
Hope to see you there!
Ruby Welch
Posted By: Ruby Welch on 12/10/2000
Maori Culture
Hello everyone Im 17 and looking for someone to talk to I know alot about maori culture and want to know if anyone out their is in the same category.Id love to hear about people sharing their expereinces.Wanting to know about maori culture give me a buzz.
No Shem ,Blenheim,NZ
Posted By: Shem Martin on 12/10/2000
Tahaawai Marae Fundraiser - Labour Weekend Kaeo 2000
Anyone interested in helping or supporting our fundraising efforts for Te Tahaawai Marae labour weekend at the Piri Mokena Tournament Kaeo - feel free to come along and see us or contact 094050340 for more details.
Posted By: Hazel & Tara Hape on 13/10/2000
Translation to E Ipo
Hi! Does anyone know the translations to the song "E Ipo" by Prince Tui Teka? It's a beautiful song and I'd like to know the meaning of the song. Thanks 🙂
Posted By: Lisa on 13/10/2000
Maori Drawing Circle
I would like information about the Maori Drawing Circle. What I understand is that sacred symbols are drawn in a circle and these symbols represent how one's life is unfolding. I would appreciate hearing from you!
Posted By: Jane Patrick on 16/10/2000
help with translation
Can anyone please give me the Moari translation to say goodbye to my father who is dying of cancer.
I am returning to NZ to see him, but do not know how to speak Maori.
He learned to speak Maori years ago, but I did not.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Posted By: phil on 17/10/2000
Ngatiporou East Coast Rugby
Kia Ora whanaunga, Check this out
Posted By: Garlo on 17/10/2000
Ngatiporou East Coast Rugby
Ignore the other try this one
Posted By: www.ecrfu.co.nz on 17/10/2000
finding my babys whanau
can anyone help? I have a whangai boy who is a state ward in Australia I have had him since he was born he is now 4yrs old his surname Te Naihi grandfather/grandmother a Emmerson from somewhere in Wellington. My email address is tekauimua2000 Kiaora
Posted By: Rae Henare on 21/10/2000
Melbourne/Victorian Comps
Just a quick question: Was wondering whether the Maori Cultural Comps were being held in Melbourne in October this year. Any info would be greatly apprectiated. Thanks.
Posted By: Timoti on 22/10/2000
appropriation of Maori Artifacts
I am an Oxford University anthropology student. I am researching for part of my Phd the appropriation of artifacts from pacific cultures. I would be really interested in talking to someone about the protocol of returning artifacts to Maori people and who handles the return. Infact I would be higly deighted to know anything at all about how europeans came into posseion ofthese objects and what modren Maori feel should be done with them. Thanks
Posted By: Sam Ayers on 24/10/2000
Doctors who are integrating Maori and Western Medicine
I live in New Jersey, USA. I am researching the integration of indigenous and Western medicine. I would like to hear from (or about) any MDs in the Aukland area who are doing this. I expect to be in Aukland in February.
Thank you for any assistance.
Ray Siegener
Posted By: Ray Siegener on 25/10/2000
hi people, im tongan actually netting from Los Angeles, but im interested in the maori customs , i love tha haka avi's i downloaded, they seem cool aight then yall have a coo one.......peace
my email is sife59@hotmail.com

Posted By: Big John on 30/10/2000
Looking for work
Does any one know of any place around wellington that make interactive maori cd roms?
I am looking for work in wellington and dont know where to start
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Posted By: Beth Te Aho on 01/11/2000
Tena koutou katoa kua tau mai ki runga i teenei wharangi o te PAPA PANUI. Too koutou waimarie hoki!
First of all I'd just like to say kia Ora to who ever came up with the idea of having a papapaanui. Its been awesome coming here and checking up with who wants to know what, who's having a Reunion, or even Tauiwi from all over the world wanting to know about Nga Tikanga Maori and all the other things that our rich culture has to offer.
I love this page mainly because it keeps me infromed of what is happening back home in Aotearoa seeing that Im all the way over here in Canada working for a Dance Company (Kapa-Haka Group) thats based here in Niagara Falls. I guess that internet as a whole has made Aotearoa seem alot more closer to me. Well I guess I have ranted on long enough, but keep the korero rolling and I'll be a happy little maori.

Aroha nui

Te-Arikirangi Barry (BAZZ) Mamaku

Feel free to visit my webpage :

Posted By: Te-Arikirangi Mamaku on 01/11/2000
Anthony Hewison
Anthony Hewison sold out the Mongrel Mob to the N.Z ploice and is now on the run. He is living in Exeter, Tasmania
Posted By: The Helper on 01/11/2000
Childbirth traditions / practices
Would anyone like to e me some information on Maori traditons / practices surrounding pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks after birth. Or can someone suggest a source where I might find this info? Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Lis on 01/11/2000
How do i trace my whakapapa when I only have bits of information

Posted By: Latoya Maihi on 02/11/2000
I am serching for my whakapapa on my fathers side in eastcoast.
I know my nana and my papa on my dads side and my dads sister and brothers his mums name is Ray clark'dad is bill
brothers are eddie'lionel'cherie'sister france'maxine'
Posted By: julianna clark on 02/11/2000
Amendment to "He Panui / Important Notice"
Please note a typo in the following notice "He Panui / Important Notice". The sentence should read 'A, ko te tumanako ka tae mai koutou te ono karaka o te po kia timata ai nga mahi hohonu o te hui nei.'

Kia ora
Posted By: Tammy Dehar / Te Whanau o Waipareira Trust on 04/11/2000
Geneaology and East Coast Rugby
Are you interested ? check the web site http://beach54nz.freeservers.com
Posted By: Wananga on 04/11/2000
Geneaology and East Coast Rugby
Are you interested, see http://beach54nz.freeservers.com
Posted By: Wananga on 04/11/2000
I would like to know storys about how Maori place names got there names
I am looking at places in the north island and would like interesting storys about how places got there names. Maori place names.
Posted By: leigh gayford I am a teachers training college student i need these urgently please. on 06/11/2000
Kia ora all. Good to see concerned views here-also have seen many on New Zealand Herald-their forum now temporarily stopped no doubt dueto the minority of bigoted/racist/small-minded views. Many questions that thinking(not just functioning)people ask: (1)Why do minorities have higher crime rates etc?/lower levels of education-is it that they they don't fit in unless they become Pakeha in outlook (2)Is self-esteem and renewed pride(then too much pride becomes arrogance-the world-white NZ'ers owe me a living because their forefathers stole our land) the answer to "Maori problems"-I use that phrase loosely-the whole world is in a mess (3)Maori men-get out of the pubs and have a more active/responsible role with your children!!Your capacity to drink beer/football ability-substitutedfor warrior/how many children you can father ARE NOT meaningful guidelines to what a man is-Maori men are not alone in this-men from all cultures to varying degrees are.
All society is disintegrating(like the Roman Empire) due to
breakdown in values-things are valued more than people things-it's the hearts of people that have to change-you
cannot legislate to change people's behaviour -only the consequences of their behaviour.

and s
Posted By: Te Ara(Dillon) Ngamoki on 06/11/2000
2001 Piri Wiremu Mokena Field Day
He Karanga tenei ki nga whanau katoa o Wainui.
Haere mai Haere mai

Te Kaupapa o tenei hui mo te:

Piri Mokena Memorial Field Day 2001

Venue: Wainui Marae - Ngatiruamahue
Time: 10.00am
Date: Saturday 18 November 2000

Agenda: Host 2001

Contacts - Mereana Tua - 09-4050979
Tara Hape - 09-4050340
Posted By: Tara hape on 09/11/2000
Start: 8.00pm Friday 05.01.2001
Closes: 3.00pm Saturday 06.01.2001
Where: Piapia Bay, Wainui Road, Kaeo, Northland

Adult Tickets: $20.00 Child Tickets: $ 5.00

Adult Prizes: Child Prizes:
Heaviest Snapper: $750.00 Heaviest: $50.00
2nd Heaviest: $250.00 2nd Heaviest: $30.00
3rd Heaviest: $150.00
Hard Luck Story: $50.00
Mystery Weight: Mystery Prize

Refreshments and Hot Food available

Tickets Available From: Sailor Morgan 405-1199, Rapine Hona 405-0597, Mita Stewart 405-0187, Adriaan Bosch 405-0106, Phillip Morgan 405-0607

Posted By: Tara Hape on 09/11/2000
e-pal or snail mail friend
Hi there,
I come from Germany and looking for Maori penpals.
I would love to write to Maori mums or dads.
Thanks, Clari
Posted By: Clari on 10/11/2000
Check my profiles page at http://profiles.yahoo.com/coastierulez
Catch up with News from the 3rd division champions
Ngati Porou East Coast. The prize giving awards and the announcement of, Are we going to the 2nd div ? go to.....
even join the club for chats online and many more features

Posted By: Coastie on 10/11/2000
e-mail or snail mail friends
Hi there,
I come from Germany and I am looking for penpals.
I would love to write to Maori mums or dads.

Greetings from Germany.
Posted By: Clari on 10/11/2000
e-mail or snail mail friends
Hi there,
I come from Germany and I am looking for Maori penpals.
I would love to write to mums or dads.
Greetings from Germany.

Posted By: Clari on 11/11/2000
Maori in USA
Kia Ora
I've arrived in Ithaca, NY, USA, to live for a few years, while I am doing some grad study here... just wondering whether there is a network of Maori in the UnitedStates, or whether there are other people out there who are also in the States and miss whanau/ whenua/ people who understand 'kia ora'... Alice xx
Posted By: Alice TePunga Somerville (Te Atiawa) on 13/11/2000
Young Dancers
As you'll see from the notice below I'm auditioning young 18-25s I'm very keen to reach young Maori and Pacific Islanders who might not usually get such an opportunity.
If my "Citywide Projects" application is successful I will be making a further very wide outreach mid December, offering training as well as performing experience.

Please feel free to forward this message and the colourful attachment file, or perhaps you could let me know who I might contact.

> > Thank you for all your help.
Give me a call if you'd like more information.
He konei ra
A U D I T I O N -

Mika 'HAKA'
Wanted young performers aged18-25 for Music Videos * Live Show * U.K. Tour

Skills: Kapa Haka * Funk * Pacific Dance * Street Moves * Martial Arts

Venue: Ceroc Dance Studios,
28 Lorne St, Auckland Central
Date: Saturday 25th November 11am-2pm

> > December - Music Video Shoot
> > January - Rehearsal
> > February - Performances
> > August - Potential UK Trip
> >
> >
> > Shortlist call back on Sunday 26th November.
> >
> > * INFO HOTLINE: AUCKLAND (09) 360 0646 *
Posted By: - on 13/11/2000
Kura Kaupapa Maori o Nga Maungarongo
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Nga Maungarongo, 140 Haverstock Road, Sandringham are holding a Gala on 18 November 2000, 10 am - 4 pm. If you and your whanau are free please come and join us at Kura.

There will be entertainment, stalls, games, hangi, raffles, etc.

Posted By: Cinnamon Whitlock on 13/11/2000

I am looking for any information regarding the struggle between incorporating indigenous traditions and "modern" colonial traditions. Any first hand accounts or any knowledge of where I can find information would be wonderful.
Posted By: Abbey on 15/11/2000
Tahaawai Marae Committee Hui

Posted By: Tara Hape on 15/11/2000
Kaeo Mardis Gras
Kaeo Mardis Gras. 2nd December 2000. Live bands, lots of fun, in Kaeo, Northland. Also there will be a walkathon against child abuse organised by Te Runanga O Whaingaroa. We'll see you there
Posted By: Louie on 15/11/2000
maori culture/family structure
Hello, I am an Anthropology student who has to write a little paper on the Maori culture and what effect violent crimes or just violence has on the Maori family structure. I am wondering if anyone has any insight or a web page or two that might be able to offer me some aid in my research. Thank you.
Posted By: toody on 16/11/2000
To someone who's interested
Kia Ora, i am 25yrs, and am currently living in Australia. I have been living there for 3 yrs now, and have a very strong desire to learn the ways of my people, the lanuage, and the medicine. Write me about anything.
Posted By: Hara on 20/11/2000
http://www.homestead .com the stone people of n.z.
kia ora!!! my site is to do of my people, I am Native American descendant of the ancient Stone People, these are my people whom originally come from Easter Island the platform of statues that you see on Easter Island represents To' Ngariki the name of my people and- the name still resides with us today!!!! with my people even archaeologists have uplifted my people, My people say to me in spirit" We are the People of the the Earth" The Earth we shall Return All will be revealed in the year 2,000. as you see we are the Ngariki Kaiputahi Waitahanui people evidence is in the Polynesian Journals around New Zealand.
in maori i am called a mate kite in pakeha a clairvoyant in native american a wichita nei ha!!! please e-mail me if you would like to know more about my people.thankyou and God Bless!!! check out my site at homestaed.com the ancient stone people.
Posted By: Ngariki kaiputahi Mokopuna Iwi Trust on 21/11/2000
Are you a Maori in Business?
Are you a Maori in Business or are you and your whanau looking at going into Business? Yes! Maybe I can help you. I am a sole trader and I provide a Business Needs Assessment and Business Mentoring service on behalf of the Government "BIZ" programme. My service can assist with establishing a quality businesss and management foundation, ready for growth. Plug' your business into quality resources and networking. Including introducing you to Directors of Finance Companies and or Bank Managers. This service is cost effective to your business as there is no cost involved. If you are interested please telephone me at (09) 849 2273 or email: ikkFrance@hotmail.com. I provide other advisory and consultant services such as exporting planning, and General Business Policy and Planning to Directors at a cost per project. All enquires welcome'Kia ora...Mrs Ina Kara-France.
Posted By: Ina Kara-France Business Advisory on 21/11/2000
Panache Hanara
Kia ora

There was someone that was looking for Pene Hanara (Pananche), from Canada or the USA, they talked about hosting the Kahurangi Maori Dance Theatre, or Te Waka Tapu o Takitimu, you mentioned that you had given him some boots, if this is you e-mail me as I know him.
Posted By: Pene Hati on 21/11/2000
Ngati Porou East Coast Rugby Yahoo Club

Posted By: Coastie Rulez on 23/11/2000
I am looking to purchase maori designed material by the metre for dress making
Posted By: JANINE HEDLEY on 24/11/2000
Family Reunion.
Kia ora, there will be a reunion of the Tamehana whanau xmas in Rotorua at Te Takina marae mourea anyone wanting more info feel free to contact me.
Posted By: Tamehana. on 25/11/2000
Ta Moko Wananga
Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Ta Moko experts ? - or whether there are Ta Moko wananga happening in the Northland, Tauranga or Rotorua region if so when and who can I talk to about this?.
Posted By: Hazel on 29/11/2000
A New Maori site
I would like to announce my site to all that wish to learn the Maori language. I am located in Sydney Australia. The web address is http://hine2770.tripod.com Please visit
Posted By: Hinematioro Nohotima on 29/04/2002
Spiritual/Traditional Maori Ancient Teachings?
Can anyone help direct me to find a Traditonal Maori Teacher, teaching, information, websites in regards to Maori Spiritual? Tuhonga? Anyone, please, this would be deeply appreciated. Please email. With Aroha Christel
Posted By: Christel (Christabelle67) on 30/05/2002
New Maori Art & Empath Website Release
Tainui_Moko (aka Caleb J T W Broederlow) welcomes you to view his website Air'O'Soul at http://www.geocities.com/tainui_moko/ for awesome Art in varying styles! Maori, Graf, Stylz, etc...

And his Mums *winks* website...
Are YOU an Empath? Find out *winks*. Awesome links and information; Empath and PSI Abilities. Maori, Wolf, Eagle, etc.

All Welcome and please sign our Guestbooks we would love to see you here/there! *yipeeee*

With Arohanui
Caleb and Christel
Posted By: Tainui_Moko & Christabelle67 on 30/05/2002
Maori elections
Maori elections are on the way please go to the following site to find out all about it:


Ka kite

Posted By: Tu Mai Aotearoa on 19/06/2002
Square Deal for Palmerston North - empowering the community!
Kia ora. This site is not solely targeted at Maori. It was designed to give community groups in Palmerston North a means to get their message out to the wider community, announce events, and for networking. Groups can have their own pages within the site. We have many Maori groups working in PN - I hope they will all use this site.
Posted By: Lynne Pope on 03/07/2002
Square Deal
Forgot to add the url!
Posted By: Lynne on 03/07/2002
Looking for Maori penpals
Went to NZ back in 2000, would like to learn more about Maori culture. I come from a Irish/South American background and live in Sunny Old London. Im 30years old (but feel 19) and recently came back from a working/holiday 1year Visa in Australia, which was lots of fun and I miss, as you can see I love to travel, also been to SE Asia, Hong Kong, India & Europe - will reply to all!
Posted By: Tara on 27/07/2002
Early Maori
Ki Ora,

Can someone please tell me why did Maori come to Aotearoa.

Kate P
(Ngai Tahu)
Posted By: Kate Pooley on 29/07/2002
Please note that in the last paragraph of "CREATION", 5th sentance there is a typing error. I beleive it should read "RED" and not "read"
Keep up the good work, blessing from
Posted By: Athena Tarihira Haynes on 30/07/2002
Whanaungatanga Maori Boys Hostel, Rotorua
Looking for the Whereabouts of Past Students of Whanaungatanga Maori Bots Hostel of 1956, I have a Picture of you which also includes My Father, Roger Wawatai..Please contact me and let me and Dad Know how you are doing...
Posted By: Joanie Wawatai on 02/08/2002
How to make Poi and Poi dances

Posted By: Nikki Creedon on 02/08/2002
Searching for my dad Norman Te Kanawa
I am the eldest child of Norman Te Kanawa and the last time i had contact with him was in 1990. My Grandfathers name was Kumarawainui Te Kanawa and my Grandmother's name was Te Waipounamu Ngarotata. I would like to also meet both sides of my dads whanau dads as well as my brothers and sisters but i only know of 1 sister's name which is Melissa Odette. If you have any information for me i would be most thankful if you could e-mail me. Thanks, Marlene
Posted By: Marlene Porter on 17/08/2002
role of a tohunga

Posted By: Sina Gabriel on 19/08/2002
Searching for my tupuna Taku (George) Terewhare

Does anyone know of him. .
His daughter was (is) Terangahau.From Whirinaki ,Hokianga They Lived in the Hokianga in the 1800's
Posted By: Faye on 20/08/2002

Posted By: POHATU on 20/08/2002
Netball & Touch Tournament
Kia-ora whanau This is to let you know that the 2003 Trans-tasmen netball & Touch Tournament will be held Octomber Labour Weekend in Penrith Australia Please Contact me : Thomas Henry On Sydney 00612-029-5946806
Posted By: Thomas Henry on 20/08/2002
2003 Trans-tasmen Netball & Touch Tournament
Kia - ora The 2003 Netball & Touch Tournament is been sit down for Australia long Weekend Octomber we are looking teams from New Zealand to take part. please contact . Thomas on the email address or for more info : to Mr Thomas Henry 42 Donald Street Hurtsville Post code: 2220 N.s.w Sydney Australia or contact Me on 02-95946806 for info pack
Posted By: Thomas Henry on 20/08/2002
Tawhiao's Third Wife Aotea
Can any one help with our Family research our Whakapapa. We would love information on Aotea & Puahaere. My Mother & I are registered with the Tainui so this must be correct.
King Tawhiao.....1st wife Hera
2nd wife Rangiaho
3rd wife Aotea
Tawhiao & Aotea had a Daughter Puahaere
Puahaere & a Govt Agent by the name of James MacKay jr had two Children, Parearohi [Arihia] Kui & Ngawini
Parearohi [ Kui] Married Rameka Hape & they had 6 children.
One of which was My GrandFather on My Mothers side.
He was with Ahinata Te Rangitautini [Kape Kape] untill she died when he was about 9 years old. We think Puahaere was also known as Ema Te Aouki but not sure. I'm also in touch with a woman on Rangiaho's side & she is having the same trouble. we think Aotea & Rangiaho both hapu was Ngati Hikairo. The Family would very much appreciate any help at all. Kind Regards to you all
Stephen Bramley
Posted By: Stephen Bramley on 21/08/2002
Maori Deisgned mink blankets
Kia ora

i have available many mink blankets with a maori kowhaiwhai deisgn in Black red and white and another style in purple with black, red and white kowhaiwhai. KING/QUEEN size $99
$10 courier north island $20 south island. $90 each for 2 or more! email me so i can send you a photo of them! primo for Xmas,21st or wedding prezzy!

great quality, FREE pair of Maori socks with each blanket!!
Posted By: Vicki on 21/08/2002
Te Waka Kai Ora Hui - Maori Organic Growers
Nau Mai Piki Mai Haere Mai Koutou Katoa.
This hui promises to be informative with dynamic guest speakers and wananga. The emphasis is on sustainable natural resource development and management from a traditional Maori perspective and approach.

Date: Saturday 7th September 2002
Powhiri: 9.30 am
Venue: Whakatuora Marae
19 McBurney Place

For More Information contact Hira (025-625-3322 )
Percy (021-289-5902) or email.
Posted By: Te Waka Kai Ora on 21/08/2002
Childbirth Maori customs and protocools

Posted By: Agnes Sharp on 23/08/2002
We're searching for help
Hallo everybody out there!
My friend and I are 16 and 17 year-old girls from a german grammar school and we are doing a project at the moment.
The topic we have chosen is: "Maoris in the land of the long, white cloud".
We decided to take this one, because we are really interested in it and now we are searching for help of somebody who is in connection to the subject. The project goes through the eleventh and twelveth class and is very important to our Abitur. So if you have any information about it and if you are interested in an email contact with us, we would be very pleased. Thanks and bye - Nina & Doreen
Posted By: Nina on 26/08/2002
Looking for a Maori traslater
Goodevening to evryone, I'm an Italian girl and I need to someone of Maori culture that helpe me to traslate in his language only one name!!!!Thanks...bye

Posted By: Val on 29/08/2002
**HIKOI OF TRUTH**Maori Parliament Appointed
Tena koutou

Na Maunga, Nga Awa, Nga Whakapapa o nga rohe katoa mai te rerenga wairua ki Rakiura.

Greetings to you all from all directions of this land of Aotearoa.
In the month of June-July
Posted By: Ni on 31/08/2002
**HIKOI OF TRUTH** Maori Parliament Appointed
Tena koutou

Na Maunga, Nga Awa, Nga Whakapapa o nga rohe katoa mai te rerenga wairua ki Rakiura.

Greetings to you all from all directions of this land of Aoteara (NZ).
In the month of June-July we went through our country to gather up the Tribal waka's to meet at Waitangi to form a Maori Parliament.
It took us almost 8 weeks to go through the country with very very positive results, once we arrived at Waitangi a Chairman & Secretary was immediately appointed followed by five resolutions as follows:
1. To appoint 7 representatives for each Tribal Waka and of all those chosen made up and became the Maori Parliament of Aotearoa. (Special reservation was made available for others to join at a later date).
2. The NSW government operating unobtrusively in Aotearoa for over 100 years shall take their leave and never to return.
3. The Governor general (Dame Sylvia Cartwright) was also to take her leave and never to return because she and all past governors have not been appointed by Maori.
4. A Maori appointed Governor shall be appointed.
5. That a copy of the resolution of the sitting of the Maori parliament shall be sent to the Queen of England for acknowledgement.
All these resolution were passed by the Maori parliament thus giving it sovereign mandate.
The Queen of England have already responded to our resolutions and gave her acknowledgement a month ago which will be made available at the next sitting of the Maori Parliament 25, 26, 27, 28 October (Independence day)2002, but subject to approval by Nga Tikanga Maori law Society.
"KURU POUNAMU" of Waikato/Tuhoe was appointed by the Maori Parliament as our Governor General and his wife "TE KERERU" (First Lady).
Please dont hesitate to contact me for further information.

Noho ora mai.
Posted By: Ni on 31/08/2002
New Zealand Maori
Information for overseas visitors to New Zealand who want to learn something of Maori culture and the way of life.
Posted By: Dick Hall on 03/09/2002
New Zealand Maori
Information for overseas visitors to New Zealand who want to learn something of Maori culture and the way of life can access www.nztvl.com/maori01.htm
Posted By: Dick Hall on 03/09/2002
Witi Ihimaera's Woman Far Walking
Fresh from a successful tour of the United Kingdom

Taki Rua Productions is proud to present Witi Ihimaera’s

Woman Far Walking
Directed by Nancy Brunning
With Kahu Hotere and Riria Hotere

Palmerston North, August 31 – September 21; Centrepoint Theatre

“Beautifully written and impressively staged” Manchester on Stage, 2002

“Woman Far Walking…is theatre at its most simple and most profound. It is rare and precious taonga that all New Zealanders should see and share” NZ Listener, 2002

$15 student rush
$20 Concession
$28 Full

Bookings (06) 354 5740

Posted By: Amanda on 03/09/2002
Home Fires by Hone Kouka
Taki Rua Productions presents
Home Fires
By Hone Kouka
Directed by Nancy Brunning
With Rawiri Paratene and Rangimoana Taylor
The Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre
October 19 – November 9, 2002

$15 Preview/Student Rush
$20 Concession
$28 Full

Bookings (09) 307 5000
Posted By: Amanda on 03/09/2002
Home Fires by Hone Kouka
Taki Rua Productions presents
Home Fires
By Hone Kouka
Directed by Nancy Brunning
With Rawiri Paratene and Rangimoana Taylor
The Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre
October 19 – November 9, 2002

$15 Preview/Student Rush
$20 Concession
$28 Full

Bookings (09) 307 5000
Posted By: Amanda on 03/09/2002
Maori culture groups in Melbourne
hey there, l am an aussie and have a daughter who is hafl maori l was wondering if there is any Maori culture groups or such in Melbourne Australia so my daughter can learn about her Maori heritage.
Posted By: jacqui on 04/09/2002
Te Rito
Would like to find out more information on Te Rito which is a collaboration betwen Wellington based consultancy Kia Maia Bicultural Communications and Christchurch multimedia specialist media FX?
If anyone has any information regarding this please let me know ASAP. Thanks
Posted By: Maui Tipiwai on 11/09/2002
Rikki Waiti Mixed Netball Tournament
Mixed netball tournament held on January 25th 2003 in Sydney Austraila $1000 first place & $500 runners up.This is a fundrasing event for a local Kapa Haka Group based in Sydney.Big day with markrt stalls etc and a big social that night.If anybody is interested please contact me.
Posted By: Lee Hemi on 12/09/2002

I'm very nice italian girl, i searc new maori friends for a penpals.
I'm 30 y/h, I'm not married,I'm nurse in the critical care, but i'm very crazy girl.
I'm very interesting at the maori culture...so if you wont i'm here!!!!
Big kiss Marty
Posted By: Martina on 13/09/2002
Te Mahurihuri Kapahaka . . . .
Needs members. If you are looking for a kapahaka group to join come to . . .
Te Mahurihuri Marae
73 Premier Dr, Pt Chevalier
Sundays, 10am - 12pm
Enquiries to: Mike 570 6563
Posted By: Mike on 15/09/2002
Maori Domain Names for Advertising / Promotions.
For all those who want to advertise their Maori business, culture, goods, services, support and anything else important to Maori in New Zealand or Worldwide

Contact me personally for more details.


Mathew Innes.

Available Domain Names / Your Name@Email Addresses.


And a few others.
Posted By: Mathew Innes on 16/09/2002
working for our people
He tino harikoa te ngakau kua kite e au i enei mahi mai i runga i te rorohiko e tautoko ana i nga kaupapa maori. Ko toku hiahia mo nga tau kei te toi mai hei whai mahi i waenganui tatou te iwi maori, koina tena tatou katoa.
Posted By: Astra Teal Waitai on 17/09/2002
I need info on a hangi for my school project but you have none.

Posted By: Kyle on 18/09/2002
lean to speak maori

Posted By: Kelly on 19/09/2002
I am looking for any information for the whanau name TOMA, mainly in the area of Dargarville.
Posted By: Brenda Pakau on 19/09/2002
lyrics needed badly
Kia Ora People....can someone please email me the song lyrics to kotiro maori e.....i'd love u forever...thanks heaps Kelly Pahuru
Posted By: Kelly Pahuru on 20/09/2002
colonisation of the Maori
I am a student at Te Whatukura - Tairawhiti Polytechnic doing a 3 year BA degree in te reo - am doing research on the above topic - the effects of colonisation on iwi Maori.
Posted By: Richard Rangihuna on 26/09/2002
te ahurea

Posted By: hori pomana on 26/09/2002
I am looking for any information about my family name Emery and Porima. My garandmother was an Emery before she married her name was Caroline Emery and her father was Charles Hourota Emery who married Lucy Takawai Porima her mother. On the Porima side i can go back to Lucy Takawai Porimas father Maimor Toatoa Porima and his wife Maikere Barlow.Maimors father was Teatukohu Porima. On the Emery side i can go to Charles Hourota Emerys father Huirau David Emery who married Rehi Barlow.Hiros father was John Pengally Emery. If you have any information on any of the Emerys or Porimas please drop me a line at my email address i would love you for ever!!
Kiaora, James Kelly.
Posted By: James Kelly on 02/10/2002
I am looking for any information about my family name Emery and Porima. My garandmother was an Emery before she married her name was Caroline Emery and her father was Charles Hourota Emery who married Lucy Takawai Porima her mother. On the Porima side i can go back to Lucy Takawai Porimas father Maimor Toatoa Porima and his wife Maikere Barlow.Maimors father was Teatukohu Porima. On the Emery side i can go to Charles Hourota Emerys father Huirau David Emery who married Rehi Barlow.Hiros father was John Pengally Emery. If you have any information on any of the Emerys or Porimas please drop me a line at my email address i would love you for ever!!
Kiaora, James Kelly.
Posted By: James Kelly on 02/10/2002
maori weddings
Hi, I need help gathering information on maori wedding culture. I am MC at a wedding this Saturday, the bridegroom is part Maori and I would love to introduce some of his culture as a surprise.
Posted By: Sue Shadbolt on 02/10/2002
Ngati Raukawa Whakapapa
I am looking for my roots in to Ngati Raukawa and would really apreciate any help.

My mother Sylvia (Apaapa) Ngaheu was the daughter of Peter Buff and Ketia (Paraone) Apaapa, Peter was the Son of Hinehui and Ngawharau Apaapa, Hinehui was the daughter of TeIritana and TeAorangi Maihi (Marsh), TeIritana was the child of TeKahakore William Thompson (who resided at Huria, Tauranga). TeKahakore was the son of Erana (Ellen nee Roach) who was the sister of (Heemi)James, Thomas, and Mary Roach. Ellen was the daughter of James ( who settled in Otaki and was either born or arrived in NZ around 1850), James married Maria TeRapuroa - who I believe is my link to Ngati Raukawa.

Oh hopeful is me...

Thanking you in advance. Tenei te mihi nui ki a koe, koutou hoki mehemea i tautoko ahau ki ahau.

Naku iti noa,
Posted By: Raewyn Midwood on 04/10/2002
Te Wananga Takiura o Nga Kura Kaupapa Maori o Aotearoa are holding an "OPEN DAY" at 100 Pah Rd, Mt Roskill, Auckland. We are a Private Tertiary Institution and a powhiri will begin at 10:00 am. For further information please contact Te Wanihi Edwards or Alice Katu on 09 625 6226. Kia ora ano.
Posted By: TE WANIHI EDWARDS on 07/10/2002
New Zealand Maori Programme Poihakena
Tune in to the Maori Programme,Poihakena When You are in Sydney Every Sunday Afternoons 4pm to 6pm
On: 2SSR FM,99.7 Sutherland Shire
Posted By: Ngawai Denning/nee Piwari on 07/10/2002
Te Reo Irirangi o te Hau Tonga Ki Poihakena - Nga Hau E Wha

Posted By: Nga on 07/10/2002
Te Reo Irirangi o te Hau Tonga Ki Poihakena - Nga Hau E Wha
Tune into the maori Programme When Your in sydney
Broadcasting Every Sundays On 2SSR FM Frequency 99.7 FM
Phone (9545-1800)
Posted By: Ngawai Denning/nee Piwari & Hone Denning on 07/10/2002
Help with Maori
hello, i am doing a project on the Maori people in New Zealand. I really need your help... Quick! Thanks!
Posted By: Ashley on 08/10/2002
I am doing a project on the people of the Maori. If you have any recipies e-mail them to me. HELP

PS: I need this info by October 16
Posted By: Zak on 08/10/2002
Education and the Maori language
Please can anyone give me information about any schools that teach through the medium of Maori, the number of people who still speak the language, traditional food and drink. I am preparing a presentation on the Maori language, education and culture for University. Many thanks
Posted By: Sandra Parslow Bridgend South Wales UK on 09/10/2002

Posted By: MATANGI BORELL on 10/10/2002

Posted By: MATANGI BORELL on 10/10/2002
Mau Rakau
If anyone is looking for a maori sport's u have come to right place if u want to contact anyone just dial(09)4385478 it is based in Whangarei,Taitokerau practices are on Mondays and Wednesdays see you there.
Posted By: Ross Gregory Smith on 12/10/2002
Boarding schools
Awhi mai, My eldest is off too secondary school next year. He has attended a Kura Kaupapa Maori throughout his primary school years and so I naturally want to continue his education in a Maori kura, that has a good educational background. He will most probably need to board, and I think I want to send him to a co-ed school.We live in the Tainui area.
Any kura names and why you recommend them would be appreciated.

Posted By: paula on 16/10/2002
I am looking for whanau all around the world.My grandfather was kiriwhina Hotorene and my grandmother was Matekino Beckham.They both come from pipiwai New Zealand.If you have any information on this whanau please e.mail to me
Kia orano kia koutou katoa nga whanau
Posted By: teataiti shortland on 20/10/2002
Turanga fm Whanau show 91.7 95.5
Tune in every sunday night for your requests and dedications for this nationwide show broadcast on most of the iwi stations kiaora koutou katoa
Posted By: Lindsay Henry on 21/10/2002
Turanga FM Whanau Show 91.7 &95.5
Kia ora koutou katoa tune in to this nationwide family request show playing all your favorite waiata from 6pm to midnight and also linked in with the iwi stations around Aotearoa nau mai Haere mai
Posted By: Lindsay Henry on 21/10/2002
how was pre-european society organised?
What were the main family groups?
Posted By: KEVIN on 23/10/2002
tribes of new zealand
tino pai to mahi
Posted By: desima.cotton on 23/10/2002
i'm at uni in germany and for my mid term mark i have to write a paper on maori influence in nz's language and culture! i'd be grateful for any advice or ideas, it's quite hard to do research all the way from germany! any ideas where i could find any waitangi treaty commision or court ruling information??? cheers, everyone!!
Posted By: Nina on 24/10/2002
i'm at uni in germany and for my mid term mark i have to write a paper on maori influence in nz's language and culture! i'd be grateful for any advice or ideas, it's quite hard to do research all the way from germany! any ideas where i could find any waitangi treaty commision or court ruling information??? cheers, everyone!!
Posted By: Nina on 24/10/2002
use this email to contact for the message below
Posted By: PROPER EMAIL BELOW on 27/10/2002
Ka Tahi Ti

Posted By: Ka Tahi Ti on 31/10/2002
excellent income with home P.C
for anyone seriously interested in changing their income to have a better quality of life please e.mail me
Posted By: COREY SOLOMON on 01/11/2002
Ricky, maori guy
hi, my name is elvira. i live in austria- not australia but have been downunder about 8 years ago. i met a maori guy in sydney who worked at the alfreds pub close to st. george hospital. he must be about 34 years old now. he had tradelocks at this time and was a bob marley fan. his name is ricky and he lived at bondi. Please, if you think you know him, let me know. it would be fantastic to know what life brought and how he is doing. THANKS SO MUCH!!!
Posted By: Elvira Pöschko, Austria on 02/11/2002
Kia Ora from Japan!
Hi there from Japan!(really!)
I'm interested in Maori culture. and looking for kiwi epal so if you can please email me:)
my email add.: megumi_japan@hotmail.com
Posted By: megumi on 04/11/2002
i am getting married to a maroi and we would like to include something from that culture into the cermony. any ideas?thank you
Posted By: cassie on 07/11/2002
Te Reo Maori
Visit www.temataurangamaori.com to find out about our exciting education programmes. Apply now for courses starting in February 2003. Scholarships available for many students.
Posted By: Te Matauranga Maori on 07/11/2002
I am trying to get in touch with Mrs Kahu Hotere of the Tainui Iwi. She is married to David and lived in Cambridge, is probably now in Wellington. If she, or anyone with any details pertaining to her could phone me toll free on 0800 627 500 and quote her customer number: 3099202 06503
Posted By: SCOTT MARTINS on 08/11/2002
could someone please translate this sentence into english for me as it is for an assginment - truley grateful

'Ka nui te aroha mo ratou'
Posted By: katherine on 08/11/2002
Maori Environmental Business Network
If you would like to join the network, please go to the University of Waikato Maori Sustainable Economic Development website www.mngt.waikato.ac.nz/msed/ or www.msed.maori.nz
Posted By: C. Iremonger on 19/11/2002
Senior Kapa Haka Group
We have a new senior kapa haka group based at the Te Pou Herenga Waka / Anglican Church in the Mangere Town Centre that practice every Monday nights, 6.30pm - 8.30pm.
Doesn't matter if you are experienced or not.
Feel free to come along and have a nosey anyway.
Noho ora mai!
Posted By: Te Pou Tuarongo Senior Kapa Haka Group on 22/11/2002
Hi, I am planning to visit NZ during Feb/March 2003. I am particularly interested in Maroi culture, their heritage, art, life besides the normal sightseeing & whale watching. Is there a particular tour company specializing in this area? URGENT REPLY REQUESTED PLEASE.
Posted By: SAM PATH on 22/11/2002
Looking for anyone from Ngati Tukorehe....
I'm looking for anyone who is from Tukorehe Marae, I met a bunch of them while their cultural exchange in Hawaii and well I have no way of keeping in contact with them, I would really like to get in touch with them...so any help anyone can offer me I would be much thankful for.
Posted By: Jay a.k.a. Lehua on 26/11/2002
Just to inform whaanau that our friend, brother, uncle, cuzz, father, etc whom has sadly passed away. Piki is being held a Taumata o Te Ra in Halcombe and the burial is 2morow 29th November.
Piki wil be a much beloved friend an family member whom will always be remembered for his humour, his extraordinary teaching abilities, his love 4 life an his whaanau.
Moe mai i te rangimarie ehoa.
Posted By: Piki Kereama on 28/11/2002
Tino Rangatiratanga
Tena Koe,
Are there any Christians out there who support the cause of social justice for Maori ,Proverbs 22:28. Write to me at, 610 Windsor Ave ,Hastings. And "let justice flow down like a waterfall , and righteousness like an ever flowing stream " ,Amos 5:24.
Posted By: Joseph Terrill on 01/12/2002
looking for my nephews
hi there n e 1 out there know the where abouts of my nephews
Issac and Zachariah camesi sciascia of levin now livn in Auckland area contact boys miss you heaps i havnt heard from n ages guys aunty tani
Posted By: tani murray on 02/12/2002
Te Whanau o TUKOREHE
Kia Ora. This is just breif message to jay a.k.a LEHUA from Hawaii.
Well i was one of those who came over to Hawaii as part of the cultural exchange we had.
as apart of the TUKOREHE ropu (group) i would be more then happy to get in-touch with you. Contact me at mana_maori@hotmail.com.
I can then give you more info, e-mail add's, phone numb if nessasery. I'm sure everyone will be clad to hear from you
Naku noa
Te Moana Hkaraia
Posted By: Te Moana Hakaraia on 03/12/2002
Hi I was wondering if you had the lyrics to "Karaitiana" the songs called 'Blue smoke goes drifting by'... Thanks a lot
Posted By: Rebecca on 03/12/2002
Anaru Takarua
Nga mihi aroha ki a koutou nga uri a te rangatira a Anaru Takarua kua hinga ki te po i te ra Raapa te Tuangahuru o Hakihea.
No reira e koro, ko koe ra te tino rangatira ki te whakahaere to hahitanga. Ko koe hoki te tino mohio ki te haka. Moe mai ra e koro. Hoki atu ki te kainga tuturu mo tatou te iwi Maori; Te wahi o nga matua tupuna e tatari ana mou ki te hoki. No reira, haere, haere, haere atu ra.

Ki koutou ra nga tamariki mokopuna a te rangatira nei,
Anei o matou roimata, o matou hupe, e hinga nei, e tangi nei. Kua ngaro koutou he tino rangatira o to iwi, o to tatou iwi. Kia kaha koutou. Anei to matou nei aroha ki a koutou. No reira, nga mihi aroha ki a koutou mo tenei wa pouri. Na te whanau o Te Pou Tuarongo.
Posted By: Te Pou Tuarongo on 13/12/2002
Anyone to correspond with a varsity student who wants to settle in NZ land
I would anyone especially who wants to help me with information and culture of the Maori people. I am at University and looks forward to settle in New Zealand after the completion of my studies. I am 21 and doing 2nd year.
Please do e-mail me...!....
Posted By: tonzana on 14/12/2002
find adress of ngati ranana.
We are wanting to know if any one can give us a contact for the Culture group in London, they call themselves Ngati Ranana and I believe their kuia is called Mrs Windsor I cant recall her maiden name but I heard she comes from Ngapuhi. This will be very much appreciated. Tena koutou katoa.
Posted By: Te Kai Makiha on 16/12/2002
Maori Radio Sydney
Kia -ora iwi When your in Sydney Check Out the Maori Radio Station in sydney Sunday Afternoons From 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm
on 99.7 fm with ngawai and hone denning and Thomas Henry Telephone Sydney 02-9545-1800
Posted By: Thomas Henry on 19/12/2002
Maori and Gambling
A group of us are putting in a proposal to participate in evaluating Community Action projects - to do with gambling - in Manukau and Waikato. We would like to have a Maori team member. If our proposal is successful, we will work for 6 months (not full-time) - from March to end of August 2003. If you are interested, please email me at c_martin35@hotmail.com or call 579 2275. (please contact me by January 12th 2003)

Kia ora,
Christine Martin
Posted By: Christine Martin on 23/12/2002
Foam mattresses
Tena koutou katoa
Can anyone help us at the Waitangi Marae? We urgently need 20 foam mattresses, please contact me via email or phone me on (09) 402 5558 if you know where we can purchase some mattresses for our marae, need them before Te Ra O Waitangi. Kia ora ano
Posted By: Connie on 05/01/2003
A Photographic Journey into Contemporary Maori Community

Posted By: Chris Westinghouse on 05/01/2003
Free Advertising Available for your business, hobbies, and related products
Free Advertising available of your business and products at New Zealand owned and operated web site:
Posted By: Effy on 06/01/2003
Online Typing Service offered by Ngapuhi Senior Typist
Online typing service available. Check out my site:
http://groups.msn.com/fgtypinggroup. I type personal and business documentation of all kinds from around the world. Samples of my work are on my site. Documents include: academic essays, business letters, union agreements, instructional booklets, movie/theatre scripts, manuals, reports. You send your drafts via e-mail, or post. I send them back to you via e-mail.
Posted By: Fiona on 06/01/2003

dave, could you send me your email adress or phone number thank you,willie
Posted By: willie kawau on 08/01/2003
Shouting out for Rangatahi
WE are looking for rangatahi to join our kura,It is hosted by Ngati Manomano of Ngati Raukawa iwi and runs for 44 weeks, Mon - Fri from 9am-4pm,and is suited for 16-18 year olds who are interested in being active, mentally, physically, culturally and intellectually and want a challenge in their lives.
The course outline helps our rangatahi to cope with mental and physical challenges, and has a dedication to kaupapa maori and taha maori-Maoriside...So if u r interested,giv us a call, or e mail us at the above addy...

taiohi tu, taiohi ora
taiohi noho, taiohi mate
Active youth are well and active
Non active youth are not happening

Much luv and respect to those who participated in the journey of Te Pikikotuku, Kia tau nga atawhaitanga ki runga i a koutou katoa..
Posted By: Taiohi Toa/Taumata o te ra Marae-Halcombe on 08/01/2003
Maori Cricket
Just wondering if anyone here can give me info on the NZ Maori cricket team or any other Maori Cricket organisations if there are any!!! I would be keen on trialing.

Posted By: Aaron on 08/01/2003
a nice site
Posted By: mugu usa on 10/01/2003
New Zealand 2003 Festival Rockdale Sydney Australia
New Zealand 2003 Festival day Saturday 8th & 9th Feb Sydney Australia: Venues Newmarket Hotel & Rockdale Football Grounds Redman Oval Francis Street Rockdale Sydney NSW Australia Starting Porwhiri 9 am
Come and Enjoy The New Zealand Cultural Experience
Starting 8th Feb at 12pm at the Newmarket Hotel Mascot with lots of stalls Hangi Culture Groups & Live enterainment Karaoke Competition Prizes Money $$$ Runners Trophy.

Sunday the 9th feb 2003. The Main Day Fun Games for the kids face Painting. Sports Events, all day Stalls, Entertainmet all day Hangi Stall.From 4pm till 6 pm Live BroadCast Of Events On 2SSR FM 99.7 New Zealand Maori Program. All funds Raised Will Be Donated to Maori church Groups in the Community and Other Charities
For More Info Please Contact Mrs Ngawai Dennings Telephone/Fax 95279303 Thomas Henry Telephone 95671425
Posted By: Thomas Henry on 14/01/2003
Open Mixed Golf Tournament

Posted By: Kai-a-te-mata Marae on 15/01/2003
Looking for Maori pen/epals
For so long I have wanted to learn about the Maori culture because I have always been fascinated with this culture. So any Maori between the ages 27 and 38, I would like to learn more about your culture.
Posted By: Cecilene Muller on 21/01/2003
Looking for Maori pen/epals
For so long I have wanted to learn about the Maori culture because I have always been fascinated with this culture. So any Maori between the ages 27 and 38, I would like to learn more about your culture.
Posted By: Cecilene Muller on 21/01/2003
Ngakuru Pene Hare no Mitimiti
Ngakuru Pene Hare is my Great-Great Grandfather, I am looking for any of his writings or any info about him.
Posted By: Katrina on 22/01/2003
Need information on whanau
Kia ora nga mihi o te tau mahana kia koutou katoa.
I really need information about my mother whanau from Takahiwai she is a Pittman from Nga Puhi.
Posted By: Haami Tangiwai on 23/01/2003
Kapa Haka 2002
I would appreciate it if you could steer me in the right direction,if possible, as to how I could obtain a video recording of the National Kapa Haka competition of 2002.With many thanks..... KIA ORA ..Parata
Posted By: Parata Panui on 23/01/2003
for Friendhip
myself shaahid khan 23 male from india, i am writer and model.and satge show orgniser. you know i love newziland . i have written a many stories in nz back ground (special love story)
: I would like to get into contact with nz person because i love nz very much . I would like to travel to this great country and
it would be fantastic if i will find nz girl for would love to see the hidden ans mystic
places of this land. I really would like to get in touch with nz Be happy,
i would love to make newzilandian friends, write to me ok.
i am awating for your mail
shaahid khan
Alisha international inc.

Posted By: Shaahid Khan on 25/01/2003
About that Book and Amokura's nasty comments
Actually the full book proposal indicates quite clearly that I would donate 100% of the proceeds of the sale of the book to a charity acceptable to Maori, in perpetuity. Yes, I do believe it is my duty to learn about Maori, but don't ask me to kiss your butt. I thought I had quite a decent and respectful attitude, so I'm not too impressed by your response.
Posted By: Dr Chris Westinghouse on 28/01/2003
Launch of a Tainui Taurahere Site
Waikato Ki Roto o Poneke (WKRP)

We are the official Tainui taurahere ropu in Wellington for people of Tainui - Waikato descent living outside the Tainui - Waikato region. We provide a whanau environment for members and maintain and enhance our Tainuitanga through hui and wananga.

Waikato Ki Roto o Poneke (WKRP)
Posted By: David Kukutai Jones on 29/01/2003
Kia Ora,
I am looking for some NZ pals to corrispond with. Learn me about their culture and things...
Posted By: Dave on 05/02/2003
Kia Ora,
I am looking for some NZ pals to corrispond with. Learn me about their culture and things...
Posted By: Dave on 05/02/2003
hey hey hey 😉
Just saying hey to everyone, we wil be debuting our website soon and I wanted to include maori's in our polynesian based website... take a look at it yourself, the web address is http://foilole.com/index.php ... I dance maori, hawaiian, tongan, and samoan... so I'm familiar with the dancing, the war dancing, and even the fire dances... however, some of the maori customs I am not too educated in. So I'm just wondering if someone could stop by and enlighten me.

Our website is catered to polynesians, not to any particular polynesian, but to all those in the South Pacific. We hope that we can be a future portal for our people.

Thanks 😉

I' looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.
Posted By: Webmaster on 05/02/2003
Looking for a penpal!
I am a 28 yr old female living in Baltimore/DC area, looking for someone to learn the culture and the nature with of your beautiful area!
Posted By: Jessica Marley on 06/02/2003
Any Maori in New York?
Kia ora, my father is Te Arawa from Rotorua. Since my relationship with him is strained, I am looking to meet any Maori living in New York and learning more about this part of my ancestry. Traditions, cultures, etc... (I have rugby down already) My email is thenewcopeland@yahoo.com
Posted By: Ed Bradley on 07/02/2003
Any Maori in New York?
Kia ora, my father is Te Arawa from Rotorua. Since my relationship with him is strained, I am looking to meet any Maori living in New York and learning more about this part of my ancestry. Traditions, cultures, etc... (I have rugby down already) My email is thenewcopeland@yahoo.com
Posted By: Ed Bradley on 07/02/2003
Any Maori in New York?
Kia ora, my father is Te Arawa from Rotorua. Since my relationship with him is strained, I am looking to meet any Maori living in New York and learning more about this part of my ancestry. Traditions, cultures, etc... (I have rugby down already) My email is thenewcopeland@yahoo.com
Posted By: Ed Bradley on 07/02/2003
Any Maori in New York?
Kia ora, my father is Te Arawa from Rotorua. Since my relationship with him is strained, I am looking to meet any Maori living in New York and learning more about this part of my ancestry. Traditions, cultures, etc... (I have rugby down already) My email is thenewcopeland@yahoo.com
Posted By: Ed Bradley on 07/02/2003
Kiwi story
I heard this story a number of times on the radio when I was very young and have tried to find this very story and never found it could you tell me where I can find it
Posted By: Patricia Pomare on 08/02/2003
Tahawai Marae (Webers Road, Pupuke) Kaeo, Far North
We would like to establish a email database of whanau and whanaunga who are interested in re-establishing marae fundraising and ahi kaa initiatives regarding Tahawai marae. If you have any skills, experience, trade, networks, contacts that will contribute towards the marae. Email kaiwharoad@hotmail.com today and forward this panui onto your whanau contacts. Hazel & Tara Hape.
Posted By: Hazel & Tara Hape on 12/02/2003
KIA ORA ( hello) looking for penpals exchange cultures
kia ora, Everyone looking for penpals to write/chat too.Im a girl 24yrs old living in Whakatane The eastern bay of plenty.My tribes are Ngati awa, Ngapuhi. email me if you want to know more about maori.
Posted By: tavares on 18/02/2003
Tidying up Urupa at Ngatira
Calling all the whanau affiliated to Ngatira marae. We have arranged a working bee to assist with tidying up our urupa. Bring your spade/shovel/weedeater/gumboots or you can help out with feeding the workers. Date 28 & 29 March. Email me for more details.
ka kite
Nga Waiata
Posted By: Nga Waiata on 20/02/2003
Tidying up Urupa at Ngatira
Calling all the whanau affiliated to Ngatira marae. We have arranged a working bee to assist with tidying up our urupa. Bring your spade/shovel/weedeater/gumboots or you can help out with feeding the workers. Date 28 & 29 March. 2003. Email me for more details.
ka kite
Nga Waiata
Posted By: Nga Waiata on 20/02/2003
Tidying up Urupa at Ngatira
Calling all the whanau affiliated to Ngatira marae. We have arranged a working bee to assist with tidying up our urupa. Bring your spade/shovel/weedeater/gumboots or you can help out with feeding the workers. Date 28 & 29 March. 2003. Email me for more details.
ka kite
Nga Waiata
Posted By: Nga Waiata on 20/02/2003
glad I found all of you
Thank you for your site--I have a deep interest in learning all I can about spiritual healing and the language. Met a Maori spiritual healer while on mission on Oahu last summer. Thank you for welcoming me
Posted By: sharon on 20/02/2003
looking for someone f/m to chat with about anything,nothing, something, everything.48yrold female.
Ngapuhi/Ngati Kahu/TeAuopouri/Ngati Porou.
Posted By: Freda Evans. on 23/02/2003
Trans-Tasmen Netball & Touch Tournament Penrith Australia
Kia ora . The allsorts Sports Club Penrith is hosting the Maori Netball & Touch Tournament 4/10/03 in Penrith Clubs are welcome From New zealand to take Part.
Posted By: Thomas Henry on 03/03/2003
my homework is about tuhoi. i nver find the tuhoi. HELF ME!!
Posted By: hantak on 03/03/2003
Tena koutou nga mata waka o te motu rongonui,

Could you send me some suggestions on where I can find some great images of: modern maori mythical figures, futuristic images depicting of Aotearoa OR Hawaiki, futuristic buildings [preferably Aotearoa based OR ecologically friendly]. A HUGE ASK I KNOW!!! Engari, tena koutou mo o koutou awhi ki ahau.

Posted By: waiata on 06/03/2003
whakapapa query
Kia ora koutou
I te taha o papa,ko Te Arawa toku waka, ko Tongariro toku maunga,ko Taupo toku wai tapu,ko Tu Wharetoa toku iwi,ko Ngati Hine-mihi toku hapu,ko Karutahi Mohi raua ko Nelly Smith oku tupuna,ko Moihi Renata Mohi raua ko Taiparoro Wharawhara oku tupuna,ko Wiremu Renata raua ko Hazel Hori oku matua,ko Nere Renata taku ingoa, no Tamaki-nui-a-rua ahau engari kei Te Papaieoia taku kainga inaianei.
I am searching for my whakapapa on my fathers side, anyone care to enlighten me? Know any of my whanau up Taupo, Turangi way? I can be contacted @ JypsysRose@hotmail.com
Kia ora noho ora mai
Na Nere

Posted By: Nere RENATA on 06/03/2003
Can anyone help? I am trying to trace my whakapapa we require imformation on Kokoriti Rewhaunga member of Ngati Moe a hapu of the Wairarapa tribe Ngati Ira descendant of Ngati Tara Chief "Tu Tere moana"
Posted By: jude foster on 14/03/2003
We are running a contemporary, creative Kapa Haka Whakataetae during Queen's Birthday Weekend at Te Mahurehure Marae. All interested roopu wanting some information, please contact me for information and registration details etc. The closing date for registrations and payments is Friday 11th April 2003. All others, Powhiri starts at 8.00am, Te Mahurehure Marae, 73 Premier Ave., Pt. Chevalier, AUCKLAND, competition starts 10.00am, $10.00 entry fee each day of competitions, children under 10 free. Semi-finals and finals on Sunday 1st June 2003. Social 8.00pm Sunday night, $35.00 per ticket. All proceeds going to Te Mahurehure Marae. Kia ora!!!
Posted By: Mikaere Tito on 14/03/2003
Te Mahurehure Roopu - Kapa Haka
Now practising at Te Mahurehure Marae, 73 Premier Ave., Pt. Chevalier, AUCKLAND, Mondays and Wednesdays, karakia timatanga 7.00pm sharp to karakia whakamutunga at 9.00pm. A community based roopu, maatua and tamariki learning together side by side. Long term goal, to take a roopu to the Nationals!!! Kia ora!!!
Posted By: Mikaere Tito on 14/03/2003
public places[Onepoto domain]
What did onepoto domain look like before?
What was it use for?
Has it improve?
To the couciler

Posted By: anoumas on 14/03/2003
Posted By: KEVIN on 15/03/2003
Easter Hamper Raffle
Hamper will be drawn on Easter Sunday at the Parawera Marae Committee Monthly Hui. Whanau interested in buing a ticket for $2.00 please ring Roanna Horne on (07) 872 7737.
Posted By: Parawera Marae on 17/03/2003
28th Maaori Batallion
Kia Ora kotou Katoa, I am looking for some info abou the 28 Maaori Batallion, if you have any info for me that will be really great thank you.
Teana koutou katoa.
Posted By: Thomas Rawiri-Walsh on 01/08/2003
tattoo maori warrior
Anybody know where a can get copy or prints of tattooed maori warrior in black & white
Posted By: Kawakawa on 02/08/2003
Maori History
Wots up People. My name is Tyson and im doing a research assignment to prep me for ncea.My Topic is: Where did the MAORI come from and y did they come to new zealand? Could any be able 2 help me and find some infomation on this question if so could you pleez send me some info. Thankyou!!
Posted By: Tyson Schaumkell on 04/08/2003

Posted By: Bonnie Pearson on 05/08/2003
Kia ora my name is Te Aroha and i am doing a research as to where the karanga derived. Was it from Hine-nui-te-po?
If so how.? Kia ora ano
Posted By: Te Aroha on 08/08/2003
looking for friend from surfers
hello everyone i am lookin for a friend i made while in australia. she lived in surfers paradise with her family in the isle of capri. she's a kiwi and i miss her heaps if anyone knows the rose rapana please mail me thanks
Posted By: jorrell on 12/08/2003
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Voted As Sydney No 1 Top DJ

Te Ahurea Tino Rangatiratanga Kaphaka comps
The Auckand Secondry schools Regional Te Ahurea Kapahaka competitions are Going to be held this year on the 12th of October at Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae, if you are interested in entering your kapahaka group than dont hesitate to call us on 255 0404 ext 711 and we will give you all the details you need to know,entrys close on the 12sept we already have 13 groups that have entered
Posted By: Elaine on 16/08/2003
Te Ahurea Tino Rangatiratanga Kapahaka comps
The Auckand Secondry schools Regional Te Ahurea Kapahaka competitions are Going to be held this year on the 12th of October at Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae, if you are interested in entering your kapahaka group than dont hesitate to call us on 255 0404 ext 711 and we will give you all the details you need to know,entrys close on the 12sept we already have 13 groups that have entered
Posted By: Elaine on 16/08/2003
Nohoanga ki Otaki.

Posted By: Tekai Makiha me taku whanau on 17/08/2003

He panui tenei ki a koutou e whakaatu mai ana.
A te paunga o tenei tau ka neke taku whanau ki Otaki mo nga tau e rua,tokoono matou, ko ahau me toku hoa wahine me a maua tamariki tokowha. ko te tino hia hia kia rapuhia tetahi whare mo te roanga ake o ta matou noho.He tauira maua tahi ki roto i Te Wananga O Raukawa, ka uru atu a maua tamariki ki roto i Te kura kaupapa o Te Rito. I tenei wa e noho ana matou ki Te Hiku O Te Ika ki Kaitaia, e haere ana a maua tamariki ki Te Rangi Aniwaniwa, me toku mahi ki te taha o Te Whare Kura. No reira mehemea e mohio ana koutou ki tetahi whanau e whai whare watea mo nga tau e rua ka mihi nui rawa atu ki a ia ahakoa ko wai.
Emera mai, whakamohio mai,waea mai.
09 4080789. kainga.
09 4067234. mahi.
Posted By: Tekai Makiha me taku whanau on 17/08/2003
2004 New Zealand Festival Sydney Australia
Kia ora The 2004 New Zealand Festival Will be Held in Feb 2004.
Sydney Australia Over (2)big days Of Sports and Entertainment.If you Wouild like to be on our mailing list Please Make contact On the Above email.
Kia ora
Supported : Wuzzup Entertainment Specializing in : Weddings. Brithdays. Private Functions and Hotels Music from the 60's to 2003, Rock, R&B, Rap. Hip Hop, Reggae
Tele : 85095475 Mob : 0415190363 : Fax 85095485
Voted Sydney No 1 Dj
Posted By: Tutu Mc Cutchie on 19/08/2003
Well my parents broke up when i was a baby and i have never had the chance to ask my father which tribe he was from!!
Just recently i have become very interested in my maori background and i would LOVE to know more about it all!!
So if any one knows which tribe the name "MATANGA" came from can you please message me ASAP!! Or even if any one can present me with some information on the maori culture i would also like to hear from you!!
My email is ketadaqueen@hotmail.com!! Thankx Guys!!! 🙂
Posted By: Nikita MARTANGA on 20/08/2003
I am a Canadian born First Nations woman who is researching the traditional practice of tattooing. If you have any information that could help, please email me. G'lasaka!
Posted By: Amanda on 21/08/2003
Do you believe Maori language should be compulsory in schools

Posted By: Ranui Vazey on 25/08/2003
Korari Wananga
wananga to find the traditional names and purposes of korari within the Te Renga Paraoa region
Date is 4 October 2003, Venue: Te Kura kaupapa Maori o Te Rawhitiroa , whangarei,
Posted By: Arvay Armstrong-Read on 26/08/2003

Posted By: SITIVA LOVING on 26/08/2003

Posted By: chynna waihirere on 27/08/2003
Te Maringi Ruby Nahi
Kia Ora O te Whanau
I am announcing the passing of Mum, TeMaringi known as Ruby Nahi at Taranaki Base Hospital I.C.U. on Wed 27th August,Beloved Wife of Dad, Sonny Nahi, much loved Mum of SonnyBoy, Rangipani,Pita karaka,Michael Tiki,Wayne Tureiti,and Eugene Shaun.and Nanny to all your Mokopuna,
Rest in Peace Mum, our love for you is everlasting. A service will be held at the Methodist Church in Stratford on Friday August 29th at 10:00AM
Ka Kite ano
Rick Nahi for all our Whanau
Posted By: Rick Nahi on 27/08/2003
Maori Love Song
Kia ora Koutou,

Recently I attented a Tangi, and the whanau played a beautiful waiata to there kuia. It was about "a mother flying on the wings of an eagle".

It was a beautiful song, and I would just like to know if anyone knows what the name of that song could be can they please email the name of it/or the artist.

I think possibly it was a girl from St Josephs Maori Girls College singing it, but im not to sure.

It any one knows the name of the artist/song, please email me. Thanks all.

Kia ora ra

Posted By: Turi on 28/08/2003
Doing research on My Grandmother's Whakapapa. Now my grandmother her name was "Era Hirini Cooper (nee:Paraone- Kawiti), now all I know is her father was Hirini Paraone Kawiti From Waiomio.& that my Tupuna was: Hine A Maru.but I don't know where my Grandmother's Mother had come from?
As I know that I am of Ngapuhi & Ngati Hine descendant
Posted By: Joyce Baker - taylor on 01/09/2003
Te Ahurea Kapahaka comps
The Entries have now closed for entering your schools Kapahaka Group unfortunately we now have 21 groups
Posted By: Elaine on 01/09/2003
Posted By: POLLY on 01/09/2003
Maori Art and Culture
I am doing an art project on the Maori culture but I would like to find out the deeper meanings behind the body tattoos and bone carvings so if anyone has any info. please e mail me. Thanks
Posted By: Hannah on 04/09/2003
Nga kaupapa MAORI/whakapapa/Maori Achievement
Nga mihi aroha , nga mihi mahana ki tatou katoa e te hunga ora.I am a Warren (biologically) originally from Whakatohea(Opotiki)Tuhoe(Ruatoki), Waikato,but migrated to Otaua (Hokianga) in the North, and a Jingles from Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki(Waihirere)(Kaiti).Does anyone have any connections to me???Going by this information??.If so PLEASE contact me via e-mail.Deperately seeking whanaunga.If anyone has a story to tell about their experiences within the education system and it's teacher's within kohanga/kura kaupapa/wharekura/whare wananga or anything in general, please forward these to myself.I am doing a paper on Barriers to Maori Achievement within the Western Society's Paradigm.(Regarding Education/Justice/Labour inparticular)I would like to use any information as a source of contribution towards the paper.I would be willing to forward a copy of this paper to those who request this.
Ma te Atua koutou e manaaki, ma te aroha o ou tatou tupuna koutou e poipoia i nga wa katoa.

Posted By: Te Aroha Smith on 05/09/2003

I am looking for the lyrics for the maori version of "oh happy days" (sister act) is anyone able to help .....
Posted By: Jules on 09/09/2003
Maori Haka's using Mask
What are some types of Maori Haka's that use mask?
Posted By: Gringo on 13/09/2003
Maori Culture Clubs in Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Hi, I am trying to find out if there are Maori Culture Clubs in Geelong or Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Posted By: Barbara Black-Bassett on 14/09/2003
update news
my e-mail address on previous panui is wrong ,my next issue of Kiwi Mag will be in Australia before the end of september.comes once a month for updates my webpage is www.kiwimag.co.nz..Have a look !!!! Ardijah is coming !!!
send us your news & photos.Mags are distributed to Perth ,Sydney ,Melbourne ,Alice Springs ,Newman and Waikato.
Posted By: TeAriki Poata on 15/09/2003
Family Tree
Hi my name is Cathy im looking for my geneology, my madien name was (Matiu or Matthews)my mother madien name is (Rini) please help if you can fine any of my family tree
Posted By: Catherine Daley (Kataraina Matiu) on 16/09/2003
Learn Maori
Still wanting to learn Maori bros... ^^
Posted By: Gringo on 17/09/2003
moari bread
could you please send me a recepie of moari thank you very
much love the site.....i was bourn in new plymouth...cambell clan
Posted By: dane robertson on 20/09/2003
Kia Ora Koutou Katoa ko Te-Rangimari-e taku ingoa no Hiruharama au engari e noho ana au ki Turanga inaianei...Ano hoki kei te ako au i te reo maori.....
Heoi ano he patai au ki a koutou........
Could anyone help me.......i am trying to find some information about TAKITIMU WAKA....
What was some of the reasons why Takitimu sailed from Hawaiki to Turanga???? and what was some of the problems that may of accuired well on their journeys and what was it that the Takitimy Waka was carrying on their Waka to bring here to Turanga????????
If anyone can help me with this information it would be much appreciated.....
Posted By: Te-Rangimari-e on 21/09/2003
having a hangi
I would like to enquire about having a hangi catered for 30 people on the Gold Coast.Can you refer me to any one that does this?
Posted By: Beverly on 22/09/2003
Tuki Tarei of Hawkes Bay
Could someone help me find out about Tuki Tarei of Hawkes Bay maybe a brother of Pukeiti of Taranaki
Posted By: Te Rangi Tiananga on 23/09/2003
Anyone that comes from America in Saltlake City especially my family

Posted By: Me on 23/09/2003
simple kete making

Posted By: wendy on 24/09/2003
rongomaimira &Te Kahu Tipona &her family
Rongomaimira's sisters Kuramarotini & Te Ahimanawa were both married to Tuwaerokura in Taranaki some where.Te Kahu & Rongomaimira had a daughter Mere Tipona.Te Kahu had another
couple of children Ruamahutonga Tuhea & a daughter Tini?
Posted By: Yvonne Waetford on 25/09/2003
Any Maori culture events in brisbane
Kia Ora I would like to know if there are any cultural events coming up in brisbane or where i can look to find out. We have lived here for a year and have not found any maori culture activities since then and would love to find out if there are any public hangis coming up thankyou.
Posted By: Petra and Liam on 26/09/2003
moari childrens stories

Posted By: Clayton on 26/09/2003
singers wanted


Hi there,
We are looking for a male singer 20-40 yrs for a Bee Gees tribute Show
(already established) also Tributes to Elvis, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison

Falsetto ability would be a bonus but not absolutely essential If you
are a motivated,Professional person and would like to be part of one of
N.Z'S most succesful Tribute show with a promising future then please
phone or mail Paul

Webster Riley Ltd
03 5419300
0274 884100

Posted By: jan karaka on 26/09/2003
If you have any whakapapa pretaining to the above name please contact me, their will be a whanau reunion next year so if you know any whanau around aotearoa ring me on 025 698 6798. Pai Marire!
Posted By: HONE NUKU TARAWHITI on 26/09/2003
Te Ahurea 2001.2002
Kia ora im just looking for pictures from the Auckland Secondry Te Ahurea competitions i was wondering if you have any pictures of Te Ropu o Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae if so could you please get back to me
Kia ora!
Posted By: Elizibeth on 27/09/2003
pen pal
kia ora! im 18 and livin in aucks which is actually a really hard place to find good friends or maybe im just lookin in all the wrong places!! i would like to meet pref males but females r ok and probably around my age 18-25
so if youd like to meet a great chick to go clubbin or hang out then look no further!!
Posted By: naomi on 27/09/2003
st josephs maori girls college, napier
does anyone know the email addy. please post for me. what a cool site
Posted By: Ellenor on 28/09/2003
Any Maori/PI's in Sydney aged 23-29?
Looking for some people to hang out with in Sydney as I'm from NZ and been in Sydney for 6 months and miss home like mad!
Posted By: Sunita on 30/09/2003
An Artist who is Tuhoe (Ruatoki), Rongomaiwahine (Mahia) and Ngati Kanohi (Whangara) decedent has arriving into this world with an amazing MAORI voice.

This beautiful 18 year old is an amazing maori singing angle, who only want to express her life and maoritanga through music.
the website is http://www.geocities.com/latinoheart16
check it out and tell us what you think
Rongomaiwahine whanau
Posted By: Rongomaiwahine's mate on 01/10/2003
Korari Wananga

Posted By: Arvay Armstrong-Read on 03/10/2003
Kia Ora,
I need some help from anyone. Im looking for some pictures or sites of any Maori Tattoos. Pref not Moko's. If anyone can help me that would be Kapai.
Posted By: Perawai on 05/10/2003
Mangamuka marae history and pictures
Kia koutou katoa,I,am doing a study on my father's marae, Mangamuka.I,would be very grateful if anyone would send me information on the history of the marae and also photo's or drawings of the marae.
Posted By: ko parekawhia albert taku ingoa on 06/10/2003
Mangamuka marae history
Kia ora koutou katoa e hoa ma
Can, anyone please send me what information you have on Mangamuka marae,also pictures,if possible.The information you give would be very much appreciated.
Posted By: Ko Parekawhia(a.k.a.Polly)Albert on 07/10/2003
ka pai te ra e kare ma
Posted By: UNDISCLOSED on 08/10/2003
maniapoto fesival 2003

Posted By: crystal puletaha on 08/10/2003
Maori Bone Carvings
Can anyone tell me of any shops in melbourne, Australia that sell bone carvings? Nobody seems to know..
Posted By: hannah on 09/10/2003
maori Bone Carving
Can anyone please tell me if there are any Shops in Melbourne where I could buy a bone carving for my boyfried??? I need to know by the 28 of November..
Posted By: hannah on 09/10/2003
Ngapuhi Waiata
Kia Ora koutou katoa. I am studying at Auckland University with particular interest in Kapa Haka. As a part of my studies I intend to research waiata written by Ngapuhi composers (Kaikohe/Ngawha region of particular interest). If you have any information at all that could lead me in the right direction please email me. Thanx.
Posted By: Felina Manihera on 11/10/2003
Well peoples. Ahurea was a great day. Congrads to all kura. because u r all winners.!!
Posted By: Kaore au e kii on 15/10/2003
HR generalist experience - Employment, Training, Facilitation, Planning, Facilitation. Check out our website: www.hrdynamics.co.nz
Posted By: HR DYNAMICS on 19/10/2003
YOWSER PEOPLE!!! Calling all keeping it real Maoris! I am very interested in making contact with cultural indigeous people Maori or aborigine. I have been searching for a while, so write back if you want to make buds with meeeee! I'm in England..... but don't hold it against me! ;0)Adults only perleeeez!
Posted By: FUDGEY FOO on 20/10/2003
Formation of National Whakairo Trust
National Whakairo Trust

I am establishing a National Whakairo Trust to awhi our artists and our art form. Our newsletter has two objectives, introducing our work and to gain support in our unique fundraising venture. Please forward our e-newsletter onto any whanau, friends, work colleagues that may show any interest.

Who are we?
I represent a group of carvers, the majority are seniors having spent over 15 years perfecting their skill and have their toi iho™ accreditation with Creative NZ for authentic, quality work. Our mission is simple. To develop successful, profitable, sustainable livelihood from whakairo.

Services we aim to provide?
• e-marketing
• administration management
• compiling a database of whakairo artists
• organising national & world wide road shows, exhibitions
• offering advice in related business areas
• information brokering
• networking
• creating new services; specialised whakairo restoration, searching for “new” contract work, creating new customers & product lines; carved coffins for example
• negotiating discounts for professional services, supplies, carving & power tools, mould machines
• providing a retail & gallery venue for artists
• presenting short, plain English courses that compliment whakairo

We do have big vision plans but intend to perfect one thing at a time. See it come to fruition over the next few years. Our vision has a price but we do have a way to help fund ourselves & employ some of our artists.

Our product conjures many fearful emotions but death is part of our natural life cycle. Our time of sorrow is also when our identity can be celebrated. Please select one of our hand-carved coffins from Funeral Directors when required.

The coffins are MDF & stained. They have raised lids and measure 6’1 22x14, until demand allow other sizes. They should be in the affordable price range as we have kept our expenses minimal. These coffins are by the same artists that have carved major works and they have deep respect for what they now undertake. We do Pacific and Maori designs. Coffins from us will have our Taonga Matariki, Treasured Destiny logo & signed by the artist.

Funeral Directors are able to supply our coffins from their manufactures Windsor Industries (Pahiatua) or Western Caskets (Auckland). See samples at Pacific Rim Funeral Care (Porirua), Omega Funeral Home (Wainuiomata) and Cherie Knuckey owner of the Harley Davidson Hearse “Twilight Express” (Lower Hutt). Or, in the Waikato you are most welcome to 374 Kihikihi Road Te Awamutu.

Thank you
For allowing us to tell our story. We apologise if our request has offended, that was never our intention. I have only aroha & a need to see our whakairo artists succeed.

You will be able to keep up with the progress we make once our website www.authentic.maori.nz is completed in the next months. If you would like to know anything else please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tepora Christine Kupe
374 Kihikihi Road
New Zealand

Telephone 07 870 2901
Mobile 021 156 4541
Email destiny@xtra.co.nz

Posted By: Henare Mahuta Hughes/Christine Kupe on 20/10/2003
Sup yall, i am a 13yro Maori girl, I live in Christchurch New Zealand and so feel free to drop me a email cos i neva get mail:(
Posted By: ill fink of it soon on 20/10/2003
Bone Carving

Posted By: karen Vankoeverden on 21/10/2003
To help the fund raising efforts of Te mahurehure Marae in Pt Chevalier there will be a number of evening performances starting on:
Nov 14 7pm
Nov 15 2pm
Nov 15 7pm

by the Group "The Brown Brothers". Featuring songs by the Temptations, the O'Jays, Barry White and the Four Tops etc. Get in early tickets are selling fast....$65 for fri and Sat Night $30 for sat matinee. For tickets contact John / Christine Panapa 09 299 7659 or Ruseell Harrison 09 256 5900
Posted By: Russell Harrison on 27/10/2003
Te Ahurea 2003
The Regional Te Ahurea Tino Rangatiratanga Festival pictures are Are now available to veiw, however they are unable to be enlarged, www.southerncross.school.nz, Click on Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae, go to bottom of page, click on Te Ahurea Tino Rangatiratanga mo nga kura tuarua o Tamaki Makaurau 2003
Posted By: Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae on 29/10/2003
Finding hapu
I am trying to find my hapu link. My grandfather,
Percival alexander Bailey seems to have no hapu links what-so-ever. He was born in Dunedin in 1889. I have researched, and have found nothing. He moved to Nelson where he married Joyce Moffit. If you have any information about him could you please email me. kia ora. He also served in the war and gained a medal, None of this seems to have been documented and he died without a birth certificate or any record of who he was and where he came from. The only information we have, is the information he gave on his Marriage certificate! He died with only one child, my grandmother
Posted By: Traicy-lee Cranston on 01/11/2003
kia ora... imMa 7th form student and need imfo on whakairo
the origions etc but i couldnt find much stuff
help us out ayh
kia ora
Posted By: hIn3 on 02/11/2003
WARNING - Be very careful of a Chinese Investment Group/s and maori associates from the far north.
These people are involved in the unauthorised use of our information developed over many years.
Any joint maori / chinese group should be carefully checked , do your due diligence check the whanau , hapu , iwi and companies background. Ask for CVs and check them!!
They will offer benefits in housing , aquaculture and
other fields using the big carrot of chinese foreign direct investment.
We were involved with this group whom scammed us and we are now in the process of legal redress.
Ask them if the offer is so good then why havent they gone ahead in their own back yards that are screaming for development in housing , education ,health and employment.

Be careful , check these people out they have attempted their scams in the north , the east coast and are now known to be operating in Tainui.
Pass this message on to our people Tainui to avoid future problems. Contact us direct for further

Posted By: TAWHAI WEREKAKE on 03/11/2003
hi, can anyone please help me, i am doing an assignement on the Maori culture and one of the questions asks what the New Zealand government is doing to prevent the culture from disapearing.....please write to me asap

Posted By: Lauren on 10/11/2003
can somebody please help me find hamiora hone tua or his descendants as he married my grandmother in 1933 in new zealand but i am unable to trace her after that as i believe she went to usa ty
Posted By: gloryer on 11/11/2003

Hello! I´m searching for a pen pal from New Zealand to experience the land passively before moving there in about one year. I´d also like to learn something about the Maori and the language. Write me, please! Your Indy
Posted By: Indy on 11/11/2003
a pen pal wanted
Hello! I´m searching for a pen pal from New Zealand to experience the land passively before moving there in about one year. I´d also like to learn something about the Maori and the language. Write me, please! Your Indy

Posted By: Indy on 11/11/2003
any one know any maori myths

Posted By: Pena on 12/11/2003
Searching for whanau
Kia Ora I am of Te Atihaunui-a-Paparangi, Te Ngarauru and Te Atiawa decent. I am currently looking for my long lost Uncle who was believed to be living somewhere in Western Australia when he was younger. He is the eldest child of my Grandfather Jacob Waitokia. His name is Jaye Williams, his mother is Ray Williams who was Australian and he would be about 40 years now according to my grandfather. He was born here in New Zealand i think in Wellington. If anyone has any information or may know of someone who may link within this information. Please feel free to contact me on the e-mail address above. Your help would be much appreciated.
Naku noa Chrys

PS: also if anyone just wants to talk a young wahine whose proud to be from Aotearoa then just drop a hollah! @^_^@
Posted By: Chrys on 13/11/2003
Looking for pen-pal
Hi there,

my name in Flora and I'm 26. I'm italian but currently I'm living in France.

I'm really interested in meeting people from Nz because I love the country and culture, so I'm wondering wether you might be interested in becoming a email-pal of mine! (^___^)
Posted By: Flora on 15/11/2003
Aotearoa Maori Performing Arts Society
Can anyone fill me in as to what is happening with regards to ATMPAAS, confirmation of the National dates. Their web site is unavailable.
Posted By: Mete Hare on 15/11/2003
"te Sale" clothing designed by the natives,bro!
huge clothing sale by desgners with a 'Maori flavour.
labels include HORIWEAR, IROAM, AHI, M.O.K.O
some of these designers are hard to find so get in there!
get ya'self something special, you deserve it!
dj WIL.K selecting the finest tunes for your listening pleasure,
so come down and check it out....

Fri 5th dec, 6pm-10pm,waipapa marae, wynyard st, auck city.
(dont be greedy, share this panui around to all your mates)
Posted By: Rob Tipene on 23/11/2003

Posted By: Andy on 24/11/2003
German Lady looking for maori penpals
Kia Ora
I am a younger looking, 30 year old Lady from germany.I have a strong emotional connection to the polynesian culture exspecialy to aotearoa.i am looking for a very deep friendchip and maybe mor with a maori male.I am single.
I am a sculpting artist.
Posted By: Heanahera on 24/11/2003
Wonderful site, thank-you for providing it. However The question I have may come across as disrepectful but none the less a responce is needed and would be appreciated.

Does someone still recieve respect just because they are older no matter what kind of person they are?
Posted By: O'wyn on 24/11/2003
Kei hea my mum?
Kia ora tatou.

I'm am trying to find a woman called Helen Rosmary Andrews, born 11/12/39 under the name Abrahams in Te Hapua.

She was matua whangai down to the Andrews whanau in Murapara in Rotorua sometime after she was born but do not have the knowledge of who to talk to down there.

Her papakainga was in Oregon Drive in Murapara.

She is my birth mother and because of the lack of records of her where abouts it has become harder for me to find anything of her.

I have been to Te Hapua but the old people there would only be ten years older than her but no-one recalls the name Helen, especially back in those days.

If anyone can help me it would be appreciated.

She would be 63 now and I am 36.

Kia ora tatou katoa.

My e-mail is cusp67@hotmail.com

Posted By: Steve Alexander on 26/11/2003
kimi tupuna a KAIPIHA
Posted By: mataroa frew on 27/11/2003
maori women funeral directors
any funeral directors who are willing to give me a change and train me as a funeral director and in all aspects of the funeral business please because I want that change and willing to work all hours and do any jobs... as I believe that this is my dream job.
Posted By: anna kauri on 02/12/2003
The meaning of my name?
I was named after a Maori girl my parents taught in primary school. I have never been able to find out what the name "Hirani" means, or if it is indeed a Maori name. Some people think it might be a Maori version of Helen. I would really appreciate any help, as it is quite important for me to have some understanding about its origin and meaning.
Posted By: Hirani on 03/12/2003
Hi! my name is Birgit.I'm a student at the University of Osnabrueck/Germany. I would like to present the famous writer Patricia Grace in Class. Therefor I need biographical data but I'm most interested in more than just the facts to have a interesting presentation. can anybody help me with anecdotes or nice photographs? thanks a lot in Advance!!!! KIA ORA Birgit
Posted By: Birgit Fessel on 04/12/2003
looking for any connection of wi pere edwards or his family, lived in wairoa area in 1976,it very important i find a family member, especially a wikitoria elaine edwards

Posted By: trina on 05/12/2003
I am wanting to buy a greenstone for a gift, need help for blessing this
Is there anyone out there that can help me with a simple blessing for a greenstone
Posted By: Margaret on 05/12/2003
Kia ora.Thank you very much for the information,our whanau are so grateful and very relieved.Once again thanks.regards wikitoria
Posted By: WEREKAKE on 06/12/2003
What does the moari name "Ranui " mean It was the name of my great,great grandfather homestead near Ashburton. He was one of the first settlers

Posted By: Alison Hynam on 09/12/2003
Looking for Lost Maori Friend
I am trying to get in touch with a good friend from many years ago. His name: Albert Whaanga and I think he was
from Gisborne, North Island.

He lived in Los Angeles for a long time and also lived with my family in Hawthorne, California.

He is a school teacher. He graduated from Brigham Young

He had a cousin, Eleanor Hirai (I think that is correct) who had a TEA ROOM in West Los Angeles.

Would anyone out there in Maori Land know of Albert and where one could get in touch with him.

He also was with a Group of Maori's back in the 60's when they arrived in Honolulu Hawaii to help open the Polynesian Culture Center.

He also performed with a Group and made a recording called:

TE AEOROA NUI MAORI - which was narrated a movie star which I cannot remember her name at the moment.

Thanks for your help.

Posted By: Claude King on 21/12/2003
native Maori culture and lifestyle,dance and moko
Would enjoy correspondence and/or e-mail with local parties that are genuine spirits ... a hui hou...
Posted By: gwen kawena on 25/12/2003
Looking for Female share with Business Invest.
I am 30 years Business smart Man looking for a Female to longtram relation ship. The female who think to develop in Business & Share then email me with full Confidence. 100% Garantee.
Posted By: H ishtiak (e Mail me ursletters@yahoo.com on 27/12/2003
Searching Female from London
I am from London would like to business trip i am searching smart looking girls or female.

Please confirm with your eMail as soon as possible ursletters@yahoo.com

Handsam Salary will be offer every working day.
Posted By: H ishtiak (e Mail me ursletters@yahoo.com) on 27/12/2003
Wanting to know about past
I'm living in australia. I'm 18, and all my life i was told that my fmaily background was new zealand. From that moment my one wish was to truly know about what tradition are keeped and what tribal areas would interest me. I'm currently looking for anyone with information about the Whakapapa tribe. The land that i have been told about is to be beautiful and i would love to learn from someone who is a part of that and could be my relative. Please
Posted By: Helena on 30/12/2003
Maori early childhood education
I'm a student of early childhood education and thinking of visiting NZ. Would like to email educators of Maori children. Thank you. Bill
Posted By: Bill on 02/01/2004
The Late: DENISE MUTU ARANGA GREY Returns Home To Aotearoa
Tena Koe Te Whanau

This is to inform the Family, Friends and Whanau of the Late: DENISE MUTU ARANGA GREY gathered at the Waikeri Marae in Tangirau, that her body will depart Sydney for Auckland aboard Thai Airways International Flight TG 991 on Wednesday 7 January 2004 at 07:55am accompanied by her children and whanau.

Following a brief stop at South Auckland Funeral Services the Late: DENISE MUTU ARANGA GREY will be transferred to the Waikeri Marae in Tangirau where she will lay-in-state until her internment in the Urupa at Taupiri

On behalf of all of our Whanau at Mitacare Funeral Services in Sydney we extend and express our Aroha to all of the Whanau gathered at the Waikeri Marae to tangi her farewell.

May the Lord bless and comfort you all at this sad time.

It has been an honour and priviledge to serve your Whanau.

Aroha nui
Ka kite ano
Bruce Mita
Posted By: Bruce Mita (Mitacare Funeral Services, Sydney) on 05/01/2004
we were there at the start and we'll be there at the end
Posted By: hoani shaun lover on 07/01/2004

Posted By: hoani shaun lover on 07/01/2004
looking for photos of Te Whetu O Te Ranging marae...
Kia Ora,
Im looking for photos of Te Whetu O Te Rangi Marae.. i have one but i was only a baby... and Kia Ora to all my whanau up in Tauranga... Ill be ther to visit soon.. my dad is Kiiha (Kieth Hubbard/Hapeta) im his youngest daughter so if any whanau knows him email me.. i wanna try and get in tounch with all my whanau.. ps im 16 f chch
cheers Yall
Posted By: Makere Hapeta on 07/01/2004
Te Runanga O Ngati Kahu
I'm trying to Find the book writen by Margaret Motu? Te Runanga O Ngati Kahu.I'm trying to find my kaupapa on my mums side have little info.Her dads name Aperahama Hori I thought he was buried at Waikere but find he's buried at Manukau.My grandma's name is Kare(nee Petara?)Popata.Shes buried at Ahaipara they had one child my mum Maata(nee Hori)Poharama she's buried at taipa.Any info much appreciated.
Posted By: Willie Poharama on 10/01/2004
e-pale from New-Zealand

Posted By: Insos-Mathilda. on 11/01/2004
e-pale from New-Zealand
Kia ore tatou,
I'm a 13 year old girl and live in Delft a place in Holland.My parent's were born in Papua New-Guinea.
I'm not an MAORI but i think the culture is very teachfull and nice. I'm looking for a e-pale in New-Zealand an maori boy/girl between 13 and 16 years old.
If you want to be my e-pale and could give me information send me an e-mail please byebye : Insos-Mathilda

Posted By: Insos-Mathilda. on 11/01/2004
Searching for Maori events
Kia ora koutou im looking for anyone who can tell me whats happening within Tamaki Makaurau this year. Im looking for any Maori events like the Kapahaka Regionals, Art Festivals, Live performances, any events that involve Maori people and their arts. It would be most useful for our tauira to know that their are alot of opportunities to be involved in or even to support.
Posted By: Janene Tauteka on 13/01/2004
The Late: HAILEY MAREE TE TAI Returns Home To Aotearoa
Tena Koe Te Whanau

This is to inform the Family, Friends and Whanau of the Late: HAILEY MAREE TE TAI gathered at the Matawaia Marae in Matawaia, that her body will depart Sydney for Auckland aboard Emirate Airlines Flight EK411 on Thursday 15 Janaury 2004 at 08:40am arriving in Auckland at 1:40pm (local time), accompanied by her parents and whanau.

Following a brief stop at Liga Liga Funeral Services the Late: HAILEY MAREE TE TAI will be transferred to the Matawaia Marae where she will lay-in-state until her internment in the Rangimarie Urupa, Matawaia.

On behalf of all of our Whanau at Mitacare Funeral Services in Sydney we extend and express our Aroha to all of the Whanau gathered at the Matawaia Marae to tangi her farewell.

May the Lord bless and comfort you all at this sad time.

It has been an honour and priviledge to serve your Whanau.

Aroha nui
Ka kite ano

Bruce Mita
Mitacare Funeral Services, Sydney
Posted By: Bruce Mita (Mitacare Funeral Services, Sydney) on 13/01/2004
Re Tata Family & post from Ramira
Tried to reply to your email about the Tata family but it bounced. Please contact me as I have information about Lucy/Lulu TeUropewa Davis who married Len TePaerata Tata. Stephen is my ex brother in law 🙂 and have be doing his son, Dean (my newhew)'s family tree

Posted By: Gayle Wedderburn on 15/01/2004
Re Tata Family & post from Ramari
Tried to reply to your email about the Tata family but it bounced. Please contact me as I have information about Lucy/Lulu TeUropewa Davis who married Len TePaerata Tata. Stephen is my ex brother in law 🙂 and have be doing his son, Dean (my newhew)'s family tree

Posted By: Gayle Wedderburn on 15/01/2004
Ngati Tutemohuta Hapu will be hold a hui
Wednesday 28th January 2004, 6.00pm, Pakira Marae, Waitahanui.

The topic of discussions is to make strategic steps towards reclaiming our Tino Rangatiratanga independant from Ngati Tuwharetoa Iwi. We will be putting structures into place to ensure proper management strucutres for our people.

Nau Mai haere mai nga whanau o Ngati Tutemohuta.
Posted By: Ngatoru Wall on 16/01/2004
seeking anyone from Ngati Tukorehe who came to Hawaii Sept. '02
i just wanted to reach out to anyone from the group from Tukorehe who came to Hawaii because i've been meaning to keep in touch. I had such a good time with you all and I just wanted to see if we could arrange a visit to see all of you and bring some of my students and friends who are curious about the Maori culture and their way of life, please contact me if you know any info on the people that came down or if you are one of those people that did come down, write me at my e-mail address.
Posted By: Lehua on 16/01/2004
Seeking anyone who came down to Hawaii from Tukorehe in Sept. '02
Please e-mail me if you were part of the group that came down to Hawaii in Sept. '02 i would gladly like to chat with you and see if we can arrange a visit to see you guys. If you know any info on the group that came down please contact me also. Much Alohas...lehua
Posted By: Lehua on 16/01/2004
Trying to Find Ramari Tata
I found a post from Ramari Tata/Helmbright regarding her Grandmother Lucy Tata nee Davis. I need to contact her as I have information regarding this family. The email address that I replied to bounced. I have also info about her half brother Dean Tata who is also in Australia. If anyone knows her or her email address please contact me. I am Dean Tata's auntie and have quite a lot of information that she would appreciate,
Posted By: Gayle Wedderburn on 17/01/2004
I am a single male,i need famele penpal for long lasting relationship,i am from west Africa Nigeria.
Posted By: Oghenemano on 17/01/2004
He Ara Korero
Nau mai haere mai. He rataka tenei i roto i te reo Maori. I whakaaro au, me tuhi au ki tenei wahi hei whakapakari ai taku reo, engari he ahua mokemoke. Mena he wa watea tau haere mai ki te panui, ki te whakahoki korero hoki. Mau ano pea e timata tetahi atu rataka i te waahi ipurangi ra mehemea e hiahiatia ana koe.
Posted By: Tauatahi on 20/01/2004
Any Maori in BC Canada
Kia ora
Is there any maori here in British Columbia, Canada.
Especially any maori working on reserve with First Nations would love to hear from you and exchange notes on Cultural diversities.
Posted By: Isa King-Ewe on 20/01/2004
looking for a penpal who is maori
My name is shelly and I am 28 years old and I am looking for a penpal who is Maori. I am interested in visiting New Zealand
Posted By: shelly on 22/01/2004
could you please tell me if Pilopais a Maori name as it came to me when meditating.I'm Scottish and dont know much about the Maoris apart from the trditional dance at the rugby.Thank you
Posted By: susan wilson on 22/01/2004
Can someone please tell me what "ka ki te ehine" means please? Thank you kindly, Mo
Posted By: Mo on 22/01/2004
NSW/Sydney Kapa Haka Festival
Anyone got any info/dates/times etc about the Sydney Kapa Haka Festival - April 2004
Posted By: PJ Coombs on 26/01/2004
what is the maori name for New Zealand
hi bye
Posted By: miz g on 28/01/2004

I am looking for any information for document immigration
Posted By: Todor on 28/01/2004
Hi I am after any info in regards to the Napui North Island people, i am seeking any knid of info to help me through my assignment.
Posted By: Jen on 29/01/2004
Maori Pen Pal Wanted!
I am Emma, a 26 year old girl from the UK. I recently got interested in Maori culture and New Zealand, so I would really love a pen pal to write to. My interests are: travel, writing to pen pals, music, movies, reading, crafts, dancing, learning about other cultures, Japanese Anime, learning Japanese and Italian, meeting up with friends, rollerblading etc.. Hope to hear from you soon!

Love Emma
Posted By: Emma on 31/01/2004
ka whawhai tonu matou ake,ake,ake out holland respect maori i'm self maori too love mah pepole!! ouTzz
Posted By: moniQue on 31/01/2004
Waihirere lyrics
Hi I'm a teacher here in Brazil and I´m very interested to get the lyrics of songs from the group Waihirere.
Can you help me???
Posted By: Antonio on 03/02/2004
Lakota girl looking for a Maori friend
Hello Natives! I am like the 20 people who have previously emailed very interested in your culture, i come from a proud and strong people as well! I think your culture and people are very beautiful. Please if anyone would like to email, I am very interested in learning more. I know this sounds silly, but just thought I would try!! Hope to hear from you soon!!
Posted By: Holly on 05/02/2004
Marata Ihaia- Please mail again!!!
Hi Marata!

You mailed me yesterday and I replied to your message, but each time my mail was returned saying 'E-mail address unknown'. If you want to be pen pals, please write to me again. I would love to hear from you!

Love Emma
Posted By: Emma on 07/02/2004
The Salvation Army Employment Programmes
Kia Ora people, i am just writing to say that The Salvation Army are in desperate need of students. The course range in a variety of things. We have a computer course, Security course, H.T course(teuck driving), Te Ara Tinana, etc...etc...etc...etc
So yeah if you want to do any of these courses please dont be shy call The Salvation Army Employment Programmes on (09) 4384470 or 0800 4 eplus
We are down in Porowini Avenue Morningside.
So dont be shy if you havn't got anything in mind then give us a call and we'll see what we can do for you.

Thank you
na reira tena koutou tena koutou tena ra tatou katoa

Posted By: Jaime Fletcher on 10/02/2004
paua shell colour meaning or representation
I am looking for anything to do with what each colour in the paua shell represents. If you know please contact me. Thank-you
Posted By: Megan on 11/02/2004
kohunga reo in australia
Kia ora
Well I intereested in starting a kohunga reo in sydney Australia.Unfortunately I do not know what sort of qualification i need to begin this dream of mine, wheather or not the qulifications i need have to been done in aotearoa or in Australia under Australian guidelines.
I am currently studying Child care in correspondence and hopefully i will do my Bachelor of Arts in Maori studies in 2005 due to my current work load this year. If anyone has ideas or information that is useful to this topic please email me at: e_aperahama@yahooo.com.au. It will be very much appreciated.
Posted By: Erana Aperahama on 11/02/2004
To whom it may concern:I,am writting this e-mail to congradulate Keisha Caslte Hughes on her oscar nomination.I,am a member of the five nation mohawk confedracy located on the shores of montreal Canada, our reservation is called Kahnawake.and it thrills all us native people to know a native sister will be up against some big names in Hollywood..I know i speak for all our nations and peoples on wishing her good luck and fortune..I would like to send your nation 2 gifts(nation flags) they represent our peoples, and our five nations..one is for youse to display at your discreation the other is for Keisha,,can you please make sure she gets it! .So please forward a mailing address or direct me to the proper representatives who will accept these gifts...In peace and friendship Thomas r Diabo (bbrite leaf)
Posted By: Thomas R Diabo on 12/02/2004
Maori Blankets
Kia Ora Im looking to purchase Mink Maori design blankets if any one knows where I can get these I would love to hear from you.
Posted By: Pani Pokai on 17/02/2004
Kia Ora Wahine,
Im part of the Sisters In Health Project, promoting maori womens health.Regarding to information on The National Cervical Screening Programme.If there is any maori wahine out there wanting any information regarding Cervical Smear Test or Cervical Cancer.Please send me a email,ill be glad to send you some information regarding answers to any questions.
Naku noa na
Ngawaiata Harris.
Posted By: Ngawaiata Harris on 17/02/2004
Locating whanau

Posted By: Wikitoria Williams on 18/02/2004
Serching for whanau in Brisbane
Ki ora
My name is Jody Williams
I live in Redcliffe Brisbane
I am anxiously waiting for the 20th of Febuary as i will submit a proposal to my local council to conduct a service for the tamariki of the south east as this will be my first time i would appreciate any words of wisdom from any current Maori organisation.

Jody Williams
02 32831172

Posted By: Wikitoria Williams on 18/02/2004
I would like information on how to prepare kie kie and ti (cabbage tree) for weaving. I also want to know how to harvest these plants in such a way as to observe environmental and cultural values. If you can assist I would be very grateful.
Posted By: Diana on 21/02/2004
looking for Tin Tipene
Kia ora Tin your sister here, i need your website can you contact me. Send message & i will get back to you.

Sylvia & Fred

Posted By: Sylvia Clark on 21/02/2004
When is the next Aotearoa Traditional Maori Performing Arts Festival? Theres nothing on the net... conspiracy??? aka, Don Brash hmmm???
Posted By: Manu on 22/02/2004
one day workshop
Workshop on Mana Wahine / Mana Tane / followed by a Debate
Being straight being gay from a maori context Christchurch 28th Feb 2004 contact for further details for Kai Mahi on this Saturday. 10am - 300pm contact for further details
Posted By: Tania on 24/02/2004
looking for picture of the tainui flag
could someone please tell me where i could get my hands on a picture of the tainui flag?
Posted By: te rerenga on 25/02/2004
Learn Te Reo Maori for Begginers

Posted By: Ngaio on 25/02/2004
Learn Maori

Posted By: Ngaio on 25/02/2004
Learn Te Reo Maori in the comfort of your home

Posted By: Ngaio Rawiri on 25/02/2004
For those who want to learn Te Reo Maori
Been looking for a Te Reo Maori Language course in the Wellington region and have heard alot about the Ataarangi method. This is what I have come across!!!!

Learn to speck Maori the "Te Ataarangi way'!

Introduction to Maori Language Immersion:
For 'beginners'with little or no experince of Maori Language.

Kura Takiwa is a beginners programme for students who pefer the flexibility of evening classes, but would still like an intense level of learning.

In addition to the evening classes and tutorials, you will use DVD resources, a structured workbook and have two noho marae (live-ins).

The focus on the course is on developing your oral and fluency in te reo Maori but will also include tikanga, waiata, karakia.

Learn in a comfortable and fun enviroment using 'cuisenaire'rods(rakau. Learn at your own pace.

For more information on Te Ataarangi courses, call toll free 0800 ATAARANGI (0800 282 2720)

Posted By: Ngaio Rawiri on 25/02/2004
white male seeks maori woman friends
hi how are you?
im a south island man and wanting to no some maori woman in nz to talk to for friendships or more
plz write .
Posted By: mark on 25/02/2004
searching for whanau

Posted By: aroha on 26/02/2004
30 Years male looking smart women
I am MBA 30 years smart good looking male looking for a female for good friendship.

Posted By: H ishtiak on 28/02/2004
Rewena Bread Bug and Recipe
Hello there! If anyone has the instructions for making the Rewena bread bug, and then the actual bread itself, could you send it to me please! Thanks and regards
Posted By: Danielle on 02/03/2004
i weant friend
hi iam ali from iraq xes male i want friend female from all the world thank you
Posted By: ali jassim on 05/03/2004
Hi there,

Can someone give me more information of the name Mahaki and the source of this word? I'am from the Netherlands and intrested in the Maori culture.

Bob (Ropata)
Posted By: Bob Mohlmann on 07/03/2004
Aloha.. I just wanted to know if anyone wanted to talk story with me. I want to learn more about your culture and just chit chat see how things are there and if they are kinda the same as over here in Hawaii.So just email me if you want to talk.. Much mahalos...
Posted By: Ku'upuapoina'ole on 09/03/2004
pls keep off from this site
Posted By: mugu on 10/03/2004
Maori dance in my home city: Salvador, in Brazil
It´s a pity I am not there to see it, but I am happy my people is having chance to know a little bit of your culture. According to my pals of iBahia, 15 Waihirere dancers are meking a show this Sunday in the most 'open-to-the-people' square of Bahoa State: the worldwide known Pelourinho.

Nice to know. Maybe I will get some pictures and send you later.
Posted By: Marko Ajdaric on 13/03/2004
looking for whanau
Hello there, I am looking for information on my grandparent's. There names were Hone Whatarau and his wifes name was Ihipera Wahu, or Williams or Puelu from Tuparoa on the East Coast. They lived in Tokomaru Bay and moved to Hastings after my mother was born. I think my grandfather's parents were Ben Raoul and Ngahina Tukopoto. There is a bit of a mystery there otherwise according to some information his parents are also Kahuti and Whatarau and some of his family are Pairama, Manira, Matire, Hemiona, Riwhia, Te Paea, Hiraina and then Hone. Can anybody enlighten me on my grandparents please. Also my greatmother was Mereaira Paratete Te Kerehi who was married to Harry Puelu a.k.a. Williams, Wahu. She was also married to Everard Hannam Henderson and she was from Waipiro Bay. Any info on her would be greatly appreciated. My email is leonie_tehau@hotmail.com thank you.

Posted By: Leonie Te Hau on 15/03/2004
Reporter for Sydney maori Radio
Kia ora Te whanau My name is Thomas Henry Reporter For Sydney maori Radio 2ssr 99.7 fm I report Back to Sydney every sundays from Auckland Letting the Iwi Know whats Happening here in Aotearoa News - Sports - and Panui if you wouild like to say kia ora to your Whanau in Sydney Australia to contact Me On Auckland 09-2700593 Or email Me
Your Panui to goodaytom@xtra.co.nz Listin in on Sunday afternoons from 4.00 pm to Ngawai and ann ann on Maori Radio Sydney 2ssr - 99.7 fm
Arohanui Thomas Reporter:Sydney Maori

Posted By: Thomas Edward Henry on 16/03/2004
My Roots
I am trying to find any links to any whanau of Hine and Hank Jakeman. I sort of know that my papa was a Flavell and my dad Phillip Richard Jakeman was born in Waiuku but i would value any other information leading to my roots on my dad's side.
Posted By: Salena Jakeman on 17/03/2004
Posted By: EDITH TUKI.....PHODI on 17/03/2004
Pen pals
Kia Ora!!
I`m from Brazil looking for friends to learn about maori culture and te reo !!!!
Hope hear from someone soon!!!!
Bye Deb
Posted By: Debora on 17/03/2004
Ka Hao Te Rangatahi
Te Aratai Productions is in the process of preparing for a third series of 'Ka Hao Te Rangatahi' and we are again searching the length and breadth of Aotearoa (and possibly Sidney, Australia) for rangatahi Maori (12-30 years old) who are making an outstanding contribution within their chosen field of work or interest. Please check out full details at www.tearatai.blogspot.com
Posted By: Te Aratai Productions on 19/03/2004
Move to NZ
I am looking to move to New Zealand from the US. Need help. I am 19/f.
Posted By: Kristen on 19/03/2004
Can someone pleasee tell me when the Tamaki Makarau Kapa Haka Regionals is going to be please?
Posted By: TUATI RANGI on 22/03/2004
whats going on when moari meet?
Kia ora,
Are you family or foe?
Shall we duel with words or weapons?
Shall we eat together or will there be slaughter?

These Questions had 2 b answered before cousins could press noses....
Fail and pay with lives.
kia ora missie.Tee
Posted By: missie.tee on 25/03/2004
Salvation Army Employment Programmes
i am i am i am i am i am i am i am
Posted By: Moari Side Gurlz on 25/03/2004
Because I have live out of Aotearoa, I am relearning Te Reo. I find that at many functions I attend, I am expected to say the Karakia and of course I am not able to this in Maori. Can you please tell me where I can find a suitable Karakia to bless the food and the people at the gathering.
Kia Ora, Simon Tirikatene
Posted By: Simon Tirikatene on 27/03/2004
A couple of photographs were purchased in England and have been brought home. The first one is of Harata Tuhaere, widow of Paul Tuhaere, Ngati Whatua. This is written on the back of the photograph. The second photo is of Whiripine Ninia, of Te atiawa, Taranaki. Any whanau out there interested?
Posted By: Margaret Burton on 28/03/2004
Looking for vegan penpal
Looking for vegan penpal/roommate female in France
speak some or learn French

Posted By: V on 28/03/2004

Posted By: traicy cranston on 30/03/2004
Maori Design Tshirts/Mink Blankets/Putatara
Kia ora koutou. Ko Cheryl Paku-Moss ahau. No Heretaunga ahau engari kei Patututahi inainei. I have a small home based business and I sell Maori Designed Mink Blankets Queen size $65.00 and King size $85.00. T Shirts $12.00. If you want to make any more enquiries please email me at cherylmoss@quicksilver.net.nz and I will gladly reply. Ka kite ano Cheryl
Posted By: Cheryl Paku-Moss on 30/03/2004
Christopher Harris grandfather died approximately 1941-3, looking for info about his accidental death at war and his geneology?
Posted By: AKAATA HAURUA on 30/03/2004
asking about the relationship between maori in yemen and nz
i want to contact someone in nz to disscus the relation between maori in yemen and maori in nz ...i am waiting for respons to this e mail kaleewee 11@yahoo.com
Posted By: khaled maori on 02/04/2004
Hi 49yr Maori Female looking for Pen-pal care to join me just E-Mail me or add me to your MSN Messenger ok i will be waiting to hear from anyone take care kia kitexx
Posted By: Te Arohameina matthews on 03/04/2004
Ta Moko in Australia
He mihi nunui ki a koutou nga Whanau maori e noho ana ki Ahitereiria.

I am a Ngati Kahungunu Ta Moko Artist who will be travelling to Australia April 2004. I will be working in Sydney for April and then following the work where available. I follow strict hygiene regulations with my designs being original and kaupapa based (either personal/tribal). This is all discussed in the consultation. My work has been described as fine and fluid and I have photo albums of my works available to peruse at your disposal.

Anyway, if you have been thinking about getting a Ta Moko please don't hesitate to email me and we can korero.

Na reira whanau

Ko PJ Coombs toku ingoa
No Ngati Kahungunu ahau
041 5037145
Posted By: PJ Coombs on 06/04/2004
maori in bondi or sydney
kia ora koutou, I am looking for anyone who has started or is thinking of starting a kapa haka group in the bondi or eastern suburbs area. I am of Tuhoe me te Ngati Tuwharetoa descent and want to connect with my Mauri as soon as I arrive in sydney.
Posted By: angelique asher on 07/04/2004
looking for friends
iam a kenyan male citizen aged 30 years of age i would like to corespond with both male and female
levi lijodi
p.o.box 19657
Posted By: levi lijodi on 07/04/2004
Kia Ora
My name is Gemma Potangaroa, I am a Year 13 student at Edgewater College and just started there this year. I came from Hato Hohepa in Napier. The reason for my message is that I am looking for sponsers to help the Edgewater College Kapa Haka roopu get uniforms. We have decided that our uniforms should be nice & simple as we are still waiting for uniforms for what I have been informed as the new TUTOR of this roopu that our uniforms still have not come. So as the new TUTOR of this roopu I want everything to change just to get this roopu what they have been waiting for. So if you can help please ring me on 0211856242 your help will be much appreciated.
Arohanui to all the whanau out there
Naku Noa
Gemma Potangaroa
Posted By: Gemma Potangaroa on 09/04/2004
Desperate to locate a Desmond Paul Matangi? If himself or anyone knows of his where abouts, PLEASE email me. Looking forward to hearing from anyone!
Posted By: Julie Hance on 10/04/2004
Kiaora, wow its nice to have a tutu on the puter and come across this Maori website, choice man. Im a Maori livin in Australia now for about 19 years goin on 20 and i am in desperate need to learn my Reo, would perfer to find a tutor willing to take me on 1 on 1.My Father is Ngapuhi, and my Mother is Te Arawa, any help is greatly appreciated. KIAORA
Posted By: William Pitman on 14/04/2004
Hi I am looking for a lady penpal in New Zealand, I would love to visit your lovely country one day. I have done extensive research in family history and have a maori link through our Harpur line.
I also love to do craft, yes I am a very "crafty" lady.
I am in the 50's range. People with similar interests please contact me.
Posted By: Jennie on 14/04/2004
Maori Business Network
We are reestablishing the Maori Business Network. If you wish to join please contact me.
Posted By: Lorraine Fairest on 14/04/2004
looking for Isaac Metekingi
I am hoping to get in contact with Isaac Metekingi. He is a very good friend of the members of the Howard Morrison Quartet.
Posted By: Paul Whitmore on 16/04/2004
Help! I was born july 1 1986 in new zealand! I have no idea about my parents they are dead. family name is ngatai! mothers maiden name was hapukina. does anyone know anything at ALL!!!
Posted By: Pania Kura Ngatai on 17/04/2004
looking for my fathers whanau
my fathers name is ben richard kora, from waimana, whakatane, would love to meet his family, please email me if u knew my father or if u know the kora whanau from waimana
Posted By: cherryl (shirley kora on 18/04/2004
Any vegans here?
Looking for vegan penpal
Posted By: vegan people on 18/04/2004
Upgrading on Marae Directory.
Marae Directory: Our Marae, Requires Upgrading on this Site. Can some body tell me how to do the Changes.
Na Kia Ora Koutou Katoa.
Na, Te Ringa Witehira.

Posted By: Ringa on 21/04/2004
Baby boy names
Tena Koe i live in NZ and my baby sister ias having a baby boy need help with names as he is going to be adopted out and we are allowed to name him we have about 2months before he arrives..
Posted By: Donna Vaughn-Burne on 21/04/2004
Heirlooms/& Matua whangai
I am just enquiring about a family heirloom of which is 500 years old.
Is it right that a matua whangai of the family takes the heirloom or are the succesors suppose to be the blood family .Do namesakes have a right to taonga belonging to their kuias of which they are named after.
I heard sickness may play a role in thief of family heirlooms is this true????Are family heirlooms such as heitiki blessed only to the family?
If i have a aunt whom is matua whangai and has never met my great grandmother of whom i am named after and is the owner of the heirloom which had been put in the care of my father before he got sick intending on being passed to me by him but got in the clutches of my aunt whom is matua whangai.She now sick and has never been able to have children.
If it belongs to me what should be done???

Posted By: curious>>> on 25/04/2004
Locating HINAU FAMILY and information on HINAU ISLAND

Posted By: Sharon Moraes on 25/04/2004
Hauraki Whakapapa
Tena Koe. My name is Anton Oka and I'm trying to find information in regards to my anscestral background. I need to know Who my great great great great great Grandfather (as far as the late 1800's)Of Ngati Paeahi Ngati Hako, Hauraki, I think his name was Te Mohi Waretau. My grandfather name is John Oka which he married Paremoetu Wirihana. His father was Waata Te Oka Reti
I'm sorry if this is not enough inofrmation but I hope this will help. Thank you
PS: Can you find out the first chief of Ngati Paeahi from 1850 onwards.
Posted By: Anton Oka (Te Oka Reti) on 25/04/2004
nz idol

Posted By: unknown on 26/04/2004
nz idol
poor old luke at least he represented the maoris well aggs reps rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: ake on 26/04/2004
Please can u help I need a blessing for a Pounamu
Kia ora, I am hoping that someone can PLEASE help me I am looking for a blessing for a Pounamu (greenstone) I have brought for a friend. Would love your help. Thanks
Posted By: Helen on 28/04/2004
Information on "Takoti"?
I am trying to find information on a Maori leader in the late 1800's by the name of Takoti, (I am not sure of the spelling). I understand he was educated in Egnland and upon return to New Zealand he made war against the English for the fredome of his people.

Thanks Dave Kenney
Posted By: David Kenney on 01/05/2004
nz idol
well nz idol is on again tonite well im supporting camilia .she rules well bye bye.......

Posted By: ake on 01/05/2004
Kei te tu tonu etahi wananga tikanga, wananga korero hoki i runga i te Marae o Kutarere. Kei te tautoko e matou etahi hunga o konei kia whai ratou i te Matauranga Maori. Nau mai haere mai koutou kei te watea te Marae mo nga tangata e hiahia ana ki te moe i konei. Mehemea he patai he aha ranei tukuna mai to panui.
Posted By: Tania Taitapanui on 03/05/2004
Haereiti Whanau Hui
He powhiri tenei ki nga uri o Haami Haereiti me Rangiwhakarewa Paraone.
He hui mo nga whanau ki Te Korapatu Marae, Hangatiki East Road, Te Kuiti
Te Wa ka timata i te Tekau karaka i te ata
Nau mai Piki mai

Posted By: Wikitoria Te Rito nee Manaia on 03/05/2004
'Bubsy' and Sarah Popata (nee METE)
"Karanga mai ki nga mokopuna a Rangi raua ko Hera POPATA,nau mai haere mai ki te hui mo ta matou whanau whanui"
This is a call out to all the cuzzies and whanau belonging to Nan and Papa. We are organising a reunion and would appreciate the tautoko of our whanau. Discussions will be taking place at Mum's (Aunty Louie) 08 May 2004. If you have any input it would be greatly appreciated and we need the commitment of all our whanau to make this hui a success. We are looking at holding it in 2006 Feb.
For contact ring me, (09)2687153
Nau mai Haere mai
Posted By: Sarah-ann on 03/05/2004
Multi Kai Cookers
Have a look at our web site www.multikaicooker.co.nz
Our range of cookers are great for cooking hangi and catering for a large amount of people.
Posted By: Doug Andrews on 05/05/2004
Kia Ora Koutou Katoa
I am just trying to find as much information about my grandmothers whakapapa, her name is Mana Sadlier nee Munro Walker, I was told that her Dad's name was Vernon but don't know her mother's name. If any whanau or any friends of this family could they please contact me as it is really important to me that I find this information as she gets a bit hoha talking about it.
Ko Waiapu te awa
Ko Horouta te waka
Ko Hikurangi te maunga
Ko Ngati Porou me nga Ngati Kahungunu oku iwi

Laurie Sadlier

Posted By: Laurie on 05/05/2004
Blessing a Pounamu.....reply
To da person who wants to bless her pounamu....I always bless the pounamu by putting it in my ancestral river....and cleanse the vibrations there, in the stream..more or less to restore the mauri of the stone...You can say your prayer by mind if you want...coze the main thing is the intent of your heart in all cases of maori karakia.....dats all I had to say..kia ora mai ano...

Oh by da way...Mihi ana ki te whanu o Ngatira-haere ( Putaruru )..I saw dat panui for cleaning da ururpa....

Posted By: Takirihi on 06/05/2004
Whanau in Melbourne
Kia ora! I have just moved to Melbourne from Dunedin and i am looking for any kapahaka or te ao maori, te reo groups My email is maeshauve@hotmail.com, please email me if you can help
Posted By: Megan on 06/05/2004
Tino Rangatiratanga Flag
Can someone please tell me where I can purchase a flag from? I can not find anything on the internet. Help.
Posted By: Rana Edgarton on 06/05/2004
Seabed and Foreshore Hikoi Photo's,Wellington
Kia Ora.Just put up some pics of the Hikoi as it made its way through Wellington.Sorry about the size but thats how big they come up on the site.If you are intrested in the bigger versions just email me and Ill see what I can do.And if you get a chance leave a note in my guest book.So just follow the links,
When you get to the site just change the number on the end of the address from 1 to 2 to 3 and so on till you get to 14.Catch u later cuz
Posted By: Clifford Peri on 08/05/2004
Ngati Kuri site
Posted By: Rozita on 09/05/2004
May 15 AGM to form 'Proprietors Ngati Kuri Incorporation'
This Saturday is an AGM Meeting to form the Proprietors Ngati Kuri Incorporation at Community House, 141 Robertson Rd MANGERE - 10 AM. All interested of goodwill invited to the meeting and meal. You are welcome to bring a plate.
Posted By: Rozita on 09/05/2004
Hikoi to Te Hapua - Queen's Birthday Weekend 4-5-6 June 2004
Current plan is for all interested to join a three day stay at Te Hapua and journey around the area learning the history and gaining knowledge. Transport will be by coach. All interested in detail for booking and costing email ASAP
Posted By: Rozita on 09/05/2004
Kia ora, I am a third year student at the Dunedin College of Education.
I am currently working towards a Bachelor of education in the primary sector. As apart of this Bachelor we have to research some aspect of our major. I am majoring in maaori, and as a part of this major I am wanting ro research the method of Te Ataarangi in the classroom. I don't know much about the Ataarangi method however I was hoping you could help with my research, as I am very interested in learning about it. I have had a taste of learning using the method here at college. Any help and resources you could offer would be great full. I am also interested in your kit. I am willing to pay for the books if you know where I can't them Naku na Kataraina pikia
179b york place
(03) 477 0925
(021) 111 66 23
Posted By: Kataraina Pikia on 10/05/2004
Sylva Newsletter & Events

Issue 1 - May 2004


www.NgatiKuri.tk R Leoni nee Sylva 169 Carrington Rd MT ALBERT NZ (09) 846 0245

Hello to all that are related to the Portuguese man Josef Sylva who entered NZ approximately 139 years ago and married Raiha Te Maihia. Of the three children Meri, Isaac & Priscilla, Meri had three children, two leaving no issue & one, Mona having two sons. Isaac had twelve children and after Isaac’s death in 1921 his wife remarried and had two more children. Priscilla had one daughter and an adopted son. However both died without issue.

So today you surname may be Sylva, Silva or Hiriwa. You may have even reverted back to including the Da in front. Some other families trace their roots back to Portuguese men who jumped ship in the 1860’s, but we are the other ones! Which is a tongue in cheek way of saying to date we have not been linked to those that jumped ship, hid from the law and settled in Mangonui.

On our Sylva canvas, some painting has been started. Many already have their family details to add. There comes a time when we must work together and complete the Remarkable Sylvas and I hope this newsletter will be our link. Later we can organise a meeting of all from near and far.
Welcome to the family!!

As this is Issue 1, I am appealing to all interested in supporting this newsletter to send any information about your immediate or extended family for Issue 2 which can come out as soon as I receive something to put in it.

Calendar of Events, Dates, Meetings & Announcements:
Saturday 15 May 2004 Meeting: 141 Robertson Rd MANGERE (Community Room next to Centre Park) 10 AM.
For all families who ‘whakapapa’ back to Te Hapua. Annual General Meeting (AGM) to form an incorporation. Proposed name “Proprietors of Ngati Kuri Incorporation”. Meal (all invited to bring a plate). Confirm details on the June 4 - 6th Queen’s Birthday Weekend trip to Te Hapua. If you would like to register for the Beneficiaries roll, please forward your details to: Yvonne Tauariki 15B Avis Rd Papatoetoe before the 15 May Meeting.

Sunday 16 May 2004 Live Day & Pui Nui Official opening: Howick Historical Village Bells Rd Pakuranga 10 - 5 PM. Highlights of itinerary 10.30 AM Tour with Historian. 11 AM Victorian Photographer 2 PM Official opening of Puhi Nui Homestead. Admission: Family: $25.00 Adults $10.00 Seniors $8.00. Josef Sylva lived in Howick until 1920.

Friday to Sunday 4 - 5 - 6 June 2004 ‘Te Hapua Hikoi’. The purpose of the weekend is to travel, learn, eat and stay together as a family and to bridge the gap between the present and the past. There is much to organise, so all interested, all hands on deck, any little bit helps. Approximate cost could be $4,000 ($200 for 20 persons or $100 for 40 persons) for bus hire, food & marae hire. See above.
Arrivals: Kiri Te Hira’s daughter has recently given birth ??? and welcome to Sharmayne’s daughter Raiha Te Maihia born??? (More details please).
Headstone Unveilings: Queen’s Birthday Weekend Ahipara & Kaumaumau. Ring Bob Mehana for details 570 8693.

Profile of Eloise Leoni - May 2004
My name is Eloise Leoni. I was born in Sydney Australia in 1996 and I am 7 years old. I am in New Zealand with my Mum Rozita and my Nana Rita. My Nana lives in Auckland except for the time she moved to Dunedin in 1991 where her son Grant & his family live. Between 1991 - 1998 my Nana visited her four daughters Rozita, Gina, Royda & Julita and their families in Maroubra, Beverly Hills & Hinchinbrook - Sydney and Umina Central Coast Australia. My Nana came back to Auckland and stayed with Terry (Aaron’s Dad) in 1998. I have an Uncle Aaron and Aunt Sheryl and cousins Cohen, Tamara & Baylee living on the island (Waiheke). My mother says there are many people in NZ and overseas we are related to. We haven’t met many of them yet. My Great Great Great Grandfather Josef came from a place called Portugal and sailed here from far, far away. When he got here he didn’t go back on the ship as he met a beautiful Maori girl named Raiha and they got married. They had three children Meri, Isaac & Priscilla. The sad thing was Raiha died young. A long time later Josef married another woman called Sarah, but they didn’t have any children. Meri, Isaac and Priscilla had children. Meri’s daughter, Nana Mona is 96 this year and the oldest person in our family. One of Isaac’s twelve children with Hannah, Joseph grew up and married Martha and one of their twelve children Marguerite met Roy and got married and my Mum is one of their five children.
I like meeting my relatives but I like playing and drawing, my dog & three cats in Australia best. I like my school in New Zealand, but I also miss my friends in Australia and my garden at school. I am happy with my Mum & Nana.

DISCLAIMER: All information herein is to the best of my knowledge true and accurate and not intended to be divisive. If there are corrections please forward them at your earliest convenience so they can be rectified in the next issue.

Profiles on family units especially appreciated.

If you have a announcement, engagement, wedding, recent bereavement or unveiling please forward.

All families of Sylva, Henare, Hinga, Mehana, Aperahama (Abraham), Rawhiti, Epere, Te Hira, Railton, Wilson, Ratahi, Waipouri, Tauariki,, Leoni, Stanton, Starr, Harris, Salmon, McClenaghan, Rankin, Jefferies, Clark etc etc we can’t write about you, that’s your job. Write a little, write a lot. Blow your trumpet. Tell us about the princes and princesses in your family. Historical reference would be great however what your family has been up to recently will also be fine.

Hope to catch up soon for that chat and cup of tea!!


Any computer whizzes, desktop publishers, persons that have a photocopier etc & want to take over this newsletter or contribute to its production & distribution are welcome to phone Rozita 846 0245.

Terry Ewart partner of Rita Leoni passed away suddenly on 9/12/03. Condolences to Rita & son Aaron & his family.

Mona Maenecke nee Buboltz Sylva lost her husband Luther in Berlin 2 years ago and sends her greeting to all her family


Posted By: Rozita on 10/05/2004
Leon are you out there
Leon tried your email address but it's out of action. Hope you get this.....

trying to find my dad
(Leon )
Can anyone help me? i'm half maori and half dutch, i have lived in england for most of my life with my mum. i'm trying to find my dad in new zealand. if anyone has any suggestions on where to start looking or any organisations i could contact please email me - leon@juiceduppropa.com
thank you - more love more power

Do you have a name for your Dad?

Did your parents marry in NZ?

Does your Mum remember which town/city he was from and where he went to school.

I am starting to trace family in NZ too and will suggest any help I can.

Posted By: Rozita on 12/05/2004
Your email address below doesn't work. I hope you get this.

trying to find my dad
(Leon )
Can anyone help me? i'm half maori and half dutch, i have lived in england for most of my life with my mum. i'm trying to find my dad in new zealand. if anyone has any suggestions on where to start looking or any organisations i could contact please email me - leon@juiceduppropa.com
thank you - more love more power

Do you have a name for your Dad?

Did your parents marry in NZ?

Does your Mum remember which town/city he was from and where he went to school.

I am starting to trace family in NZ too and will suggest any help I can.

Posted By: Rozita on 12/05/2004
Hey Administrators - Help
Hey guys I love your site but I cannot get a posting to go onto 'questions'. I am in questions. I want to send a post and........... in ends up in Announce your site. Also there must be others like me that have sent the same message twice/three time and sometimes to the wrong cetergory. How about a bit of a 'clean up' and a cut and paste them to the appropriate catergories. THANKS
Posted By: Rozita on 12/05/2004
Figured out MY problem
Hey guys what a great site and look I never even noticed that scroll down before... I know open your eyes. Now that Leon post below I meant to go in the Questions and the SYLVA newsletter probably in Announcements. Do you want to move them or should I just cut and paste myself? See told you it was a great site the users even get to fix up THEIR problems before you have to tell us how. THANKS.
Posted By: Rozita on 12/05/2004
Hikoi pics
Just a few pics I took while I was down in Wellington supporting the Hikoi. www.hikoi.4t.com
Just click on the picture of the flag bearer and it will take you to the galleries.Click on the thumbs for the big pics or click on the numbers for the other galleries.Thanks catch you later.Cliff
Posted By: Cliff Peri on 14/05/2004
Te reo Maori
Would like to learn Maori. Know the basics. Have been out of touch since left school and since I've been living in Australia.
Posted By: Marietta Hepi - Tohil on 15/05/2004
Kia Ora,
I am looking for Maori penpals/e-pals of any sex. At the moment Im living in Australia but hopefully will be moving to NZ sometime next year. Im 22, I enjoy singing, dancing, parties, listening to music (RnB, soul and hip hop, especially Scribe! I met him at the 2004 City Rules Tour in Sydney this year and he is awesome!) and just kickin back at home with friends. I am VERY interested in Maori culture; I have Maori friends here that are involved in Kapa Haka and I absolutely love going along watching performances and learning more about the culture. So yeah, feel free 2 email me, I'd love to hear from u. Catch u up!
Posted By: Rhianna on 16/05/2004
Could you please answer my questions?
Hi my name is Errol and I'm very interested in Polynesian culture. For this reason I will travel in October to French Polynesia and in November to New Zealand and I hope to meet some nice Polynesian pople which could tell and learn me more about the Polynesian culture. It's my first time in New Zealand, so I don't know much about New Zealand, so I have some questions for you. Which Maori sights beside Rotorua and Waitangi are interesting to see? Is it possible to live for one or two weeks in a Maori community and learn the Haka and more about the Maori culture? Where cloud I buy a nice wood-carved Tiki, a Hei Tiki and a Hei Matau? (I know normally somebody should give you the Hei Tiki as a present, but I don't know anybody in New Zealand). Hope to hear from you soon, kind regards Errol
Posted By: Errol Mark Phillip Laggner on 16/05/2004
ma wai ra e taurima te marae i waho nei
ma wai ra e taurima te marae i waho nei
Posted By: kaimai chase on 16/05/2004
when did it arriginate

Posted By: kawhaiwhai on 18/05/2004
maori rights
what are the maoris rights?
who did the treaty of waitangi benifit more to and why?
were the maori treated fairly in life after that? in the political section.
sorry about all the questions. its just that my class and i were talking about it today. and it made me think. so id thought id ask an expert on maori stuff. thank you so every much if you could email me back with some answers. by the way. love what you've dont with the place. very groovy
Posted By: molly on 19/05/2004
Looking for true love & happy marriage
I am Egyptian man handsome 37 years single Businessman Export Egyptian&tourstic products Looking for true love&happy marriage E-Mail: 3pyramids@egyptnetwork.com
Posted By: Mohamed El-Sayad on 20/05/2004
Queen Elizabeth and the Deed of Settlement 1995
I am a non Indigenous Australian interested in Reconciliation. I understand the Queen signed on behalf of the Crown the Deed of Settlement or some similar document in 1995. I have been trying unsuccessfully to obtain a photo of this event. Can you please advise where I could obtain a photo. I've emailed all the newspapers in NZ but have had no response. Help appreciated.

Tom Mayne
Reconciliation for Western Sydney
Posted By: Tom Mayne on 21/05/2004
Looking For Maaori Pene-pal
Kia ora,
Looking for a maaori pene-pal. I'm 19, I love the outdoors,partying, learning other peoples culture te music i whakarongo te is rap, hip hop and RnB,
Posted By: Kathleen Benn on 25/05/2004
I have posted a notice and passed my assessment on the 28th May which says I have to post a notice
Posted By: tauira on 27/05/2004

Posted By: manu wickliffe on 27/05/2004
Looking for Maori friends
Hi! Kia Ora!
My name is Catherine, I’m from Moscow (Russia). I’m 27 years old. I’d love to find Maori penpals
from New Zealand because I’m very fond of Maori culture and I believe that there are wonderful people there in New Zealand
and I’d like to know more about them and the country, to talk about everything and just to have fun.
I would be very glad if you write me back. My address is
Haere Ra
Posted By: Catherine on 28/05/2004
The Iwi Band of Otaki
Kia ora whanau,
just searching for any info, photographs, etc... on the band Iwi and the band tauira for a Mojo's CV...

Please email me...Kia ora ra
Posted By: Mary on 30/05/2004
I would like to communicate with anyone from Te Whanau Apanui who has any information or has connections to Miriamate/Miriam Te Onui. She married Thomas Edward Joyce and lived in Paihia, Bay of Islands.She was born in 1828 and died 10 June 1918 aged 90years. She is buried in Paihia behind the stone church.They had 12 children.
Posted By: Edith Pita on 31/05/2004
Support Moari Run Business
Kia ora everybody.

Support Moari Run Business.

If your looking for Web Design or Web Hosting visit us today, website: www.websupermarket.co.nz

See ya

Posted By: Paikea George Kaiwai on 01/06/2004
Translating a maori baby nmae to english
Does any one know of a website or book that i can use to translate a maori babys name in to english
Posted By: Elaine on 03/06/2004
Kapahaka Nationals 2005
Has a date actually been set for the Comps held in Palmerston North next year???????
Posted By: Rachel on 05/06/2004
looking for lost friend
He use to live in Blenheim,his Whanaus from Matauri bay all the epiha Clang,he was ma best friend trying to track him down,anyone help please holla man laterz
Posted By: Daniel Apiata on 09/06/2004
Ringatu Church
If there is anyone out there who has any info on the Ringatu Faith.Its origin, tikanga, kawa and who can join or participate etc. I am doing an assignment but unable to find anything concrete. Kia ora koutou.
Posted By: Tipene Ruru on 11/06/2004
POW friend
I am an ex prisoner of War(WW2)-Stalag XVIIIA, Austria living in Galashiels, Scotland. I was in the camp with a man called Tommy Ormond of Mahia, Hawkes Bay, NZ. I know that he was a maori chief and would like to find out if he is still alive and if so I would be pleased to hear from him or any members of his family.
Look forward to hearing from you,

Robert (Bob) Clark
Posted By: Robert Clark on 12/06/2004
Kia Ora Ronald Tito
Hi Ronald just thinking about how you are. Remember Pirongia primary school way back then. If you or anyone sees this please let him know or give me Ronald's address Just want to catch up again. wow.
Posted By: Dennis Tamaki on 14/06/2004
Kapahaka photos & pictures
Hi i was just wandering if anyone was at the Tai-Tokerau Festival in Dargaville on the 6th and 7th of April...If you have any spare or could send some photos of the festival that would be great...Its just that we need some good photos to put on the website..u can send info to deena_phillips88@yahoo.com.au. it will b great f u can help..
Posted By: Deena Ashby on 15/06/2004
radio station history
can anybody help me on the history of maori radio station history, who when what and how i do know that this was set up in 1986 but not sure of anything else
Posted By: karen on 21/06/2004
Looking for whanau
Kia ora, I am looking for the Tane whanau living in Wellington. Julie, Rangi, Stephen, or Marama, apparently living in the Naenae suburb. I have a 14yr old living in my care, who is in desperate need to be with WHANAU! Please can you contact me at the above email, or ring on 09 820 9882. This is a very urgent matter! If anyone knows the whereabouts of this whanau!

Kia ora Koutou.
Posted By: Kiri on 22/06/2004
Postal Maori Sunday School
Kia Ora, Can anyone tell me please if the Maori sunday school has a site or if it is still going if so how to get in contact with them . many thanks Debi
Posted By: Debi on 27/06/2004
Can someone help me please? I could be asking dumb questions but AROHA MAI.
Are there such hapu with these names? and if so does anyone know where they are and would you have any info on them. Tuhorangi, Ngati Whakaaue, Ngati Wewehi, Uenuku Kapako me Rangi Taore. ( I may have spelt these names wrong.) i have been told I connect to these Hapu but I cant find any info on them. Is there such a Marae as Tama te Kapua and Tunahopu. I am told they are in Te Arawa. Can someone also tell me where the Urupa "Te Kauwe" is. I Would appreciate an answer and my apologies if I have offended anyone.
From Ignorant Maori girl..
Posted By: LINK on 29/06/2004
maori should be compulsory
kia ora koutou!Kei te pirangi ahau ki te mohio ina kei a koutou etahi whakaaro mo tooku kaupapa ,ara "maori should be compulsory".WHAKAHOKIA MAI OU WHAKAUTU ka kite
Posted By: reremoana thompson on 29/06/2004
Hey, im a young maori boy living in australia, currently i only know the Ka Mate Ka Mate Haka, and one of my familys tribe, is there any other traditional ones... thank you... riwai

Posted By: Riwai on 01/07/2004
Maori Arts www.mixedtalents.co.nz
we are able to provide, cloaks, bone, greenstone, wood carvings, paua products, presentation trophies, kete, putatara, putirno, pukea, koauau, pupakapaka, taaniko. please take a look at our site there are these items and so much more
Posted By: Luana on 02/07/2004
I am doing a whakapapa at school but in maori but I don't know any for Tamaki makau Rau. Could you help me please? Thank you, Luisa
Posted By: Luisa on 03/07/2004
childhood mates
hope someone reads this would love to hear from you. erik
Posted By: erik kainamu on 08/07/2004
looking for family kerrie shortland lived wangarai
if somone knows any think about a kerrie shortland from wangarai if they could email me im in australia he is family thnkyou
Posted By: ashley on 08/07/2004
looking for some guidance
hi i am a moari and live in australia but im a proud moari i am only 17 if any one would like to chat with me about trible or anythink about moaris i wanna know about getting tattos because i would like a tribal one
Posted By: ashley on 08/07/2004
I want your Golden Touch
Hi, everybody. I am Kamal Pasha. I like Maori culture. I am looking a girl friend. She is very simple, loveable, trustable and love me and love others. kamalpasha2002@yahoo.com is my mail address. Pls write me as soon as posible. I like her who want a rhythmic life.
Posted By: Kamal Pasha on 12/07/2004
Tehapua legends and people
Hello just read a lot of this info I am the person you seek for family and the person I am the last in my name if interested email
Posted By: Jimmy rafferty on 12/07/2004
Would like to make contact with some one from Ngati manawa, could anyone help. I work for manawa Sports & Training Academy in Hamilton and would like to form a bond with manawa iwi.
Posted By: Neil Warner on 12/07/2004
kia ora e nga tangata kua tai mai ki tenei maori penpals its very good that u guys are trying to learn maori and what maori's did in the olden days i am 13 but i went to a te kura kaupapa maori and that is a full maori school well u want to no eny more then e mail me ka kite and kia ora
Posted By: lance on 13/07/2004

Posted By: KATARAINA RAPANA on 13/07/2004
I watched the movie "Whale Rider" and want to know if the maoris lived in Australia too or only in NZ and Polynesia. Help. Thanks in advance. Greetings from Brazil.
Posted By: Ephraim de Campos Junior on 14/07/2004
Taranaki land
Kia Ora to any one out there that may be able to help me to track down any people who have Maori land at these following places.Taranaki-iti 9
Rotorangi 2
Makoia Pa C.G. 3940 Sec 537A
Oika 1F
Waipipi (ironsands)
Nukumaru 1BA,1BB&1bc
Parinihi kia Waitotara.
Please i am desperately seeking info and to getthis land working again no one seems to be interested in our Whakapapa
in Taranaki come on guys every where else is doing it. So please HELP....
Posted By: Pareake Broughton on 14/07/2004
Looking for some one who is a Karepa
Keep in tonch Kiaora
Posted By: Riikau on 19/07/2004
Just what suminformation on "How to get to Kapohanga Marae in the Gisbourne rohe? Having a Ngatai - Ngaranoa Reunion in 2005 and need directions to the marae for extended whanau overseas in Ahitereria and so on. Pls if you could get this informaiton to me as soon assss. Kia ora mo tera. Peace. Cant wait to see all the whanau. Luv, hugs n smooches.
Posted By: Nawdee on 19/07/2004
Mana and whakamaa in the work sphere
Hi everybody.
I am sincerely looking at answers to questions that I have regarding the Maori work ethic in a modern labour market. As you know, from the early 1990s mass sackings took place in the labour market in New Zealand and all over the world. For Westerners/pakeha being dismissed from work had a profound effect on their psychological make-up as well as their economic situations. For pakehas work has individual consequences for a worker. Other than the care of family and financial considerations, a job is one's personal responsibility. Losing one's job does often mean losing one's place in society as a result of a sense of no longer being able to contribute to the community. It has a lot of other connotations too, of course, but it seems that being unemployed hits pakehas very hard, especially when it happens when one has reached maturity.
At the moment I am studying the effects of the loss of a job in Maori society. Does losing one's job mean the same thing for Maori and why? How do the principles of MANA and WHAKAMAA relate to job loss, or are they not affected by it?
Perhaps I should ask what work means to Maori and why do they work? It means different things to non-Maori as I have discovered.
Please fee free to offer your opinions, no matter what they are. You do not have to leave a name or anything else, I am only interested in your comments on the topic.
I lived in New Zealand for 23 years, in Auckland, and have associated with lots of the Maori people. Two of my sons married part-Maori girls and I had quite a number of Maori friends. I still have here in Brisbane. I have always been interested in things Maori and have read much and discussed much with my friends on these matters.
I would really appreciate it if you tell me about your experiences as Maori in the job market.
Kind regards,
Ruby Welch
Posted By: Ruby Welch on 19/07/2004
actions needed for Tutira Mai Nga Iwi
Great site! Well done guys. I can sing and play Tutira Mai Nga Iwi but I've forgotten the actions. Can anyone help please - either a place to find them or a book to check out. Kia Ora Koe!
Posted By: Ian Todd on 21/07/2004
Tai Tokerau Festival 2004
Posted By: Memz on 22/07/2004
Epiha whakapapa;
Kia ora te whanau, Grandfarther name was Peri poti Epiha,he had several sons an daughters they were Marlin- Haki- Waimana-peri poti(Wikopa)which is my farther-.Queenie -Matilda-.Naumi an many more that i can not remember;Grand farther married twice,I think he had 13 children from his second marriage etc,Noah- Sailor nick Joe thats all i know.
Posted By: Norman Epiha on 24/07/2004
Thank You Everyone
to all those wonderful people whom went out of their way to answer my Panui posted 29/6/04 from LINK Ignorant Maori girl. There has been a huge response. Words cant express how much this has meant to me. Thanks jackson for giving me that start too! Arohanui. Alison Ututaonga-Owen.
Posted By: LINK on 25/07/2004
The Late: WILLIAM DARCY TONGA Returns Home To Aotearoa
Kia Ora E Te Whanau

This is to inform and confirm that the body of the Late: WILLIAM DARCY TONGA will depart Sydney for Auckland aboard Air NZ Flight 102 on Thursday 29 July 2004, at 09:30am. Estimated arrival time in Auckland is 2:30pm, local time. He is accompanied by his children and whanau.

Following a brief stop at South Auckland Funeral Services, 553 Great South Road, Otahuhu, the Late: WILLIAM DARCY TONGA will be transferred to Te Papa-O-Rotu Marae, Whatawhata, where he will lay-in-state.

On behalf of our Whanau at Mitacare Funeral Services in Sydney, I extend and express our aroha to the Family and Whanau both in Australia and Aotearoa at this sad time. May the Lord bless and comfort you all as you tangi his farewell. Kia Ora.

Ka kite ano

Bruce Mita
Mitacare Funeral Services, Sydney.
Posted By: Bruce Mita (Mitacare Funeral Services, Sydney) on 28/07/2004
What are the traditional names of the various greenstone?
Posted By: Raymond on 28/07/2004
looking for my mate
i am looking for my mate called bob if u know anything about him send me meesage ps:He's my gay mate
Posted By: john on 28/07/2004
am trying to trace descendants on my mothers side. My great great grandfathers first name was Kaharau yet changed it to Rahiri Ngawharau. His wife was Mere Uaki Tokona, they had 7 children, Ripeka, Hira, Te Hei, Kapene, Tureiti, Mereana and Hine. My grandmother was Te Hei. Mereana married a Brown and Hine married 1st marriage to an Ormsby and then 2nd marriage Bennett. I would really like to hear from anyone who has information on this.
Posted By: te hei pia kameta on 29/07/2004
Kia ora!looking 4 are Boy pen pal about 12-14 yr old or are girl. Im maori from Ngapuhi and Tauranga moana need sum1 to write to!email @ toiwhanau@xtra.co.nz ohh and i live in Aotearoa up north in OPONONI!!!
Posted By: Missy_m on 29/07/2004
seeking a Maori e-pal
Greetings!! I am a 32 year old woman from Indiana, United States. I am very interested in finding a person to share our cultures with one another. I am only interested in finding someone who is of Maori descent. I have no agendas with this, just wanting to learn more....
Posted By: Angelina on 31/07/2004
kapa Haka Festival 2005
I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a website set up for the Kapa Haka Nationals 2005, which are going to be held in Palmerston. I know there was a website set up for the 2002 festival but I can't seem to find anything for 2005. There is a group of us travelling back home from Australia and we want to be able to keep up to date with all the details. If you can help please let me know. Thanks heaps.....
Posted By: Siobhan on 31/07/2004
Hookin it up

Posted By: Tamaira Hook on 01/08/2004
Kapa Haka
No Te Wharua O Ruatoki ahau.Ko Tuhoe Te iwi.Kia ora
Posted By: Pauline Wiremu on 03/08/2004
Kia ora people.....well imma maori kotiro/teen from up norf....well jus lookin fo a e-pal frm n e weah!!!!n e colour n e race!!well i can speak fluent maori...and well used to go a kura kaupapa(total emersion skool)well dats all i got to say.....no reira tena koutou ,tena koutou ,tena tatou katoa!!!!!!!
Posted By: Mereana on 04/08/2004
words to maori kids songs
Hi I brought a new 3 cd set of New Zealand songs yesterday and there is a song on it called PAKIPAKI. I am after the words in Maori and in English. I live in Australia bit my husband is from Waitara in the North Island. I am trying to learn maori and when I herd the song I thought it would be an easy song to learn. If anybody has the song in both english and Maori can you send me a coppie to my E-Mail wich is shiraleeelliott@yahoo.co.nz. Thanks Cheers Shiralee
Posted By: Shiralee Elliott on 04/08/2004
trying to do my whakapapa

Posted By: caroline on 04/08/2004
Too pakeke
Tena koe Brigitte me koe hoki Te MIri.
My 2 patai for you Brigitte are 1) You know the question
E hia o tau what does the E stand for

2) Solve the brainteasers - fluinence

Uncle Matiu is telling me to kia tere cause you're waiting for me were at a tutorial. Let me know when you've solved our brainteaser or have a korero for the E

Patu and Chris
Posted By: Patu on 05/08/2004
Dear Hungry For Paua,
If indeed it is a feed of paua that you want, Come around home with some kina and we'll dine together.
P.S And a couple of Lion Rouge.
Patutoro - What does 'Lion Rouge' mean?
Posted By: The Coastal Kid on 05/08/2004
DDT Dates
Kia Ora Brother, Earl. Pehea ana koe e hoa. Tukuna nga mihi ki te whanau, ki a Val ma.
Don't know about any dates brother. Just happen to check out this site and spotted your panui. Ma te wa e hoa,
Posted By: The Coastal Kid on 05/08/2004

Posted By: Tawhiao on 05/08/2004
Kia ora koutou,
Anyone who has moved home from Australia and successful in obtaining their Super...would dearly love to hear how you did it...criteria/status/protocol
Posted By: Te Uira on 05/08/2004
Hello I am desperate and seeking knowledge of the Koauau instrument about the origins,insturment class it's in etc so can i please hav sum info thatnk you
Posted By: not telling on 07/08/2004
traditional clothing
i'd just like to know where the nearest store to Ipswich that sells traditonal maori clothing and all is located
Posted By: vee on 08/08/2004
preparing a hungi
Me and my frends need som general information about how to prepare a hangi.All we need are some basic pictures or a diagram to follow. Were able to digg a hole in the ground.Thanks for any avalable info ,thanks again from NORWAY.
Posted By: Dale Norby on 09/08/2004
Being a woman & being in business is a wonderful way for Joanne & The Beginnings Ltd to promote herself & her business to all those who expect results. I assist people in Immigration, Visas, NZ Citizenship, I provide information & advice and have just recently added Drug & Alcohol counselling services to the list. I have secured the services of John Parsons whom specialises in this field. Our main focus is working with families whose loved ones are hooked and don't know where to turn. Johns expertise & knowledge and the fact that he works from a holistic approach with the individual as well as the whanau delivers positive results. To say Johns the man is putting it mildly. We offer private & confidential packages & John has even travelled to Australia to assist whanau whom have heard about him and paid for him to travel to help with there loved ones. If you require any of the above services from Joanne & her team please don't hesitate to e-mail me and in regards to the counselling aspect of the business only those families who really and truly want to make a difference to the family dynamics TODAY!!! act immediately. I (Joanne) set myself up in business to help Maori by Maori hence Te Timatanga:The Beginnings Ltd. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kia ora

Kiaora koutou, I am trying to get a hold of anyone in the north Island who is able to send me kawakawa leaves! I am living in queenstown and there isnt any growing down this way but am very interested in the maori medicine kawakawa. Please e mail me if anyone can get a hold of these leaves.
Posted By: Liz on 11/08/2004