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These are the postings from the orginal news board. Sadly we do not have all of the records, but these cover from 2000 – 2004

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Te reo practise
Kei te ako ahau i te reo. Ahei awhina e koe? email or icq.
Posted By: Sandy on 09/10/2000
Anyone interested
Kia ora Im a 17yr old Maori who would like to talk to anyone.I have my own Kapahaka group in Blenheim and am a Member Of Nga kura seniors in Nelson.E-mail me if you want to chat.Kia ora
Posted By: Shem Martin on 15/10/2000
Shem Martin (Anyone interested?)
Noo hea too whaanau e mara? Where do your olds and the rest of your whaanau come from?
Posted By: Kiritoowha Anaru Mapa on 25/10/2000
Te reo practise (Sandy)
Teenaa koe e mara e Sandy moo taau whai i te reo. Me peehea pea taaku whakamahiri i a koe ki te ako i te reo? He aha ngaa aahuatanga o te reo e hiahia aawhina ana koe? Whiuwhiua mai aau urupounamu, ahakoa te take o te urupounamu, maaku e mea ki te whakahoki atu hei oranga ngaakau moou. Just file all your questions about te reo my way, and i'll make an attempt to provide some answers for you. Ahakoa raa, ko Te Reinga tooku maunga, ko Hokianga Whakapau Karakia te moana, ko Waimirirangi te whare tuupuna whakaminemine taangata, ko Pare te whare whakaora puku tangata, ko Waihou-nui-o-Koohinemataroa te waahi, ko Panguru te rohe, ko Te Rarawa me Ngaapuhi ngaa iwi, ko Ngaatokimatawhaorua te waka, ko Te Taitokerau te rohe whaanui. Noho ora mai raa moo naaianei e mara.
Posted By: Kiritoowha Anaru Mapa on 25/10/2000
Tena koutou katoa kua tau mai ki runga i teenei wharangi o te PAPA PANUI. Too koutou waimarie hoki!
First of all I'd just like to say kia Ora to who ever came up with the idea of having a papapaanui. Its been awesome coming here and checking up with who wants to know what, who's having a Reunion, or even Tauiwi from all over the world wanting to know about Nga Tikanga Maori and all the other things that our rich culture has to offer.
I love this page mainly because it keeps me infromed of what is happening back home in Aotearoa seeing that Im all the way over here in Canada working for a Dance Company (Kapa-Haka Group) thats based here in Niagara Falls. I guess that internet as a whole has made Aotearoa seem alot more closer to me. Well I guess I have ranted on long enough, but keep the korero rolling and I'll be a happy little maori.

Aroha nui

Te-Arikirangi Barry (BAZZ) Mamaku

Feel free to visit my webpage :

Posted By: Te-Arikirangi Mamaku on 01/11/2000
e-mail or snail mail friends
Hi there,
I come from Germany and I am looking for penpals.
I would love to write to Maori mums or dads.
Greetings from Germany.
Posted By: Clari on 11/11/2000

Posted By: lei on 14/11/2000
Can i be your freind?
Dear Friends,
Im searching for someone in hawaii who is interested
in being my pen/e-mail really interested of knowing more
about hawaii and hawaiian a filipina who is living now
in japan ...i know that this colum will help so please if it is you
that im searching , i want to be your friend ...thank you so much!!
Posted By: lei on 14/11/2000

Kia ora koutou, I'm a 17y.o., maori girl who lives in Perth, Aust., and is getting a bit homesick, and bored with talking 2 all these aussies, I don't mind talking 2 anyone, so if u want to, then email!
Posted By: Tiana on 24/11/2000
Looking for Maori friends to chat with or write
Hi I'm a 24 yr old black female from the US. I'm looking for some Maori friends to chat with or write. Just graduated from college and trying to get into graduate school. Would love to hear from ya!
Posted By: Pam on 24/11/2000
Looking for other
Kia koutou katoa.
Im a Teenagers Maori boy in boarding school.
I pirangi ahau ki te korero te reo maori ki etahi atu tangata maori. All ages
Kia Ora

Posted By: Kingi on 29/11/2000
Pen Pals
Hi I live in the USA but, I am very interested in Maori culture... love to talk to people.. Will reply to all mail I recieve
Posted By: Georgia on 09/04/2002
Looking for a Maori Epal
Hey, I am Kiki from Germany and 19 years old. I would love to have a Kiwi email-friend. Looking forward to hearing from you!:)
Posted By: Kiki on 11/04/2002
Tena koutou katoa 🙂
Kia ora everyone. Kei te pehea koutou? Ko Candice taku ingoa, e rua tekau aaku tau. No Waikato ahau, a, kei Kirikiriroa taku kaainga inaianei. He akonga ahau kei Te Whare Waananga O Waikato mo tenei wa, a, i roto ahau i te karaehe Te Tohu Paetahi. Kei te hiahia au ki te korero ki....koutou katoa! I would love to talk to any other Maori students or any other Maori that just wanna have a korero and make a choice new friend! (lol.) I dont know many people in the South Island, so all you beautiful nga taangata i roto i Te Waipounamu...(and anyone else here in the north) KORERO MAI! No reira, nau mai, haere mai...Noho mai raa...:):):)
Posted By: Candice on 12/04/2002
Looking for Maori Friend

Would someone like to be a friend with me.

Waiting for the response
Posted By: Jyoti on 16/04/2002
Looking for friends
Looking for penpals of this intresting culture. Culture, which is different from mine. I'm from Lithuania, small country in the Europe.
Posted By: Donata on 17/04/2002
Spiritual intentionalGlobal Change community/eco village
Kia Ora,
I am originally from New Zealand and now study the Urantia Book in Sedona Arizona. We fuse the indigenous ways within our beliefs and I would like to connect with Maori people. I searched long and hard for this reality and was thrilled to know such an existence was on this planet. If you are interested in connecting with me, if you are a truth seeker, and want to know more, I'd love to hear from you.
Posted By: Aladi on 19/04/2002
Aussie starts Kapahaka for 2nd year
Kia ORa...
Well season 2002 is underway for me over here in Melbourne. My fledgling roopu "Taku Mana" has just begun for the year. We are only small at the moment, but very confident that we will grow over time. Certainly groups cant get huge overnight.
For me personally, this is my 2nd year at it, and much looking forward to the year ahead. Another learning curve for me, and that learning will never cease. Of course we never stop learning aye.
From a personal view, the local Maoris down here have been totally supportive of me, and I cant thank them enough. They seem to think that my effort at last years Melbourne Festival was impressive (I am not so sure!!) so I figured, there is no reason to leave, every reason to stay on and give kapahaka another crack this year.
Some of you may be familiar with the following waiata.. Rerenga Wairua, Kapohia, Taku Mana E, Papaki (poi). They are the waiata we have touched on thus far.
I am keen to have contacts from NZ to learn from and take advice on Kapahaka.. and mabye a bit of rugby thrown in (hehehe). Although I have heaps of contacts here, it is my belief that to have contacts from NZ is doubly important. Please email me anytime. I am keen to share..
Kia ora..
Posted By: Piripi on 22/04/2002
searching for whanau
kia ora,
I am currently investigating my whakapapa, and would love to hear from any dehar's in NZ, so if you can help me with any info dont be a stranger and send me an email.thanx
Posted By: morgan dehar on 24/04/2002
I am an Native American here in the US on the east coast. I am recently home from New Zealand. I lived there for about a year. I am looking for Kiwis' who wish to write back and fourth. I must say though, I miss your country terribly.
Posted By: Dave on 30/04/2002
Searching for helpfull New Zealand frinds
I like to build friendship with real helpful people.(Not interms of Money or Valuble Things) Just with ideas. If you are like that Mail me..
Posted By: Edward Robinson on 01/05/2002
Looking for old friend from napster named Hannah, Screen name christianjww
If anyone from New Zealand knows her, please e-mail me. I know she is in high school and leaves in New Zealand
Posted By: Ian/Curt napster Screen name heerowing03 on 04/05/2002
Looking a pen frien from Invergarcill? Grown up - I am 60.

Posted By: Seppo Pöyhönen on 05/05/2002
Looking for an old friend
I am searching for an old friend I used to know in New Zealand. The name is Gina McKenzie. She lives (or at least used to live) in the Rangiora/Kaiapoi area. Please contact me if some one knows.
Posted By: David on 06/05/2002
Looking for Penpals from New Zealand
Hi, I would like to make contacts in new zealand. I'm 45 years old. Please email me at
Posted By: Deborah Johansen on 06/05/2002
Hello !!! I am looking for a penpal from New Zealand
hi ... I am 15 years old and I would be glad if someone from New Zealand would write me an e-mail.
Posted By: Kathy on 09/05/2002
been away from home too long want to talk to another kiwi about whatever !!
need e-pal descent conversations, someone to listen to my life and i'll listen to theres

Posted By: edwin on 11/05/2002
looking for an old mate !!
CHRIS WAGHORNE !! was a chef at the woolshed in wellington long way back. are you out there ?...we sure lost touch man !!
anyone knows where I can talk to me old Maori mate...let me know his e-mail address
Posted By: edwin on 11/05/2002
I'm interested in Maori's typical cook
I'm looking for recipes or links where find them... Somebody helps me???
Posted By: veronica on 16/05/2002
lookin' for some new e-pals!!
Hi, I'm lookin' for some new pals near my age (*1976). Loves animals, music, arts...
Posted By: Kaninja on 23/05/2002
searching for old friend
lm trying to find an old friend orginally from Auckland. his name is Denver Matthews. He lived in Sydney for a while and was NZ welter weight champ kick boxer. any help appreciated.
Posted By: jacqui on 24/05/2002
New Zealand
Hi there
My name is Andi and I'm a 17 year old student(male) from Germany. I'm searching for some contacts in New Zealand. Actually I hope to do a student exchange to NZ. this September. At time I'm searching for someone from NZ. who wants to do an exchange with me. If you're just interested in having a contact to Germany(Freiburg/southwest),just send me an e-mail 😉
see ya there,
Posted By: Andi on 28/05/2002
Looking for Maori Friends/Penpals!!
Hi!! My name is Anne. I’m French and am 33 years old.
I live in the North of Germany with my boyfriend Heinrich and our dog Alisha. (In all, I’ve been living abroad for over 12 years now. I spent 4,5 years in England before coming here. Heinrich and I also spent 10 months in India together, working!)
I have many hobbies/interests: writing letters (I prefer snailmail!!), reading, listening to music, making my own stationery (when I have time!) going to the cinema, eating out, going to cafes, shopping, going for long walks, photography, travelling and lots more...

I'm looking for some Maori Friends/Penpals, as I am very interested in your culture/traditions. Ladies only out of respect to my boyfriend...
I’d be very happy if you’d like to write to me!!
Pl. write soon so we can exchange our postal addresses.
Take care,
Posted By: Anne on 05/06/2002
Cultural/Environmental E-Pals
I am a Native Canadian female of Oji-Cree decent,working as an Environmental Technologist for First Nations communities....Looking for e-pals who are involved with thier communities and the environment...I look forward to hearing and learning from you.
Posted By: Karen on 07/06/2002
english/teachers - penpals
Kia ora
My name is Neeta I am New Zealand maori working mum, married with one child. I am 55 years old been married since 1968 to the same old boy who came from the south pacific Islands of Tonga. I would like to chat with someone who has the academic background of teaching to help me and my family if possible to achieve our goal with the written skill in english and punctuation (also to chat about general things about our both countries. I will answer all replies.

Ka kite ano
Posted By: neeta on 21/06/2002
South Islander (cooking/old remedies ways things in general)
Tena koe
My name is Nita and I live in the south Auckland area called OTARA. I am 50 years old and also a married mum. I would like to chat with either gender preferably around my own age or older. I like cooking and also dabble in a bit of preserve cooking sometime, if possible I would like to exchange ideas about cooking or talking about the old remedies which I believe are still useful, even talk about things in general, so if you have the time to drop a line now and again that would be great.
Well until I hear from you.
Ka kite ano
Posted By: Nita on 21/06/2002
making contacts
Choice to see this site, awesome to see contacts from all over da place! Keen to hook up with some Ngaphui from Northland to chat and party Akarana some time
Posted By: tetahi on 25/06/2002
making contacts continued
Jeez, I was wondering where my stuff had gone, now I see it on the panui and I hadn't finished! Me be a 30+ teacher in South Auckland - where you honeys from the north at? Haha! Manurewa and Otahuhu must be skint at the mo! Ah well, tu meke hone heke
Posted By: tetahi on 25/06/2002
reply to tetahi
Kia ora tetahi, whanau has set up email so drop me a line (same as yours). Also, are there any Ngapuhi related to the Ogilvy family out there? Am trying to work out our whakapapa. We originate from the Martin family, John Martin married Kitiora (or kiriora), daughter of Te Manene (or Te Waenga, Tohunga of Pakanoe - this is early 1800's people). John and Kiriora had three children, one of whom was Mary who married James Rowe (1806 - 1863). When James died, she remarried Daniel Boyce (I think from the Bay of Islands area), and had 3 children, one of whom was Eliza Jane who married Walter William Muir Ogilvy. They had 6 children, one of whom was William George Edward Ogilvy, my tupuna from Otorahonga, King country. I know we have relatives in the Bay of Plenty, but any whanau - especially from Northland - who could fill the gaps would be much appreciated. We want to find our marae, our hapu, and pay our respects. Kiaora koutou, L8Z
Posted By: woz on 07/07/2002

I`m interested in visual arts and I write in a french newspaper in Canada , I would like to exchange ideas and visions and learn more about new zeland.
take care

Posted By: lily on 18/07/2002
I am 38 y.o. and live and work in Romania . Also , I am a very sociable man. I like very to have a lot of friends and I like too if I can to have a Maori girl friend from New Zealand.
My hobbies are music , art photo , windsurfing , extrem sports.
I wait impatiently an answer.
Posted By: Dan Dumitrescu on 22/07/2002
looking for friends and whanau
I am a long way from home-Northland Hokianga. Now living and working in Minnesota, U.S. Looking for other maori's in the States.
Posted By: manukuru-Brad on 26/07/2002
Friends from Aotearoa
Hi... Never been there, but I'm looking for friends from my distant dreamland, NZ. I'm 33 and Finnish male. I like 60s/80s/90s pop, especially Crowded House, yes!, and Neil Finn; reading and writing stories, badminton, nature, esoteric, and, oh yes, my wife. Hope you'll like some of these too, not my wife though!!

Posted By: Timo on 27/07/2002
Friends and help
Hi I'm a German girl! and I'm looking forward to new people which can help me! I write a story at the moment and I would like to get some onformations about the live of Maori, their tribes and about New Zealand
So please email me (Every email will be replied)
Ka kite ano
Posted By: Katharina on 13/08/2002
kia ora, i'm 31yr old mial from england looking to learn more about the ways of the maori people and their traditions and way of life. all replies answered
Posted By: dave on 26/08/2002
Penpals - Ngapuhi
Kia Ora, My names Kiri, I'm 24 & of Ngapuhi iwi. Been living in the USA for the past 10 years now, and miss home. Just lookin for penpals to corrospond with (Friends only!, I'm married)... Especially of Ngapuhi, as trying to learn more about my whakapapa etc.. Hope to hear from ya'll 🙂
Posted By: Kiri on 27/08/2002
Ki ora e hoa ma. I live in the far north and I am looking for e-pals to have a blab with I like most things yes i am a kotiro/wahine just taking time out to give u all i have got
Posted By: Edna Aroha Tamati on 29/08/2002
Kia Ora,
I am looking for some Kiwis and others write to. I lived in NZ for a while and loved it! All emails will be replied to!
Posted By: David on 04/09/2002
Searching for Maori friends!
Kia Ora!
I'm an 18 year old English girl and I would love some kiwi e-pals, especially anyone with knowledge of Maori culture and language. I'll reply to all mails, I promise!
Love Lauren xxx
Posted By: Lauren on 04/09/2002
Maori culture groups in Melbourne
hey there,
lm an aussie and my daughter is half maori. l was wondering if anyone knows of any Maori culture groups or such in Melbourne Australia so my daughter can learn about her heritage.. her father was Ngapuhi??

Posted By: jacqui on 04/09/2002
I searc maori friends 🙂
I'm very nice italian girl, i searc new maori friends for a penpals.
I'm 30 y/h, I'm not married,I'm nurse in the critical care, but i'm very crazy girl.
I'm very interesting at the maori if you wont i'm here!!!!
Big kiss Marty
Posted By: Martina on 13/09/2002
Irish speaker wishes to contact Maori speakers.
Dia duit! Hello!
I am a fluent speaker of the Irish language who would really like to get in touch with someone who can help me to appreciate the Maori language and culture and New Zealand in general. I am 26 years old and work as a translator for a living. I'm particularly interested in comparing the current state of both languages because i see many parallels between ireland and New Zealand. But not just that! I like reading a lot, hillwalking and cycling and I like people who can make me laugh! I love nature and animals and all kinds of music. I'm always telling people that i'd love to visit new zealand but it's so far away! Until I get round to visiting your beautiful country i'd love to get in touch with a kiwi. So if you are a female and between 20 and 35 please drop me a line! (By the way i'm a guy). Go raibh maith agat! Thanks!
Posted By: Ailín [pronounced "al-een"] on 11/10/2002
To all those oversea's bunnies who want a real Maori friend!!!
I have read so many messages from people oversea's and I'm interested in your cultures. Of course I am a home grown Maori (cher) and I am willing to offer my services to anyone who wants to learn more about the Maori wayz of life or if you want a pen-pal not a prob! If its one thing I was taught was to be a friend.
Posted By: (Sonia) on 16/10/2002
I am fascinated with the Maori Culture and would love to be friends. Thank you
Posted By: sonia on 17/10/2002
Penpal Reply
Kia Ora Ihoa (Friend);

I received your message about wanting to be my penpal, kewl!
If you want me to contact you can you please send me an email. My email address is...

Love you hear from ya!
Posted By: Sonia on 18/10/2002
Kiaora from Japan!
Hi there,
I'm Japanese and very looking for kiwi epal! so if you can,please send me email!
Posted By: megumi on 04/11/2002
searching for maorifriends
i´m a 19 yar old girl form germany looking for some friends. i´m very interested and fascinated by the maori culture. so if someone is interested in a german pal, please let me know!

hope to hear from someone~
a nice time to all~
Posted By: vivi on 07/11/2002
I am trying to get in touch with Kahu Hotere of the Tainui Iwi. She is married to David and used to live in Cambridge. Probably now in Wellington. Could she, or anybody with any details pertaining to her please call me on 0800 627 500 and quote her customer number: 3099202 06503, thanks

Posted By: SCOTT MARTINS on 08/11/2002
Maori Language
Hi All,

I'm a 23 year old female from Australia who is interested in emailing a Maori person in order to learn the language. If anyone can help please email me. Thanks:)_
Posted By: Kirsty on 13/11/2002
looking for friends from NGATI TUKOREHE...
A group from New Zealand came down here to Hawaii for a cultural exchange and I had met them and became friends with some of them but I have no way of getting in contact with them, they are from the Tukorehe Marae by Levin so I believe, they came down in September and I would really like to get in touch with them. If anyone can help me I would much appreciate it. Much Mahalos!!!
Posted By: Jay or Lehua or "Nue's Cuzzin" on 26/11/2002
looking for female maori penpals to correspond.i am a married female from germany
i hope to find a nice penpal
Posted By: simone on 28/11/2002
looking for my nephews
n e 1 out there knows the where about of my two newphews Issac and Zacharia Camesi sciascia, livn n da Auckland area
there mother is ? if you know her name please do not hesitate to contact their aunty tani please i want to know if you are alright!! miss you heaps boys love aunty tani
Posted By: tani murray on 02/12/2002
looking for my nephews
n e 1 out there knows the where about of my two newphews Issac and Zacharia Camesi sciascia, livn n da Auckland area
there mother is ? if you know her name please do not hesitate to contact their aunty tani please i want to know if you are alright!! miss you heaps boys love aunty tani
Posted By: tani murray on 02/12/2002
Kia Ora! MY name is Dave and I am 28 yrs. old. I lived in NZ, Kaiapoi/ Raniora area and I am looking for Kiwis to talk with. Peace!
Posted By: Dave on 05/12/2002
Looking to meet Maori
Hello! I'm a college student who will be spending time in Christchurch from approximately dec 23-26. I would really like to get to meet and speak with some maori, discuss your experiences, and just enjoy good conversation. If anyone is interested in getting together for lunch or coffee or anything, please contact me. Thank you.

Posted By: Jackie on 10/12/2002
looking for my nephews
hi i am lookn 4 my 2 nephews Issac and Zach from levin but now livn in Aucland ... hey guys aunty miss you heaps love to hear from you both come home!!!!
Posted By: tani murray on 11/12/2002
Hello from Alaska!
Iam a resident of Juneau, Alaska and am intrested in learning more about Maori culture. I am actually considering a move to New Zealand within a year. Would love to hear from you, in hopes of learning/sharing and preparing for a possible move...
Posted By: Rebecca on 16/12/2002
Replying to Anne of Nth Germany
Kia Ora Anne. My name is Te Otinga Pine. I am Maori and was born and raised in a little town called Turangi in the central North Island of Aotearoa (New Zealand). I hoping that you havent givin up on wanting a Maori PenPal? Im just sorry that i didnt find your letter earlier. Its great to see that we have similar hobbies however my lack of knowledge in terms of travel is yet to be desired. I would love to hear about yours and Heinrich's adventures around the world. It sounds really exciting. My boyfriend (Tane), Reihana and dog Tai would really love to hear from you if it isnt too late. Hope this message finds you in good health.

Naku noa na Te Otinga

Posted By: Te Otinga Pine on 16/12/2002
Kia ora, i'm looking for Mac Hona or anyone who knows him. I believe he lives in Aotearoa(dont know for sure)so if you are him or know him pleasssse reply...........greetings from Holland
Posted By: Irma on 19/12/2002
Whazzzzup'y'all. I'm a 24 years old female from holland looking for maori epals so please drop a word. At this moment i'm planning a trip to New Zealand, so anyone!! i like to learn more about your culture.
Posted By: Irma on 19/12/2002
German woman looking for maori penpals
Hi, I´m a german woman, 36 years, looking for Maori penpals. I am married, 2 children, stayed in NZ 11 years ago for holiday and now am desperately looking for correspondence.
Posted By: Peet on 13/01/2003
Woman from Cologne/Germany looking for Maori penfrieds
Hi, it´s once again me, I thought it would be better to tell a little bit more about me, female, 36 years, married, 2 children. I have been to NZ 11 years ago for holidays and since then I am very interested about this country and its culture. I love writing letters, gardening, having fun with my children, canoeing, reading, learning about other cultures etc. So please, if there is anybody interested, give me a note.
Posted By: Peet on 13/01/2003
pen pal ..e mail friend
i would like to lurn all about new zealand i would like a friend over 54 i like post cards and photo craft garden music and like bush walks
Posted By: lorraine on 14/01/2003
Kia Ora
I am a Maori of Ngati Awa / Te Arawa Decent. Anyone want E Mail friendship. give me a buzz.
Posted By: Hone on 14/01/2003
Kia Ora
Kia Ora,my names Kelly and im 24 originally from NZ and just looking for someone to tell me how much im missing back there in NZ....hopefuly be back just a typical maori gurly gurl at heart...along ways from home!!! ka kite
Posted By: Kelly on 16/01/2003
Kia Ora
Kia Ora,my names Kelly and im 24 originally from NZ and just looking for someone to tell me how much im missing back there in NZ....hopefuly be back just a typical maori gurly gurl at heart...along ways from home!!! ka kite ...(
Posted By: Kelly on 16/01/2003
Hey peeps! Just looking for some help translating a letter in maori from a friend! If ya can help please email me asap! Thanks so much!
Posted By: Kristy on 17/01/2003
Hey peeps! Just looking for some help translating a letter in maori from a friend! If ya can help please email me asap! Thanks so much!
Posted By: Kristy on 17/01/2003
Maori epals
I'm very interested in Maori culture,hence I'm looking for Maori epals.I'm a 42 year old female,married living in Singapore and until recently a teacher.I would be happy to hear from anyone in their forties.For friendship only please.
Posted By: Geri Krishner on 19/01/2003
Looking for other maori's in Nederland
Kiaora from Holland, If there are any other Moaris living here please contact me , been here for awhile, I speak dutch, german, english and and a little maori.
Arohanui Loraine
Posted By: Loraine on 28/01/2003
Kia Ora Looking for a penpal also from the Hokianga
I am 38yr women, single and have a 19yr daughter. Wanna chat get back send me an email.
Posted By: AUDREY PURU on 30/01/2003
E-pals Wanted
I am a 51 year old woman from Cleveland, Ohio interested in a Maori e-pal. Know just a tad about the culture and am interested in learning more (and comparing older and newer cultural issues).
Posted By: Kerry on 04/02/2003
Kia ora,
Hey all, my name is Dave, I am looking for some NZ penpals to corrispond with. I lived there for a bit. And I am thinking about going back soon...
Posted By: Dave on 05/02/2003
Looking for a penpal!
Looking for someone to talk to and meet, so when i finally arrive to visit..... ok, just to talk and get to know the culture and area... visiting will have to wait for now.

Posted By: Jessica Marley on 06/02/2003
Looking for a penpal!
Looking for someone to talk to and meet, so when i finally arrive to visit..... ok, just to talk and get to know the culture and area... visiting will have to wait for now.

Posted By: Jessica Marley on 06/02/2003
Hi! i am a 18-year old girl from austria(europe).please send to me information about maori(different types of tribes).it is very important,because i will made my a-level in may and i had to write a report about maori.please write back soon to my e-mail adress
Posted By: Claudia Lengger on 11/02/2003
lil lost maori gurl
to all the kiwis bak home, 30yr OLD maori gurl living in melbourne aussie oi oi land is looking for peeps bak home to drop emails to and to see whos doing wat bak there. Originaly from Rotorua, te arawa , tuhaurangi ngati wahio decent (scuse da spelling), wanting to get some home grown recipies and chat to world wide indiginous ppls, hola if u wana chat
Posted By: tammy on 17/02/2003
Seekining Maori penpals/relocating to New Zealand
Hi all. I am planning to relocate to New Zealand in a year from the U.S. I am African American and seeking Maori friends who can teach me about the culture. I have been a journalist for 13 years and am excited about living in another country. Please write. Thanks!
Posted By: Maishah on 17/02/2003
Kia ora
kia ora,hello to everyone out there,looking for penpals i can write/email too.feel free.Im female 24yrs old also maori my tribes are Ngati awa,Ngapuhi im interested in other cultures so give me a email.
Posted By: tavares on 18/02/2003
I am so happy to finally found a site that I can learn the language and find new friends. Met a Maori spiritual healer while on mission inHawaii last summer and have a need to learn more Thank you
Posted By: sharon on 20/02/2003
seeking other teenage maori in melbourne australia
kia ora koutou katoa, im a 16 y/o female from ngapuhi hokianga and i recently moved to ausie and im looking for any kapa haka groups in melb if u can help don't hesitate to e-mail me reira tena koutou mo to awhi. naku noa pip
Posted By: pip brown on 07/03/2003
maori gurl looking for teenage peers
kia ora. if there are any teenage maori out there in melb that wanna chat e-mail me and i'll get back to you
Posted By: Pip Brown on 07/03/2003
Australia: Man seeks Maori female penplas

Man, 63yo, lives in Sydney/Australia, has FARM, seeks correspondence+ with young (20s-30s)+-yo, childless (who want to have children), full-breasted Maori ladies who love nature/farm-animals, wish to live on a farm and are looking for an OLDER European man/life partner.
Posted By: Voya on 09/03/2003
Maori Battalion, Women's Welfare League, War Org. Effort
Kia ora, I am a History teacher at Northcote College looking for any sources on the Maori Battalion, Maori Women's Welfare League and the Maori War Effort Organisation. If you have any information advice where I can obtain such knowledge, as I have found little in the way of books or web sites, I would appreciate it.


Posted By: Vinko on 06/08/2003
Looking for penpals with paratas
Aloha oe'
Kia ora e' I'm a Hawaiian female singer,23.Looking for penpals maoris and tahitians.Welcome.

Posted By: priscilla on 06/08/2003
English pen-pal
Hi, I'm a 23yr old english medical student, and I'm going to be working in NZ for a couple of months next year. I'd really love to learn a bit of the language & about the culture before I come, so please email me any time!!!
Posted By: Holly-Georgina on 07/08/2003
Hello! I am a australian aborginal girl aged 23 seeking email friends from the same age group male or female I find your culture very interesting and would like to learn more hope to hear from you soon Stacey
Posted By: Stacey on 22/08/2003
I'd like to have a epal friend from Tonga
Posted By: kristiin on 29/08/2003
Looking for female pals
Hello, I`m Anette from Germany, 42 years, mom of 2 kids. I`m looking for female pals near my age to hear about your interesting culture and about daily life. I would be happy to hear from you. No men please.Thanks a lot.
Posted By: Anette on 01/09/2003
Write me if you want to have a friend
Hi:) I'm 20 years female from Lithuania. If you want to have a friend just write me:)
Posted By: Kriste on 06/09/2003
wanting to learn Maori language
15 american, ne1 willing to teach me to speak Maori id be more than happy to teach them a language i know. i speak fluent spanish. also speak a little Japanese and Sumerian. (if ne1 knows who the Sumerians were).
Posted By: Gringo on 13/09/2003
Hello everybody. Moving to NZ in five years (when daughter graduates), and wanting to have friends to visit when I get there. Of English background, living in Adelaide. My heart pulling me to Whangerai. 49, thrice married, literate, funny, still searching.
Posted By: Helen on 15/09/2003
Learn Maori
Still wanting to learn Maori bros...^^
Posted By: Gringo on 17/09/2003
Pen Pals
I am unmarried Catholic lady of age 54,pls,write me.
Miss. Shanti de Silva
114,Tewatte Road,Ragama,Sri Lanka.

Posted By: shanti on 21/09/2003
Maori Love Song ( Any response yet)
Ki a koe TURI 28/8/03 Tena Koe

Have you had any positive response to your request for the waiata Flying on the wings of an "eagle" (or is it "angel")I too heard this waiata sung at my uncles tangi and fell in love with it. PLEASE if you have words/tune waea me.

Kia Ora.
Posted By: Marge Taha on 24/09/2003
looking for whanau and old friends

Posted By: mel nuku - tumoana on 30/09/2003
Native American seeking info about Maori
Hi! I am a Native American from Montana and I am seeking Infomation about the Maori people. I am also in search of a pen pal/e-pal. I am a 20 year old Female in search of a maori friend. I am a Sophmore in college and I am trying to find out the simularities in our cultures.
Posted By: Randi Shortman on 07/10/2003
would like to have Maories penpals and e-pals
I think that Maori people are gorgeous, beautiful,and have a rich and beautiful story behind them. I would love to meet some maori friends. Thank you. xxx
Posted By: Stéphanie on 10/10/2003

Good Wishes for you & yours family. Lot of thanks to you for your Virtual Visit on my web.

I am 28 years-smart single young Businessman. I am searching a fresh-minded female/women/girl who think & feel me every time in deeply & lovely. I want with her long Tram Relation Ship. I also stay with her every good moment & enjoy both every passing second.

In the end I send her all the love of my heart only for you.

With best wishes & my Infinity love.

Ishtiak H.


Posted By: Ishtiak H on 15/10/2003
ke te pai
Posted By: Maria Mcnaught on 25/10/2003
learn ngapuhi languge
Posted By: NELLIE-MARIA ILES ( KINGI) on 11/11/2003
Interesting, young german woman is looking for Maori-Penpals
Hello everybody, I´m Larissa,23 years old from Germany. I´m interestet in the culture of the maori a lot and I´m looking for a open minded Maori-Penpal. Age 23-30 Years
Posted By: Larissa on 11/11/2003
a pen pal wanted
Hello! I´m searching for a pen pal from New Zealand to experience the land passively before moving there in about one year. I´d also like to learn something about the Maori and the language. Write me, please! Your Indy

Posted By: Indy on 11/11/2003
Looking for pen-pals
Hi there,

my name in Flora and I'm 26. I'm italian but currently I'm living in France.

I'm really interested in meeting people from Nz because I love the country and culture, so I'm wondering wether you might be interested in becoming a email-pal of mine! (^___^)
Posted By: Flora on 15/11/2003
Searching for new friends
Hello My Name Is Millie Or Mildred I Am Looking For New Friends From NZ I Love The Maori People I Love The Dances And Would Love To Learn Your Culture And Language
And Anything And Everything Else About The Wonderful Maori People
Posted By: Millie on 24/11/2003
looking for maori friend

Kia Ora
I am a 30 year old,younger looking,female from germany.I feel a very strong,emotional conection to polynesian culture,exspecialy to aotearoa.I wish a deep friendchip and even more with a maori male.I am single and a sculpting artist.
Posted By: heanahera on 24/11/2003
I need someone to help me...FAST!
Hi! I am a college student from TN, USA. I visited NZ once before, about 2 years ago...and I became very interested in the Maouri dances.
Therefore, I have chosen to do a report on the Maouri dances and rituals....due on Dec 1. PLEASE, if you can....HELP ME! For I have forgotten must of the information and history that I learned while in NZ.
I love to write penpals and learn about history...please help me...I will be a life long friend! (o=
Posted By: Megan Carlton on 25/11/2003
I would like to have a Maori penfriend
I would like to write letters and emails to a Maori penfriend. I am learning Maori and am interested in Maori life and culture. I'm 36, from Russia, speak English and Polish.
Posted By: Evgeniy Shmelev on 27/11/2003
looking for a moari e-pal
I am going to New Zealand this winter for a study abroad and wanted to learn about the Moari culture before heading down there. Was wondering if there was anyone interested in being an e-pal for the next few weeks before I leave and would be willing to give me some information.
Posted By: Heidi on 29/11/2003
this is just to say that a powhiri will be held at the ratana church next week on the 10th of december.

see you all there.

na reira tena koutou tena koutou tena ra tatou katoa
Posted By: jaime fletcher on 01/12/2003
Seeking Maori pen-friend teacher and teacher
a chiese extraction Aussie wishing to learn more about Maori culture - - - history, traditons, beliefs, songs, harka, stories, foods,etc.
Posted By: Joe on 03/12/2003
Seek pen-friend and teacher
I am an Aussie of Chinese extraction hoping to learn more of Maori culture _ _ _ beliefs, tradition, songs, history, haka, food, etc.
Posted By: Joe on 03/12/2003
Kia ora. I've noticed that nobody ever bothers to respond to these e-pal links. Maori ppl dont seem to be be proud that so many ppl are interested in their rich culture, history, etc. I have never had a response. Prove me wrong, e-mail me and show me that you are proud to be maori and share your culture! Take a chance and be rewarded with a friend. Ke kite.
Posted By: Kerissa on 15/12/2003
Kia ora.
I am 14, and was raised Maori, but was adopted and brought to the U.S. when I was seven. I would like to speak Maori a lot better then I do, like I did when I lived in the culture. If any one wants to be my pal, email me:
Posted By: Zoey on 16/12/2003
Interested in learning from the people of Aotearoa
Kia ora, I am of Hawaiian decent and is very interesting in learning more about the Maori people from the people themselves, I am frequently browsing the many different sites but yet to find someone I can correspond with. If anyone is interested in sharing their proud bloodline, their rich country's history as well as make friends please email me. ka kite
Posted By: Lani on 16/12/2003
Maori Pen Pal / E- Pal wanted for friendship
I am looking for a female pen pal/e-pal in the age group of 50 pluss. I have Maori blood in me from my father's side and would like to have a lasting friendship. I am Australian. Hope to hear from someone very soon.
Posted By: Annette Ryan on 26/12/2003
Looking for Female share with Business Invest.
I am Smart Good Looking Smart Man seaching a female (married) who response me to Business Mission in NZ. Please write me with eMail address to

Posted By: H ishtiak (e Mail me on 27/12/2003
Searching Female from London
Smart salary will be offer for select candidate female are request to apply with eMail adddress.

Posted By: H ishtiak (e Mail me on 27/12/2003
New Friend Today
This afternoon, New Years eve, I met a wonderful new spirited woman in the Maori section of the Christchurch library who helped me find this and many other wonderful Maori web sites - if she reads this I would like her to email me in Canada so that I may ask her more questions so that my study of the Maori language and culture is enhanced by her wonderful manner, wisdom and mana.
Cheers, Paul
Posted By: Paul on 31/12/2003
An apology.
I am very sorry if my earlier comment was taken as an insult by anyone. My intention was not to insult the Maori culture or it's people. I deeply respect the Maori and did not realise that my message could be interpreted as such.
Posted By: Kerissa on 12/01/2004
Just looking for some e-pals to chat with...
The Daver

Posted By: Dave on 18/01/2004
Friendship and Cultural Interest
I'm 17 year old female still in high school as a Junior. I am seeking pen pals that have Maori blood so that I can learn about the culture. I am a Native American of Ganado, Arizona. Just email me, I have an interesting culture as well.
Posted By: Etta on 21/01/2004
Looking for a long lost love
I am looking for Antony Mark Waldron son of Marlene and Antony Waldron from Taupo. they still live there but I don´t know their son´s (the love of my life) whereabouts. I´m from Brazil, please help me out!
Posted By: Alba Cobra on 30/01/2004
looking for a old school friend
Looking for Tawa Wilson. Just wanna know if he's doin well at whatever he is doin wit himself. Just a note to say hello. He always hung out wit my cousin Cliff Hawkins and the rest of the clan at Gisborne Intermediate. You might remember me as being the one that get round of saying the numbers on the board when Mr Hansen was our teacher, if anyone know oof where bouts he is please just say hi to him from Roberta
Posted By: roberta campbell on 01/02/2004
Searching A Friend In Auckland
I'm David from Croatia (europe) and I want turn on a new leaf in my life. I'm trying to move in Auckland, and I want found some friend there...
Posted By: David on 02/02/2004
Brazilian Teacher
Ki ora kotou!
I'm braziian and I got a CD from the group Waihirere and I'd like to get the lyrics of the songs in this CD.
Who can help me?????
Posted By: Antonio Cardoso on 03/02/2004
need maori boy baby names
Kia ora kotou, i am origionally from nz but have been in aussie for 11 years i am hapu and having a boy and i need suggestions on maori boy names to name my son.
anything, so if anyone has any suggestions feel free to contact me pls
Posted By: alice on 05/02/2004
looking for whanau
please holla @me
Posted By: chantelle Tokona on 10/02/2004
Learning Maori
Kia ora; I was born in Aoteaora but moved back to Britain when i was almost two, and have been living in Wales for almost fourteen years. I really want to learn Maori - if anyone wants to e-mail me so that i can practise it will be most appreciated.
Posted By: Kiri on 25/02/2004
searching for whanau
kia ora,i am doing a research of the waihi family,who comes from gisbourne right up to the east coast,my dad name is john hunara boysie waihi,he has about 4 sisters and 2 brothers,i only no 2 of his sisters which are egypt,tui,there brother is name moss waihi,if anyone no this whanau,please send me a air mail as i have got some photos back in 1966.
Posted By: aroha on 26/02/2004
I am 28+ male (MBA) looking female to create family

I am H ishtiak (MBA,USA) 28+ looking for a female age 17-28 yrs of origen of NZ any city to create a happy family.
Please e-mail me when you free......

Posted By: H ishtiak on 06/03/2004
Seeking male Maori friends in Aus/anywhere
Kia Ora!
28yo white Aussie guy who loves Maori/Polynesian people and culture, would love to hear from any Maori guys any age for penpal. If you live in/near Sydney Aus maybe we could even meet up?
I'm into theatre/creative arts, I do a bit of writing (stage scripts, short prose, some song lyrics) and also into fantasy literature (especially fantasy/mythological creatures like Minotaur, Werewolf, Lizardman etc), true stories of the supernatural/bizarre/creepy, wrestling (in fact my interest in the local pro scene here was started by a Fijian wrestler. I also know of at least one Maori wrestler here in NSW), and other stuff, heck, ask me!
Posted By: Adam on 10/03/2004
lookin for someone to teach me
hey, just looking for someone to teach me more about the traditions and culture on maori. i'm am very interested on learning much of teh culture. . hit me up ~peace
Posted By: Torey on 15/03/2004
please write to me if you want to share your knowledge about haka. Main interest is 'way of the warrior', a code for living responsibly. Male and female perspectives both interesting.
kia ora
Posted By: Ambrosio on 16/03/2004
Pen pals
Kia Ora!!
I`m from Brazil looking for friends to learn about maori culture and te reo !!!!
Hope hear from someone soon!!!!
Bye Deb
Posted By: Debora on 17/03/2004
Move to NZ!
I am looking to move to New Zealand. Need help. 19/f
Posted By: Kristen on 19/03/2004

kia ora!!
I am 16-year-old boy.And I am really eager to know about
Maori.Hence, I'm looking for Maori pen-pals(e-pals).
Please mail me! If you want me to be a penpal,
I will tell you my address.
I'm waiting for your mail!!
Posted By: Fujii on 25/03/2004
pen pals
"c" is for cookie..and that's good enough for me! Hello, native female scoping the web for pen pals! I'm pushing law to travel, read, sports, dance...and meet new people! So give me a shout out and let me know what the weather is like today!! lol
Posted By: michelle on 28/03/2004
looking for friends
Hi there, I'm a 33 year old female living in Italy, married, back home from NZ two weeks ago. I miss its people & culture so I'm looking for e-pals/penpals around my age, just to share interests and language. Would love to hear from you, please write soon! 🙂
Posted By: stella on 07/04/2004
looking for maori pen pals
I'm from W.Australia and I would love to have a Maori penpal or even just a person from New Zealand to email me. I absolutely LOVE New Zealand and its hokey pokey icecream aswell as cherry jubilee!! I also love fishing the rivers and lakes.
Posted By: Samantha on 07/04/2004
Maori Penpal
Hi there, I am a 24 year old Native American female. I would like to have a Maori penpal (email or written letters), male or female, any age. We can exchange info on our cultures or just chat about anything. I have lots of interests. Please email I would love to hear from anyone!
Posted By: Nahni on 09/04/2004
Thank you for your time x
Hello, I am a 23 year old student nurse from England. I am coming over to New Zealand on 26th June 2004 to work for 6 weeks in Auckland as part of my university degree course. I will then have the opportunity to travel for 3 weeks from Auckland to Christchurch where I will fly home. I would love to learn about Maori culture and traditions whilst in New Zealand. Please, if you have time, could anybody email me to let me know where I should visit to learn more? I would be very grateful. Thank you x
Posted By: Louise Hayward on 10/04/2004
Our family live in Aussie. I am english my husband is Maori Our NZ-born oldest daughter would like a pen pal FEMALE ONLY prefer someone living in NZ and Maori or Maori background. We are a Catholic family and prefer catholic penpal too. Her interests are swimming,music,reading and fishing. If you are a nice friendly, respectable girl age 15 -16 friendly and understand your culture a little,and have many interests, please email us at THANKS
Posted By: for my daughter age 15 on 13/04/2004
Hello from Canada!
I was very fortunate to have seen some Maori Dancers in Canada about 15 years ago, in Hobbema, Alberta. I would be interested in a penpal and I'm hoping to come and visit in about 18 months!! Debs
Posted By: Debbie Anderson on 15/04/2004
pen friends
Seeking longtime penfriends? I´m 36 yrs old lady from Finland.Intrests: sports,travelling etc.
Posted By: Mirjami on 18/04/2004
recently returned home after her fathers untimely passing is justine toki staying in kaipi with family in order to get in touch with family and her roots her first trip home in over 25 years congragulations on youre brave decision to go jus we here in aus miss u like crazy good luck bubba damon.
Posted By: damon mariani on 23/04/2004
Kia ora peeps......... I'm a Maori living and breathing in Aotearoa, my home my family.....If anyone wants help on anything or just to chat hit me up at my email address at kite......mehigh
Posted By: MEHIGH on 03/05/2004
Want a Maori husband
I'm from South African decend, very attractive small build, sexy body so they all say! green eyes, long sraight brown hair, divorced my kids lives in Australia with my (ex-husband. On a visit to NZ, I fell in-love with the Maori People & Culture. i some-how feel a strange connection to the Maori people, and are there-for looking to meet a nice Divorced Maori male!!
Posted By: Sumaya Woksam on 04/05/2004
To the Maori People!
I'm very interested in your culture & your people, I feel a strange connection to the Maori people and wish i had more time (while visiting NZ) to learn about your culture.Recently visited your country and Hey all I talk about is the Maori people! I love you!!! Rotorau, Wangarai,Pahia, Orewa, I miss you MADLY!! promise to be back soon.
Posted By: Sumaya Woksam on 04/05/2004
Kia ora everyone. I would like to thank everyone who has responded to my challenge. Through this website I have made so many wonderful friends who are proudly Maori and have shared with me their beautiful culture and te reo. I have made friends young and old, male and female and am so grateful for them all. I just hope that everyone who has asked for a penpal makes friends as wonderful as mine. Arohanoi, naku noa, Keri. (",)
Posted By: Kerissa Naidu on 08/05/2004
Kiwi penpal
Hi, just looking for any Pakeha or Maori penpals around 16 years old who want to have someone to write to. I'm a 15 year old Australian living in England, feel free to drop a line!
Posted By: Lis on 08/05/2004
Posted By: Sam on 08/05/2004
Long lost lover
I lived in Ngaruawahia moved to Australia Sydney but i liked this boy i wished so bad to go out with him but it was to late i was living the next day and i was busy all that week so i didnt have time to tell him how i felt but i just wanted to that i like you so much i wanted to asked you out you pretty much know who im talking about you know what your name is people call you Tama
Posted By: Tapui Tamaki Takerei Clark Mackie on 09/05/2004
Penpal/E pals
Looking for NZ penpal/e pal (female/male) that can speak and write in maori. Ex kiwi (36f) m, 2 kids living in the US needs practice learning her language.
Posted By: Verine Cheesbro (nee Ormsby) on 12/05/2004
looking for pen pals in nz
Hi I am a 10 year old maori boy living in Australia. Would like to make friends with anyone. I was born in Auckland and my whanau come from Gisborne. All emails answered
Ka kite
Posted By: Pehimana Poki on 17/05/2004
I live England at the moment but would like to make friends with people out in NZ, I have family there and would look to come over and live there for a while. Email if you would like to chat.
Posted By: Lis on 17/05/2004
Looking For Maaori Pene-pal or E-pal
Kia ora,
Looking for a maaori pene-pal or e-pal. I'm a 19 year old female and looking for a tangata around te rite tonu age, I love te outdoors,partying, learning other peoples culture,te music i whakarongo te is rap, hip hop and RnB, I only moohio a ririki of the maaori language and would love to learn more.I have a few Maaori friends and they gave me the idea of learning maaori. I hope to hear from someone soon.

Posted By: Kathleen Benn on 25/05/2004
16 years old having a kid
im 16 years old and have landed my self in a sticky mess, i have an x maori partner that doesnt give tooooo hoots about me and no support i was looking for some one that could help me reach out to him and bring him into mine and my babys life again and for him to get off DRUGS and stop sleeping around
Posted By: Aimee on 25/05/2004
wanting penpows or friends
Kia ora koutou I'm 47 and from nga puhi seeking penpows, epows, to write to. speak a little maori, looking at returning home later this year because I'm living in christchurch at preseent. would like to hear from anyone that wants to chat, and I'm also totaly blind, but very independent. look forward to hear from anyone

naku no na,

Posted By: Rewi Noa on 01/06/2004
Maori email pal

I’m a 29 year old female from the USA. I have developed an interest in Maori culture and art, and would like a Maori email pal to teach me a little bit about his or her culture.

Thank You,

Posted By: Karen on 03/06/2004
I dream New Zealand
Clear days and magic nights!
Allow me to introduce myself.
I’m thirty two. I am Ukrainian man, who speak English a little.
I live at the Black Sea in Yalta. I work in the bank.
I like to read, to hike, to swim, to work Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, to create fairy clips and I love Yoga, Meditation, Karlos Kastaneda and Tolkien.
I live in magic place. It name is Crimea. I love it very much!
The Crimea is, indeed, a unique natural spot on the globe. With its area of only 26 000 sq. km this patch of land is a blend of different corners of the world.
Any newcomer to the Crimea is sure to find here a small portion of his own homeland. On the peninsula, Nature has brought together landscapes of alpine meadows and American deserts with mesas, boundless Asian steppes and swamped Middle Russian fields. Here one can find impassable “taiga” windfallen trees and meager landscapes of polar tundras, sands spits of Baltic countries and steep coastal slopes of Sicily. Here the beauty of karst caves adjoins the beauty of water-falls and spectacular canyons…
By most favourable recreational climatic conditions, the South Coast resorts are among the top five world’s leaders and share one rating group with the resorts of South France.
In the Crimea well developed walking and cycling tourism, rock-climbing and alpinism, speleotourism, diving, education tourism.
I love the Nature New Zealand too. It calls to me…
I very much love Japanese poems,Maori, Sea and flowers…

You do not doubt
The sea has your own spring…
The flowers of surf…

My heart lives into this poem together with sea, flowers and Mazuo Basyo…

I’ll dream to meet the girl who loves Wild Nature, likes to travel and wants to correspond with a foreign friend. I should like improve my English and in change to teach her Russian.
And if she is elfgirl my dreams and my heart to marry for love…
Your sincerely

Posted By: melted_dreams on 06/06/2004
Posted By: MEHIGH on 08/06/2004
Would like to learn more
Kia Ora,

My name is Sharlene and I am 27 years old. I completed the last 6 months of my masters degree in social work at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. I am American and am now back home working, however my partner is a New Zealander. I hope to begin job searching to return to NZ in October, but recognize that 6 months of knowledge is simply not enough to practice social work competently. I soaked as much Maori and Pacific Island cultural in as I could while there, but I am looking for someone who is willing to be patient with me and share more information on the Maori culture, viewpoints on what is happening politically in NZ with relation to Maori affairs(I keep up with all of the NZ newspapers), and anything else that will help me to improve my understanding of the Maori experience in New Zealand. I thank you in advance for you help.
Posted By: Sharlene on 09/06/2004
Looking for Nga Pui relatives
Ki ora
I'm really interested in finding some of my relatives up north,
My dad's name was Jack Ingersoll
He was from the Bay of Islands, I do know that i have cousins in Dargaville..
Lost contact with them..

If you know any thing about my family
Please let me know as soon as possible..
I live in Auckland

Ka Kite

Posted By: Angela-Marie Ingersoll on 11/06/2004
women who men
i wish to have a woman that need a husband so that can build up family from u.s europe and asian 20 -28
Posted By: ndikum on 12/06/2004
Posted By: RAVEN KNIGHT on 15/06/2004
pen pals

Posted By: Davinia kirikiri on 04/07/2004
Hi my name is davinia and i am 11 years old i am of maori decent and hve been given a callenge at skool i have to write an essay of every thing i now about the maori battalion and i dont now any thing about it so please can some one help me

ps: i am also looking for a friend.
Posted By: DAVINA KIRIKIRI on 04/07/2004
Penpals - E pals
Very Nice

Posted By: Kamal Pasha on 12/07/2004
Looking a Maori Female for friendship
I am Parves. I want a Maori Female friend. I want her golden touch for every day, every hours, every night and every moment. is my
Posted By: Parves on 12/07/2004
Interested in E Pals
Hello, I am a Yankton Sioux Dakota woman from the US, I am curious about the Maori culture and people. I'm 23 years old and currently attending an all Native American Univeristy in the States. I'm so interested in meeting some e pals, and some flirt pals...hit me up if you'd like to get to know me. There is a picture of me at this site,
Posted By: Brooklyn on 16/07/2004
seeking connection with maori women
since my dear maori friend returned to hawkes bay with her american husband and two children; i've lost all contact with the wonderful maori people - friends and relatives who used to come to washington, DC to visit her. save for the "all blacks" the occaisional maori film (whale rider & once were warriors) ... i am in a constant state of limbo. as to the people of polynesian islands; a more warm and open people have i yet to meet.

i would love to correspond with a maori woman involved in either arts and culture (socio-political issues) or sport

love & peace to you all ...

(originally kwazulu-natal, south africa
Posted By: owen on 17/07/2004
Tena koe form Germany
Hi, I'm Sarah, English, teaching efl in Germany. I lived in NZ until I was nearly five and then HAD to move back to UK with family very much against my wishes! We lived in, Auckland, "Poverty bay" and Port Chamas (have I spelled that right?) Right now I 'm wanting to re-learn maori, which I used to know but have completely forgotten. Also just to generally say hi!
Posted By: Sarah on 29/07/2004
Keeping it Real Hook Up Whanau
Looking for the magic back into my life and sharing the Maori Culture 2 someone of a other Culture has to be 25to 35
Kiaora Talofa Malo Mauri ora
Posted By: Riikau on 29/07/2004
looking 4 a maori penpal
bula. my name is kinnie & i'm from Fiji. m interested in Maori culture & people.. i'm 22yrs & in tertiary(Fiji institute of technology) m alsointo rugby, the internet, pacific island muzik, rap/hip hop & a bit of reggae..looking 4 a maori girl or boy btwn the ages of 21-25.
laterz...ka kite
Posted By: Kinnie on 06/08/2004