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These are the postings from the orginal news board. Sadly we do not have all of the records, but these cover from 2000 – 2004

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Maori food before the arrival of the Pakeha
I am doing a project on the development of cuisine in New Zealand and should like to know more about what the Maoris ate before the arrival of the Pakeha. What vegetables, berries, fruit did they have beside the kumara? How did they prepare it..Hangis are so time consuming, did they have other methods? Which birds did they like the best for food and which fish featured most often in their diet? Can anyone help me here? Which pakeha foods did they adopt at first? What did they grow in their gardens before the pakeha? Grateful for any assistance. Jan
Posted By: Jan Christie on 03/10/2000
Kia ora Koutou, can anyone help in suggesting where I may purchase piupiu
We are a kapahaka group in Te Tau Ihu who are looking to make a purchase
Also any info that people may have on where to source funding etc would be greatly appreciated
Shane McKenzie
Posted By: Shane McKenzie on 04/10/2000
Waiata and Maori people in Germany
Hi and kia ora!
I live in Germany and I like so much Maori waiata (which I got to know during a NZ-trip las year. If someone could tell me about the meaning (and translation?) of the song "Karu, Karu, .. ka pehi aue ... ka haere ki te ora mou...", this would be excellent. - And are there any Maori people in Germany? I would like so much to contact you. Waiting for your answer, and buy for now, Ines Angela
Posted By: Ines Angela Hartmann on 07/10/2000
the maori net
Does anyone know what has happened to the maori net on this site? There used to be an address listing in alphabetical order.
Posted By: George Rata on 10/10/2000
Translation to E Ipo
Hi! Does anyone know the translations to the song "E Ipo" by Prince Tui Teka? It's a beautiful song and I'd like to know the meaning of the song. Thanks 🙂
Posted By: Lisa on 13/10/2000
Traditional and contemporary Maori aspects of time
Could anyone please tell me 3 differences between maori traditional and contemporary aspects of time. example,
how did the maori years ago have hui compared to today etc
Posted By: Kate on 16/10/2000
Maori Education Theory approaches
Hi can anyone tell me what the theoretical approaches to Maori Education are? Ay help would be great!Thanks
Posted By: N.P on 18/10/2000
E Te Ariki
Sorry to bother you.

I would be grateful if you could let me know how to find out background information about a Maori song, "E Te Ariki" such as the year written, the writer etc. I was able to track down the words but nothing else.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yu Sakakibara
Public Affairs Officer
New Zealand Embassy, Tokyo
Posted By: Yu Sakakibara on 20/10/2000
Tena koutou katoa kua tau mai ki runga i teenei wharangi o te PAPA PANUI. Too koutou waimarie hoki!
First of all I'd just like to say kia Ora to who ever came up with the idea of having a papapaanui. Its been awesome coming here and checking up with who wants to know what, who's having a Reunion, or even Tauiwi from all over the world wanting to know about Nga Tikanga Maori and all the other things that our rich culture has to offer.
I love this page mainly because it keeps me infromed of what is happening back home in Aotearoa seeing that Im all the way over here in Canada working for a Dance Company (Kapa-Haka Group) thats based here in Niagara Falls. I guess that internet as a whole has made Aotearoa seem alot more closer to me. Well I guess I have ranted on long enough, but keep the korero rolling and I'll be a happy little maori.

Aroha nui

Te-Arikirangi Barry (BAZZ) Mamaku

Feel free to visit my webpage :

Posted By: Te-Arikirangi Mamaku on 01/11/2000
traditional navigation and care for environment
Kia ora,
I am working for more than one year now on a subject about the revival of traditional navigation in the Pacific and, in this frame, I have already been to both Hawaii and french Polynesia, where I started producing images with the help of the Polynesian Voyaging Society and Nainoa Thompson (you probabily know).

As this project of mine is going forward, I am starting to think to plan trips to Micronesia, Aotearoa, as well as Cook islands...

My project has two sides :

1) As a photographer and journalist, I am working on this "middle/long" term project on assignement for major french/european magazines,

2) As long as I have a DEA degree (which is the equivalent of the first year of Phd...) in "ethno-ecology" (environement and societies), I am going further - in parallel to my photojournlistic activities - to a Phd degree (with the global project of investigating and maybe developping the link between traditional navigation in the Pacific, colonization process and traditonal knowledge and experience of "environment management/care" of land and fishing areas of/by the Pacific people).
In that second frame, I am working for french ethnologic, anthropologic and ecology major universities and institutions (Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Musée de l'Homme/Société des Océnanistes, Institut de Recherche et Développement (IRD) etc...), and this work is also linked with official programs on conservation of the traditional knowledge throughout the world.

That is why I am asking for some relevant informations/help from you, regarding my global project as follows :

1- I have heard there are - in Aotearoa - Maori traditional local organization(s) for protection and care for the environnement - all this according to traditional Maori relationship with nature : is that right, and if it is the case, could I get more informations about these organisations : names, contacts, goals and present actions ?

2- In this respect, do you have contacts of university scientists specialists in Maori culture/colonisation process and traditional knowledge of care for nature ?

3- Do you know what is going on regarding traditional navigation as long as New Zealand is concerned (Te aurere and/or other Wakas) ? I have heard of a "Vaka Moana" / UNESCO related project over there : do you know more about its development ?

Anyhow, all this is a first contact, and I hope you will be able and willing to help me getting further in that project... I really think they are many other ways you could help me with this project, but everything has a start.

I remain at your disposal whenever you would need any more informations about the magazines I am representing, my past works (I made several photojournalistics work in Africa...), as well as the global - and more scientific - side of the project.

Many thanks in advance (Merci : french, Mahalo : Hawaiian, Maruru : french polynesian - I don't know "thank you" in maori language !...) for your prompt reponse and attention.


Christophe Mercier.
Posted By: Christophe Mercier (photojournalist and 1st year Phd in ethno-ecology) on 01/11/2000
Te Arawa
Kia Ora. I am a young maori woman living in Australia who is looking to gain more knowledge about my moari culture and tribe of origin. I know I am of the Te Awara tribe, so if anyone has any information that can help me please forward it to my guardians email address. Thanks Jade
Ka Ki Te
Posted By: Jade on 02/11/2000
Tuwharetoa contact details around the Otukou & Parekawa Marae

Posted By: Tairi Mataio on 03/11/2000
Tuwharetoa Information PLEASE!!!!!
Kia Ora and Kia Orana, My name is Tairi Mataio and would very much like to find out from any one out there if they could help me in giving me any information of any contact details, phone numbers, addresses and names of persons relating to or has close contact with the following 2 maraes namely; "OTUKOU" and "PAREKAWA". As far as I understand these 2 maraes are down by Rotorua or Taupo.

Urgently needed, PLEASE!!!! I can be contacted by email on

No reira Kia Orana e Kia Manuia.
Posted By: Tairi Mataio on 03/11/2000
Trying to find land.
Can someone please tell me how I can find out what land my father has. He has got some up North as well as the middle of the North Island.
I just want a starting point and then I can carry on, on my own. I just have no idea where to start. any help will be very much appreciated.
Thank You,
Vicky Lewis.
Posted By: Vicky Lewis (nee Abraham/ Aperahama) on 04/11/2000
Traditional Maori Medicine and Healing
I live in Montclair, New Jersey in USA. I will be coming to Aukland in February, 2001. For a research project, I would to hear from any mewdical doctors who integrate traditional Maori medicine in their medical treatments. Please contact me by E-mail at
I will truly appreciate any help with this.
Thank you, Raymond siegener
Posted By: Raymond siegener on 05/11/2000
Te Atiawa
I am trying to find information/history about the Te Atiawa tribe and if there is a specific or unique art design for
the Te Atiawa tribe that symbolises Te Atiawa.
If there is, do you know where I may be able to find it.

Rikki Baker

Posted By: Rikki Baker on 11/11/2000

Posted By: the james family on 20/11/2000
Any Mori Organisations In Melbourne, Australia
Kia Ora,
Just a quick question to see weather there are any Maori Organisations in Melbourne. With my interest in MAori culture it would be good to know if I can access anything here in Melbourne.
Thanks heaps
Posted By: Phillip Arnott on 22/11/2000
Nga Whenua Rahui
Kia Ora,

I am looking for someone who has had some practical experience with Nga Whenua Rahui or knows the process well.

Posted By: Dennis Rolleston on 28/11/2000
What are the carvings called?
What are the carvings called?
Posted By: Parato on 28/11/2000
sport and fitness
I would like information on grants with teenage Maori children into sports (rep & auckland/nz) teams.I would also like to offer my services as a personal fitness instructor if any one is interested.I have been trying to get an email address for Maori Womens Health.Thanks
Posted By: Kim Hitchens on 29/11/2000
Ta Moko
I am trying to find out information on Ta Moko experts in the Bay of Plenty, Rotorua or Northland area - as I would like to attend any upcoming wananga being held 2001 regarding Ta Moko email or phone
021 642 825.
Posted By: Hazel on 01/12/2000
Searching for Kath Mclean
This is a message for Kath Mclean. She asked a question here about her grandfather Ivan Matoe, but I lost her email address. Kath, if you stop by and get this, send me a reply and I can tell you what I know.
Posted By: David Matoe on 06/04/2002
a Maori song
I am looking for a Maori song that I learned many years ago. The words begin something like this...Au we, au we, kamate au u, A hi ne ho ki ma re... If possible, I would like to know the name of this song, all the words and where I might get a recording of it. Thank you, Kaila
Posted By: Kaila on 07/04/2002
i want to learn how to speak moari
Posted By: Kate on 07/04/2002
Deer velvet cultivation
I heard a story about a Maori practice of flying helicopters into the wilderness to hunt for deer velvet, swooping down on the deer and wrestling them to the ground, cutting off the velvet and flying away to sell the velvet for medicine. I know that deer velvet is used all over the world to improve health, but what about this gung-ho practice of diving for deer with helicopters? Is this fact or myth? If fact, does the practice still exist? I am interested in writing a story about it, and am looking for more information. Please help. Thanks
Posted By: Eric on 08/04/2002
NEED to Learn!
HAY, im alex from NZ at tauranga, and i have moved here to aussie, and i need to lean more about the langue i wish to learn it coz its my culture u seee? im only 16 and i dont want it to be to late to kno it all! does anyone kno any sites that have a learning spot! if ya do plz email me coz i wont check here much!
Posted By: Alexandra Searancke on 10/04/2002
Maori legend
Are there any Maori legends regarding the creation of the Southern Alps and the surrounding topographical formations? I am a university student constructing research for a mountain geography course and was hoping to apply information about how the Maori see the Alps, Fiordland, rivers, paths and canyons. thank you!!!!!
Posted By: Brin on 12/04/2002
Hi I would like to know what the Maori name Hiramai means?
I have been told it is the name of a prayer, and would like to get hold of it, but I have also been told it means "bring abundance" if anybody has any ideas I would love to hear them.
Posted By: Loralie on 18/04/2002
Tamati Ngapora
I am seeking descendants of the Maori Lay preacher Tamati Ngapora (Ngati Mahuta Iwi) who lived at Mangere Bridge in the 1850's. He helped build St James Church. His daughter Hera married Tawhiao the second Maori King.
Posted By: Garth Houltham on 22/04/2002
I would like to know of the names of the canoes, mountains,rivers,tribes and sub-tribes of our Maori people. Would be great if we could have a site with all this information listed.
Posted By: Hine on 29/04/2002
Fabrics with Maori designs
Does anyone know of a supplier of fabrics with Maori designs printed?
Posted By: Mary Strickland on 30/04/2002
What is the meaning of kowhaiwhai in relation to the creative process?

Posted By: Yasmin Lazarus on 03/05/2002
Need Opinions
I have been asked to do some research on the growing risk of ethnic polarization in New Zealand. I have been able to get a lot of historical data, but could any of you help me out on the current status of the Maori people as it regards discrimination. Also, is the government doing anything to correct problems in the future? Do you feel the Maori and Pakeha live side-by-side in harmony today? Do the Maori people have any plans for future improvements?

Am not looking for a long paper -- just hoped someone out there could give me their personal thoughts.

Posted By: Judy on 07/05/2002
Seeking Moko Information
I am an artist based in Leiester, England and have recently become interested in Polynesian and Maori artwork and tattoos. I am interested in their meanings and origins as well as seeing some examples for myself. If anyone knows of any good sources of information on this subject, I would love to hear from you -- many thanks
Posted By: Inanity on 07/05/2002
Posted By: Darcy Little on 13/05/2002
crooked earth
does anyone know where i can purchase the movie crooked earth on dvd?! i have been looking everywhere and i haven't had any luck. thanks 🙂
Posted By: lisa on 31/05/2002
I need to know about the types of houses maoris used to live in

Posted By: Marika Beitzel on 04/06/2002
how do I trace my maori ancestry? I know my great grandfather was a "Brass" or "Paraihi" born in Ahipara, Northland. He was in the 28th Maori Batallion.
I need to know about my 'bones'.
Posted By: possumkiwi on 08/06/2002
Paitaiohi Whakataitai Regionals and Nationals
Kia Ora koutou! Well I'm just wondering when these are going to be held - both Regionals and Nationals. If anyone knows - just tell me. Thanx.
Ka kite ano!

Posted By: Tracy Karaitiana on 14/06/2002
Maori celebrations
I'm a teacher, and was wondering if you would have any information on some Maori celebrations, that would help me teach my primary school class.
corrina Wood
Posted By: Corrina Wood on 17/06/2002
Needing assistance with a waiata
Kiaora te whanau, I know I should know this but my mind keeps going blank, I need help with the Lyrics to Kotiro Maori e, from Ngati Kahungunu, Arohatinonui ki a koutou hara mai ki te tautoko koa
Posted By: hohipera on 22/06/2002
Do you believe we are all one people in NZ and should all be treated equally?
Posted By: fetu on 25/06/2002
'young nicks head' Gisborne
who is organising the protest for this land? When, where, time??? need to know in order to get the message out to NZers to coordinate mobilisation. We must stop this sale. Urgent contact me or forward me contacts,
Posted By: Lorraine Norris on 27/06/2002
Inquiry from the States
I have had a document forwarded to me that states that the Maori have declared war on the government of New Zealand. Is this accurate? Please let me know whether this is true and also any links to this information.

Thank you.
Posted By: Nadja Lee Russell on 09/07/2002
translation needed
If anyone could translate this sentence for me, I'd be forever grateful.

"Kei te pehi a koe kai korero kita wahine ano ano no arohanui akeake ake"

Thank you so much to anyone who can assist!
Posted By: Rebecca on 11/07/2002
translation is what you wrote: Kei te pehi a koe kai korero kita wahine ano ano no arohanui akeake ake.
I have been studying Te Reo Maori for a while, im not an expert ..but here is what I think.

Kei te pehi a koe- how are you- Although Im not sure about the my knowledge it should say PEHEA. Assuming that thats the meaning of that part as a whole..It could be describing the location of the thing being talked about..
Kai korero: speaker or speechmaker..?
Kita wahine: to the woman... think the 'kita' is supposed to be a 'ki te'..maybe..
Ano ano: ano can mean..again,yet and probably various other things..
No: in "No wellington".."From Wellington"
Arohanui: kind of a farewell or something..ive seen it used at the ends of letters..
Akeake ake: Forever and ever...but i think it should be ake ake ake..but again, words can meaning different things even if they are the depends in what context (and form) they are being used...It doesnt seem like the sentence makes that much sense as a whole, but thats only going by understanding and im not a lecturer or kaumatua. Maybe you could ask someone who has background te reo knowledge, or better stil, if you dont know already, find out where the sentence is from ...who knows...hehe. Well thats my whakaaro..noho mai ra 🙂

Posted By: candi on 28/07/2002
Tena Koe I am looking for infprmation about a tupuna Tapureri,Tupurei of Ngat Whatua descent. If you could email me it would be much appreciated. Kia ora.
Posted By: Isaac Rongo Kidwell on 02/08/2002
You,the `maori`,are primitive animals.Have someone between your primitive group read ever `Les enfants du capitaine Grant` from Jules Verne(oh sorry,I forgot that you can not read)?This book describe very well your animal group,fucker bastards.If u want to be humans one day,u must stop to eat people immediately.Ojala os maten a todos,asquerosos hijos de perra.
Posted By: Esteban on 04/08/2002
Kia ora! Kei te pehea koe?
No tiamani! and I try to learn your language and to learn more about the traditions ans way of living of the Maori.
Does anyone of you live in Kaitaia, Auckland, Motueka? Or does anyone have information about this cities?
At the moment Im writing on a story and I need the help of Maori!! Please email me!
Ka kite ano!
Posted By: Katharina on 13/08/2002
translation needed please!
My job are doing some work for the Rose of Tralee (Irish annual international beauty pageant) and we're designing some posters welcoming all the Roses from the various countries. We want to welcome them in the native languages of their countries and I was hoping someone might be able to tell me the Maori for "Welcome" (i.e. "Doyle's SuperValu Carlow welcomes you to Ireland")
Thanks a mill...

Posted By: yvonne on 14/08/2002
Haka lyrics
hey whats up people? im looking for this haka everywhere but i cant seem to find it. The haka "Tekatonu". Can somebody please email me back with the lyrics PLEASE. Cheer
Posted By: Tane Peakman on 23/08/2002
corporate governance in maori organisations
Kia Ora . Has anybody done any study on corporate go vernance structures in Maori Organisations? If yes please can you contact me?
Posted By: Dr.Sam Tangri on 28/08/2002
Kia Ora People....Can someone please email me the song lyrics to Kotiro Maori E.....I'd Love U ForEver....Thanks heaps guys....luv Kelly Pahuru
Posted By: Kelly Pahuru on 20/09/2002
Rangiatea Opening
Kia Ora
I am interested in finding out if anyone out there would no the date of the reopening of Rangiatea, I am not sure whether it is to be Labour Day 2002 Could you please help
Thanks Mere
Posted By: Mere on 20/09/2002
Maori theatre and traditions
Dear All,
I am a student at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong who is currently attending a two year course, the International Baccalaureate. As part of the curriculum, I chose to attend the class of Theatre Arts, and as part of the assessment, I am supposed to do a research in World Theatre Traditions. I chose to deepen my knowledge about the Maori culture, since I came in touch with it, in the form of the Haka, in september of 2001.
Already at that point I found the idea of finding out more about this culture very intriguing.
Going into more detail, my topic deals with the etiquette, that I know is very important in Maori culture. As part of the project we have to take the role of a researcher who works for a professional Director, Stage Manager or Actor. My choice fell on the first. An Austrian Theatre director, who is about to put on the play "Waiora" by Hane Kouka, has
asked me for help in finding out how Maori peaces of literature have to be treated by the organizers of the event. The director knows that Maori are very fond of their culture, and treat it with great respect. What he is missing is the detailed knowledge of what rituals and eremonies go along with a theatrical representation.
This is briely what I chose to work on.
If any of you can somehow help me, please send me an e-mail, and I will be happy to correspond with you.
Thank you for your attention,
Posted By: Jani on 23/09/2002
Maori Lyrics
Hello. Could someone provide me with the lyrics to "Matangi", "Huri Huri", "Piki Mai", "Haere Ra E Hine" and "Ara Ka Titiro" as song by Kiri Te Kanawa on her Maori album? Thanks in advance. Eric.
Posted By: Eric on 01/10/2002
Some Maori words please
I'm writing to any Maori people out there for some help. My brother Mark Turimanu Fraser was killed in a car accident (age 25) and my family are trying to put together a few Maori words for his plaque. Mark and myself were both born in Australia but our family originate from Te Kuiti in the North Island. Mark was looking into his Maori side and I intend to continue on in his memory. If someone could provide me with a few words perhaps something to the effect of 'dearly loved and missed by his family and friends' or some other words that are typically put on a Maori plaque my family would greatly appreciate it.
Thankyou in advance,
Te Hana.
Posted By: Te Hana Fraser on 01/10/2002
Looking for precious whakapapa, photos and stories
I am wanting to compile a booklet of the generations from Mary-rose(Mama) Brooking and Tiwana(Steve) Rangihuna down until tnis present day to either have available at the Brooking Reunion to be held at Te Araroa 29 Dec 2002 to 4 Jan 2003 or shortly afterwards including a tribute to Mama. If you can help me in my quest by providing information such as addresses, e-mail addresses, photos, birhtdates, stories etc, please let me know. You may contact me either by Mail: 1/15 Havana Key, Gold Coast, Australia, 4218, or e-mail:, or by phone (07) 55545386.
All communication and information would be much appreciated.
Kia Ora kotou katoa.Arohanui...Helen Rangihuna (Oldest daughter of Ned and Winnie Rangihuna.)
Posted By: Helen Rangihuna on 03/10/2002
Looking For Someone To Make Pius Pius
I am looking for someone who can make 30 pius pius or know of someone for a newly formed Kapahaka Group in Perth,Western Australia. You may contact me either by Mail
19 Daley Court Rockingham WA 6168 or e-mail or by phone (08)95281269
Posted By: Pam Evans on 05/10/2002
waitangi day
why is it that waitangi day is the only thing that PPL-(tangata) like that day but not any arother day they only like waitangi day.
One day it was waitangi day and my whanau did not no it was my b/day i was about 10 just going on to 11 they were all ways saying that they will bee there but they did not came so i was at the house by my self. so thats all i have to go.
from Horiana
Posted By: Horiana kylie rooderkerk on 05/10/2002
Need Lyrics / Translation for Terina Pomare
Please help our group with the lyrics and translation for the song Terina Pomare. We would like to perform it at a folk festival in the beginning of November. We learned a poi ball routine to it, but never got the words, and we need them for our musicians.
Posted By: Halau Hula O Maile Lei on 13/10/2002
weather prediction
Hi! I am interested in talking to anyone who knows of folk methods of predicting the weather, by observing animals or aspects of nature for a research project? I'm also interested in any New Zealand folklore, sayings, rhymes and songs connected to the weather. Thanks, Oda O'Carroll, Dublin, Ireland.
Posted By: oda o'carroll on 16/10/2002
grass roots environmental movements
Hello All, I am a university student in Canada and I am trying to get information about the experiences indigenous peoples, especially women, have had in community level environmental movements. I would love to hear from anyone who has information or suggestions about places to look. I would also love to get any first hand experiences people would be willing to share. Please feel free to email me, I will try to respond to everyone. Thank-you all for your help.
Posted By: Beth in Canada on 18/10/2002
One more bro for the road
In the 'One more bro for the road' TV ad there's one Maori word I just can't get... It's when the guy says

Some of the whanau thought it wasn’t my fault. But who forced me to get behind the wheel
He then sits bolt upright and says a word that sounds like
'haurangi' What does it mean?
Hope you can help
Posted By: Bruce W on 18/10/2002
Pounamu Blessing
I want to give my wife a pounamu necklace for our anniversary this year and to make it extra special, I want to say a Maori blessing when I give it to her at her whanau's marae. Could someone e-mail me with the words to an appropriate blessing or send me the URL to a site that would have one? My Maori pronunciation is pretty good for an American.
Posted By: Jeremy Schmitt on 24/10/2002
I am looking for information about a Chief Pirika Po of Ngati Moe hapu ki Wairarapa, Greytown, whom gave land to build the Papawai Marae.
he tino kino taku korero papanga.
Posted By: Wiremu Panapa - Stuart on 01/11/2002
Maori Wedding
I have been asked to give a reading at my good friends wedding and because her family are very close to their maori roots I want to read a poem in Maori which speaks of love and mariage. I have hunted in the library but most of the poems I have found speak of love on a personal level. I am fairly confident in my pronounciation as i have taken Te Reo papers and would really love to surprize her with such a reading - I would really appreciate any approapriate poems that someone may know of.
Posted By: Karla Noon on 04/11/2002
Maori Wedding
I have been asked to give a reading at my good friends wedding and because her family are very close to their Maori roots I want to read a poem in Maori which speaks of love and mariage. I have hunted in the library but most of the poems I have found speak of love on a personal level. I am fairly confident in my pronounciation as i have taken Te Reo papers and would really love to surprize her with such a reading - I would really appreciate any approapriate poems that someone may know of.
Posted By: Karla Noon on 04/11/2002
I would be grateful if someone could translate the following into maori for a wedding ring. "My love, my soulmate." Thanks.
Posted By: Stuart on 05/11/2002
translation needed
could someone please translate the following sentence into english for me, for an essay i am writing? truley grateful

'Ka nui te aroha mo ratou'
Posted By: katherine on 08/11/2002
what does aroha mean and from where has this name originated?

Posted By: lilly patel on 20/11/2002
what does aroha mean and from where has this name originated?

Posted By: lilly patel on 20/11/2002
Hi, my name is Aroha Homme and I've been searching for the lyrics to Poi-E for a while now, I can't seem to find them anywhere... If anyone out there knows the lyrics or knows where I can find the lyrics, would they please let me know. My email is, I would be greatful for any info whatsoever. KIA ORA & AROHANUI KIA KOTOU AROHA MAXWELL-HOMME
Posted By: Aroha Maxwell-Homme on 23/11/2002
Hi, my name is Aroha and I've been searching for the lyrics to Poi-E for a while now, I can't seem to find them anywhere... If anyone out there knows the lyrics or knows where I can find the lyrics, would they please let me know. My email is, I would be greatful for any info whatsoever. KIA ORA & AROHANUI KIA KOTOU AROHA MAXWELL-HOMME

Posted By: Aroha Maxwell-Homme on 23/11/2002
Can somebody guide us ?
Kia Ora !
Ed & Josje van Lierde Olivier from Holland are landing on Maori soil on March 28, 2003. We have a homeexchange in Hamilton/Lake Taupo for about one month. Ed visited New Zealand six times, Josje for the first time. Both of us would experience it as very precious if there is a possibility that Maori people will initiate us in their beautiful culture. We consider your culture as holy! Who will guide us?
Posted By: Ed & Josje van Lierde Olivier on 24/11/2002
I met a group from the Tukorehe Marae and I hit it off great with some of them and I have no way of keeping in contact with them. They were here in September and stayed for about 3 weeks. My cousin hosted them for a cultural exchange, I would really like to get a hold of them so any help anyone can offer me, I would much appreciate. Much Mahalos!!!
Posted By: Jay a.k.a. Lehua or "Nue's Cuzzin" on 26/11/2002
Kia ora, I am calling from Tennant Creek, Northern Territory. I am looking for alternative ways of cooking hangi. Have heard of people using 44 gallon drums and wet paper on a sheet of corrugated iron etc so if anyone could give me any information on the above it would be greatly appreciated Here’s to good kai. Willie Kawau
Posted By: Willie Kawau on 01/12/2002
Kia ora, I am calling from Tennant Creek, Northern Territory. I am looking for alternative ways of cooking hangi. Have heard of people using 44 gallon drums and wet paper on a sheet of corrugated iron etc so if anyone could give me any information on the above it would be greatly appreciated Here’s to good kai. Willie Kawau
Posted By: Willie Kawau on 01/12/2002
Kia ora, I am calling from Tennant Creek, Northern Territory. I am looking for alternative ways of cooking hangi. Have heard of people using 44 gallon drums and wet paper on a sheet of corrugated iron etc so if anyone could give me any information on the above it would be greatly appreciated Here’s to good kai. Willie Kawau
Posted By: Willie Kawau on 01/12/2002
Looking for Maori organisations/individuals who have been targetted by the system.
We are a couple of hardworking Maori, who have always helped people, strived for our goals in life, taught our children right from wrong, and have no criminal record.
However, the NZ Police have for 17 years had us under surveillance 24/7 and are persecuting us to destroy our lives. We know that this is not just happening to us, and need to communicate with people who are well aware of the 'games' that are played on Maori, until they are forced into a life of crime, imprisoned/institutionalised or dead.
A person can only take so much of loss of privacy (private or public), loss of freedom, loss of family and friends, loss of income, loss of life!! Can retribution only come after death?? Is there anyone out there with an answer??
Posted By: Morehu 2 on 05/12/2002
looking to meet Maori
Hello! I'm a college student who will be spending time in Christchurch from approximately dec 23-26. I would really like to get to meet and speak with some maori, discuss your experiences, and just enjoy good conversation. If anyone is interested in getting together for lunch or coffee or anything, please contact me. Thank you.

Posted By: Jackie on 10/12/2002
A contact adress.
Tena koutou, I want to know if anyone out there can give us a contact email, phone number, or adress for the Maori culture group based in London
Posted By: Te Kai Makiha on 16/12/2002
looking for contact person
We are trying to contact the maori culture in London, Ngati Ranana and is organised by a kuia Mrs Windsor who originates from Ngapuhi, it will be very much appreciated.
kia ora.
na te whanau Makiha
Posted By: Te Kai Makiha on 16/12/2002
which maori legend accompanies my bone carving?
Kia Ora, I was born in N.Z Rangiora (S.I) to be exact. I've always appreciated the maori culture and was delighted when a childhood (boy) friend who is part maori gave me a bone carving.He said at the time that it was especially made for me and it was based on a maori legend. Two lovers were parted but through the bonds of love, they would always be one. I live in Holland now and I've lost touch with him.Is there anyone who could help me out by telling me which legend accompanies my carving? I'm very interested. The carving is quite big, bigger than a fifty cent coin anyway, it has the form of a heart and the most important features are the curls in the middel that touch each other but both curl out into different directions.
I hope someone has a clue 🙂
Cheers and take care
Posted By: Marja on 16/12/2002
Need a Blessing
Can someone please help? My whanau and I are moving over to Sydney in a few months, and are going to be moving into a new house there. Would someone be able to help me with a suitable blessing for our house?
Posted By: Petrina on 18/12/2002
Hello, i'm looking for Mac Hona or anyone who knows him.I believe he lives in Aotearoa so pleasssse if you are him or know reply...................thanx
Posted By: Irma on 19/12/2002
NZ Maori Theatre Trust
I'm an ex-pat Kiwi living the US. About 20 years ago I was given an LP (remember them?!) of the NZMTT World Tour company's live performance made by Kiwi Records.
I never owned a record player so was only able to listen to it a few times at the homes of friends.
I wanted to have it transferred to CD but this is against copyright, so I need to find a contact for the Trust to see if the recording was ever issued on CD (which I doubt).
My parents sent me a CD recorded by Kiri Te Kanawa and another one called "Aotearoa Our Country, Our Songs", and as nice as these are they're made by opera groups with orchestral accompanyment which is not the Maori sound I remember from my childhood.
Thanks for your help.
Sandra, ex Tawa, in Wichita Kansas USA

Posted By: Sandra Eckert on 27/12/2002
NZ Maori Theatre Trust
I'm an ex-pat Kiwi living the US. About 20 years ago I was given an LP (remember them?!) of the NZMTT World Tour company's live performance made by Kiwi Records.
I never owned a record player so was only able to listen to it a few times at the homes of friends.
I wanted to have it transferred to CD but this is against copyright, so I need to find a contact for the Trust to see if the recording was ever issued on CD (which I doubt).
My parents sent me a CD recorded by Kiri Te Kanawa and another one called "Aotearoa Our Country, Our Songs", and as nice as these are they're made by opera groups with orchestral accompanyment which is not the Maori sound I remember from my childhood.
Thanks for your help.
Sandra, ex Tawa, in Wichita Kansas USA

Posted By: Sandra Eckert on 27/12/2002
mokoia wananga mau rakau program
inquiring about dates and times and registration for the Mokoia Wananga. Please contact urgent!
Posted By: hori marino on 30/12/2002
Moari Issues of today
I am currently studing Moari Issues, i am to find an issue about Moari of today, can you help me??
Posted By: A Harrison on 04/01/2003
Can Anyone Help Me?
Can anyone help me find out my whakapapa on my mother's side?
Her name is Manamona Leslie (nee Ashton)born June 27 1942, died July 11 1994. Her father was Henare Ahitana (a.k.a Ashton), her mother was Te Ruiwhi Ahitana (a.k.a Ashton, nee Piwari. Te Ruiwhi's father was Taare (Charles) Piwari married to Katie Tuuta. Please email me if you have any info as that is all I know about my mother's side of the family.

Kia ora,
Debralea Leslie
Posted By: Debralea on 12/01/2003
locating a person
Looking for information on a person called Nga Kuru Pene Hari.
He's from Mitimiti, so if any1 has info on him plz contact me.
Kia Ora
Posted By: Pep on 14/01/2003
song words
what to find out if the song Lace Covered Windows was ever recorded in maori and who by .cheers
Posted By: nadia on 15/01/2003
I am doing a project on Maori Weddings and I was wondering if anyone can send me some information about Maori Wedding traditions that would help me in my project.

Thank you very Kindly

Love Diana
Posted By: Diana on 16/01/2003
Translations : )
Hey everyone. My name is Kristy and I live in Arizona. I was wondering if anyone could help me translate a paragraph of a letter I got from a friend that was written in maori! Please help...I would greatly appreciate it! Email me if you can help....thanks so much!

Posted By: Kristy on 17/01/2003
ngati tukorehe, punoke, turora, kapu, wawau
tena koutou e te iwi,

he inoi tenei ki a koutou e mohio ana ki nga hapu/iwi o runga e rapu ana ahau nga korero e pa ana te whenua nei o tapapa marae.

kia ora

i am investigating My hapu and the history of tapapa and Te ruapeka marae and would appreciate any help
Posted By: chris mckenzie on 19/01/2003
Getting married!!
I am currently living in Western Australia and am getting married later this year. I would like to incorporate a distinctively Maori feel to the ceremony and would like to know where I can obtain wedding vows in te reo. I am interested also in having the wedding invitations in Maori. Any suggestions to make this a special day would be appreciated. I hope someone out there can help. Arohanui and thanks in advance, Tania.
Posted By: tania on 22/01/2003
Tamaki Brothers
Whilst in rotorua on holiday from the gold coast last year we never got to attend the Tamaki Brothers show does anyone know if there is a village/show in christchurch
Posted By: Tim Puckey on 27/01/2003
World Indigenour Women & Wellness Conference - Nov 03
I am very interested in meeting with some local women who might be attending the World Indigenous Women & Wellness Conference prior to visiting your country this November.

I will hopefully be bringing several women with me from Toronto, Canada. It would be great to have some insight into what to expect prior to leaving and visiting your country.

Dina Anker
Posted By: Dina Anker on 28/01/2003
Im Really interested in gathering information on birthing practices amongst maori women, I know the Placenta is revered, I know it gets buried, but id like to know more about the whole practice, I know it was eaten and still is by other cultures..Any info with the soiurce you obtained the info our web link would be appreciated. Thanks Heaps in advance.
Posted By: Ko Sonia toku ingoa on 29/01/2003
Hi, I am getting married to a NZ guy next year, I am Welsh, and I would really appreciate any information you have on Maori wedding tradition etc. Thank you.
Posted By: Richie on 30/01/2003
Native New Zealand Flowering plant
I'm trying to find the name of a plant/tree with the letter's possibly Ma?a can anyone help?
Posted By: Jan on 30/01/2003
Native New Zealand Flowering plant
I'm trying to find the name of a plant/tree with the letter's possibly Ma?a can anyone help?
Posted By: Jan on 30/01/2003
Seeking Female Volleyball Players
Hello, I am a college volleyball coach in the U.S. state of Colorado. I would like to recruit women of Maori ancestry to play collegiate volleyball here. Players must have graduated high school and be admissable to our University. Coaches or players may contact me for more inforamtion, please contact me at
Posted By: Pii Aiu on 03/02/2003
powhiri process

Posted By: ko erica takau ingoa on 06/02/2003
hui whakawhanaungatanga 2002
can you please delete our 2002 hui from the notice ora koutou.
Posted By: aroha terry on 09/02/2003
Hi! i am a 18-year old girl from austria(europe).please send to me information about maori(different types of tribes).it is very important,because i will made my a-level in may and i had to write a report about maori.please write back soon to my e-mail adress
Posted By: Claudia Lengger on 11/02/2003
the panui club
im looking for a web site or a place that has any information on this group.
Posted By: bob on 16/02/2003
maori recipies
kia ora , porangi maori gurl across the ditch needs to be re-introduced to her pots and pans. If anyone knows of any recipies or sites where i can get some maori soul food advice, plz email me asap before my maori boy starts trying to cook for himself. Im mainly looking for rewana bread/maori bread/fry bread and some other stuff, lol, go figure, its gota be bread huh the worst thing to eat for us maoris, apart from pork bones and watercress, which we do get plenty of here
tino pai tatou, chow
Posted By: mirika on 17/02/2003
Need a translation
It's like this, I live in London and I'm about to ask a beautiful Danish woman to marry me, I'm flying her to Rome and have written a song to sing at the Trevi Fountain just before I ask her. I have the rings made but want to put an inscription in Maori inside hers to read "And the greatest of these is Love" My maori is very basic so I would appreciate someone more experienced lending me a hand. Cheers
Romantic Maori
Posted By: Robert Mihaere on 26/02/2003
creation and everything about it (maori view)
HI I need help, I have to do an assignment for school on creation and I have to find out the story of creation. I need to know the childrens names (all 33 of them if possible or the 21 that are known about.) I also have to tell the story and what each person in the storys job was, what they did, and where they fit in.
If anyone can help I would be really happy. I don't mind what info you have but anything is good.
thank you
Posted By: sarah on 26/02/2003
Kia ora...Can someone please send me the lyrics to the hake called Teka Tonu before 7/3/03...PLEASE its for my bros 21st
Posted By: Kelly-Anne Pahuru on 05/03/2003
whakapapa query
Kia ora koutou
I te taha o papa,ko Te Arawa toku waka, ko Tongariro toku maunga,ko Taupo toku wai tapu,ko Tu Wharetoa toku iwi,ko Ngati Hine-mihi toku hapu,ko Karutahi Mohi raua ko Nelly Smith oku tupuna,ko Moihi Renata Mohi raua ko Taiparoro Wharawhara oku tupuna,ko Wiremu Renata raua ko Hazel Hori oku matua,ko Nere Renata taku ingoa, no Tamaki-nui-a-rua ahau engari kei Te Papaieoia taku kainga inaianei.
I am searching for my whakapapa on my fathers side, anyone care to enlighten me? Know any of my whanau up Taupo, Turangi way? I can be contacted @
Kia ora noho ora mai
Na Nere

Posted By: Nere RENATA on 06/03/2003
searching for kapa haka group
Kia ora koutou katoa my name is pip and im looking for a kapa haka group in melbourne. im 16 y/o female and i've been in kapa haka since primary. i recently moved here from aotearoa and miss my from ngapuhi hokianga,Te Rarawa and ngatihine before i moved here i went to Hato Petera college in auckland where i was also in te roopu kapa haka so if anyone can help me could you please e-mail me at: naku noa pip.
Posted By: Pip Brown on 13/03/2003
Can anyone help me? I am trying to find imformation on Kokoroiti Rewhanunga desendant of Tu Tere Moana

Posted By: jude foster on 14/03/2003
Hinewehi Mohi from Oceania
Kia ora, can anyone tell me if they know where Hinewehi is from? I think she is from the Waikato. I need her date of birth also. It is for my Mihi at night class on 24th March. Can anyone help me?
Posted By: Linde on 15/03/2003
Maori History
hi my name is tyson and im doing a research project to prep me 4 ncea. Where did the maori come from and why did they come to new zealand? if anyone could help on the question above plz send some info on that. Thank you again!!
Posted By: Tyson Schaumkell on 04/08/2003
Market Days
Kia Ora
I am looking into starting a Maori Stall over here in Australia, selling and promoting our culture and catering to those of us Maori that have crossed the ditch. My ideas revolve around crafts,food and clothing. I myself have not come across many here in Melbourne and would like to have input from anyone with bussiness sense on the ins and outs that should be regarded when starting a project like this. Anyone that has a venture like this at the moment and how they got started. Also, if there are any Maori clothing or craft businesses out there that would be interested in exporting to Australia please feel free to email me and pass on your details etc as i feel this would be a great way to promote Maori businesses here in Australia.
Posted By: Mirika on 08/08/2003
Maori clothing
I need these answers for homework, if anyone can answer them please email the answers to me!
what is the Maori national costume made out of? and why?
is the colour omportant to the creation of costume? why, why not?
is the costume still worn? if so when and for what purpose?
Posted By: Erin on 10/08/2003
nedd to know more about Manaia
I hope somebody will be able to help me, or at least to guide to some place I'll find the information I'm looking for... I've been browsing the intenernet for 2 days now and I don't seem to find the appropriate web site. I would like to get more information about the symbol of Manaia. So far I know it's a man with a bird-head and sometimes a fish tale. The only websites I found concerning that were online gift shops and were only giving a bit of facts concerning the Manaia. I woudl like to know what Manaia really represent, how it is represented, where it's from, if it represents sometimes a certain god or many of them? I thinking of getting this symbol tatooed but I don't know much about the maori culture and I just wanna know the whole signification of he symbol before having it under my skin forever...
I really hope somebody is gonna be able to help me. You can contact me at the e-mail mentionned above.

Thank you so very much
Posted By: Carl on 12/08/2003
Maori foods recipies. HELP
Hi, my name is Gina. A mate and me are looking for typical NZers and Maori food recipes from anyone who can help. There is a 'pot luck' munch that consists of us making a traditional Maori dish. Unfortunately a hangi is out of the question so we were thinking along the lines of rewena and fried bread but need the recipie. Please help, we really wanna give these Boston ppl something to talk about and knock there sox off!!!!!
PS Please post all suggestions/recipies to
Posted By: Gina Church on 18/08/2003
family names similar to Hawaiian kupuna.
I have heard that many Maori family sir names are related to Hawaiian sir names,if anyone knows this is true let me know.Our family name is Keuma and Pokeo clan[Hawaiian].
Posted By: Michael Kumaiokalani Lee on 20/08/2003
Needing info on my iwi
I am trying to learn about my iwi. What is the name of the tribes in Motueka or nelson? Also if you know what maori design/s go with the tribe...please help
Posted By: CJ on 20/08/2003
Help with translation
I have a small cottage in Sweden. It is situated approximately 5meters from a small lake. As my wife is from New Zealand we wanted to have a maori name for the cottage. we have chosen "The house by the lake". We have translated this to "Whareawai". Is this translation remotely right?
Posted By: Bernt Fredriksson on 26/08/2003
New Zealand Shilling
Greetings from the UK.
Please - Does anyone know who the Maori man on the old NZ shilling was and/or anything about him?
Many thanks
Posted By: Lindsay on 27/08/2003
Maori Hui
whats the cultural requirements that needs to be considered in when convening meeting (hui).
Posted By: Jamima Williams on 28/08/2003
Toi Iho - Maorimade trademark
Tena Koutou, I am doing a paper called "Marketing the Arts" at the University of Waikato. As part of an assessment, I am researching Toi Iho, the Maorimade trademark. It is a brand mark, similar to "New Zealand Made". The artist must forward their art to panel of judges and prove that they are of Maori descent to have their artwork branded with the Toi Iho brand. This should prevent people exploiting our art, e.g. the taiwanese selling plastic tiki's. I would like to hear people whakaaro on this brand and why you think this is a good or bad idea. Any contribution would be appreciated. Kia Ora.
Posted By: Ebony Jury on 01/09/2003
Maori Weddings
Hi, I'm writing a paper on pre-modern Maori wedding traditions (the earlier in its history the better) and I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I might find information about this. You can e-mail me if you have any info. Thanx a lot!!!
Posted By: Yeni on 02/09/2003
Nga Kaupapa MAORI

Posted By: Te Aroha Smith on 05/09/2003
Nga kaupapa MAORI/whakapapa/Maori Achievement
Nga mihi aroha , nga mihi mahana ki tatou katoa e te hunga ora.I am a Warren (biologically) originally from Whakatohea(Opotiki)Tuhoe(Ruatoki), Waikato,but migrated to Otaua (Hokianga) in the North, and a Jingles from Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki(Waihirere)(Kaiti).Does anyone have any connections to me???Going by this information??.If so PLEASE contact me via e-mail.Deperately seeking whanaunga.If anyone has a story to tell about their experiences within the education system and it's teacher's within kohanga/kura kaupapa/wharekura/whare wananga or anything in general, please forward these to myself.I am doing a paper on Barriers to Maori Achievement within the Western Society's Paradigm.(Regarding Education/Justice/Labour inparticular)I would like to use any information as a source of contribution towards the paper.I would be willing to forward a copy of this paper to those who request this.
Ma te Atua koutou e manaaki, ma te aroha o ou tatou tupuna koutou e poipoia i nga wa katoa.

Posted By: Te Aroha Smith on 05/09/2003
Ngaa Mahi-Aa-Ringa
Can someone pleasa Help Me in answering these questions.
1)What are the origins of these arts and crafts?
2)Why were/are they important to the Maaori people?
3)How have they been adapted over time?
4)Who is a great exponent and why?
I would much appreciate it if i could have any info on these questions.
Kia Ora Ano.
Posted By: Sholei Lazaiyah on 06/09/2003
Searching Whanau
Tena Koe,
I have just discovered unknown names in my family geneology and hope someone out there may be able to help. I am searching for decendents of the following people. Matthew Graham DOB: 04/06/1904 possibly from the Hokianga region. Chritina Mitchell DOB: 16/11/1889 passed away on 17/04/1969 possibly from Hikurangi. Venita Gussy passed away 30/10/1916 and John William Gussy passed away 21/07/1957. Any information will be gratefully appreciated and if you know other resources I can look under again will be valueable.
Kia ora Toni Anne
Posted By: Toni Anne Matara on 07/09/2003
Maori Haka's with mask
does ne1 know of Maori Haka's that use mask?
Posted By: Gringo on 13/09/2003
Haere ra?
I'm trying to find out the correct spelling for Haere ra.
Haere ra or Haere Ra (capital R for Ra?).
Posted By: Rhys on 13/09/2003
Maori Culture Clubs in Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Hi, I am trying to find out if there are Maori Culture Clubs in Geelong or Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. If anyone knows of any could they please email the contact details. Thanks
Posted By: Barbara Black-Bassett on 14/09/2003
I would know more about Tribal Affiliations and about Ngatiporou specially
Posted By: giovanni Tosi on 14/09/2003
Maori bread
I am looking for the recipe of maori bread. Please help. Need it by Friday 19th Sept.
Posted By: /A.M. Taylor on 15/09/2003
I would like to know my father's whakapapa who is of Ngati Maniapoto decent, from Otorohanga Marae called "Otewa"
Posted By: on 17/09/2003
I would like to know my father's whakapapa who is of Ngati Maniapoto decent, from Otorohanga Marae called "Otewa"
Posted By: Valerie on 17/09/2003
Tikanga Wananga
Ka te whakatu e Kutarere Marae tetahi wananga e pa ana ki te tikanga o Kutarere Marae, i runga i a Kutarere Marae.
Ko te tumanako kia tau mai nga whanau katoa ki te whakaemi korero e pa ana ki to tatou tikanga. He wananga ngawari tenei kare he aukati mo te korerorero. Kei te waatea nga wahanga katoa mo te wananga. No reira nau mai haere mai.
Posted By: Tania Taitapanui on 25/09/2003
Kia Ora, Is there someone out there who can help me....I dont have much info on who i am looking for but i would love to know any information big or small any leads would be much appriciated...all I can go on is by giving you my brothers details and hope his name may spark a memory!!! I am looking for his daughter who may have been born over 13years ago!!!
His name is RONALD RAHIRI HARRIS known to his friends as THOMAS...who loved to hitchhike all over New Zealand!!! He meet up with a girl over 13yrs ago in I believe Motukaraka or Motueka up North, or the other possibility in Christchurch!!!...She came to my old home of Cambridge looking for me in 1999 and ran into my father RONALD HOHAIA HARRIS known as ROCKY!!!...She introduced her daughter to my father as RONALD'S (Thomas's) daughter. I would love to here from any one who has heard of this story or who knew my brother...My Brother passed away in 1991...this is why this is important to me...Kia ora na Leeanne
Posted By: Leeanne Rangi on 30/09/2003
Can you please help me find my college mates?
Tena kotau, I am searching for the 1960 Form 3 students of Ngata Memorial College, Ruatorea. There were approx 65 of us. No reira e te iwi awhinatia mai tenei wiwi nati. Kia ora, hei konei ra. Hariata Pohatu
Posted By: Hariata Pohatu on 01/10/2003
My name is Gabriel Piser. I am a student at a progressive school in the United States (see I am trying to find a place where I might trade farm or other work (I have widely varied work experience; e-mail me for details) in exchange for room/board and perhaps a small stipend. I am intending to leave in January and return around the middle of August, with perhaps a few weeks out to go volunteer with a peace and justice organization in Thailand. The Thailand piece, much like the rest of this plan, is very flexible. I have a deep interest in cultural exchange, especially with non-western cultures. I am interested in alternative medicine and traditional healing practices as well as traditional farming, building, and cooking techniques.
I’ve been active with the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture, as well as the 2003 International Democratic Education Conference (last year’s conference was at the Tamariki School in Christchurch, see I have also manufactured biodiesel fuel on a Community Supported Agriculture farm near my school. I have done workshops on confronting racism as a white person, as well as facilitation trainings and had experience facilitating consensus-based meetings at my school. I play guitar (mainly blues and some folk) and love working with children as well. I have done a good deal of cooking for many varied diets including mine, vegan. As is perhaps evident, I have a wide range of interests and skills and would deeply appreciate the chance to apply them.
If you have or know of such an opportunity or even other places to look/contact, please e-mail me at BOTH:
--Thanks Gabriel
Posted By: Gabriel on 02/10/2003
Maori Cooking and using native herbs ectra
Haere Mai, I am an Aussie married to a Kiwi from Taranaki in the North Island. I found some wonderfull recipes on the net but when I tryed to get the ingredients here in sunny Queensland i colud not. there were ingredients like Horopito wich in the recipe said that it was a N.Z indigenous pepper. I would like to know if a normal pepper or (capiscum) can be used or not there are meny other foods to like Punga shoots used in icecream can we use the aussie tree fern shoots. If so when is the best time to pick them. can any one help me out as my husband Errol loves his Kiwi food and I would like to thrill his taste buds again with some good old kiwi food.if any one can help plese E-mail me. Shiralee
Posted By: Shiralee Elliott on 06/10/2003
History of Mangamuka marae, with pictures
Kia ora,I am seeking information on the history of Mangamuka marae,also,a picture of the marae would be a big help.Can anyone, please,send me whatever info. you have.
Posted By: Ko Parekawhia(a.k,a Polly) Albert on 07/10/2003
Learn Maori language
Greetings.I emigrated to NZ 8 years ago and believe it is now time to learn my new homes mother tongue.Have not had much luck in finding a GOOD language course that teaches beyond the basics.Can someone out there help please? Would be very much appreciated.Best- Richard
Posted By: Richard Braithwaite on 08/10/2003
Meaning of the Maori name "Miria"
Hello! My name is Miria, a variation of the name Miriam or Mary. But a few years ago I met an Australian girl who told me that Miria is also a traditional Maori name. I am hoping someone can tell me the meaning? Thank you!
Posted By: Miria on 12/10/2003
Greetings. I am a Maori / Samoan and have been living in Australia, Townsville for 8 years. I am a singer song writer and about to hit the studio to record an original CD. I am wanting to include a couple of Maori waiata( that i have written) and one that i have not - Nga Iwi E. This is to go with the theme of the CD which is about unity and love. Is there a copy right to this song?
Posted By: Elena on 14/10/2003
Maori Business Funding and Assistance
My son and I have an opportunity to buy a lucrative business in our Whanau Rohe of Ngatiwhatua. It is a one chance in a million, and we would like some information on how to go about signing up for this business. It is a Copy Centre business, which has no competition in the area. The personal input will be our skills and knowledge of the business and being part of the business already. It is to put on the market soon, but would like first obtion to buy. So if there is anyone out there with the expertise in this sort of profession, we would like your reply soon as possible.
Posted By: Richard Tohaia on 19/10/2003
Would like to know the deeper meaning to the whakatauki "E kore te patiki e hoki ki tona puehu". Part of a research topic I am currently doing. Please awhi. Cher!
Posted By: debbie bell on 19/10/2003
I would like to know if there is a Maori symbol for the ocean and if there is could someone please point me to a site where there is a picture or could someone please email me a pic thank you
Posted By: Sacha Wharton on 20/10/2003
looking for any information the hokianga,and punguru areas. any info will be very much appreciated.
Posted By: richard williams on 20/10/2003
need help finding information
need heilp locating more information about two names and a waka,whararongo,nukutawhiti,name of waka ngatokimatawhaorua.anyhelp would be much appreciated thank you,richard from punguru.
Posted By: richard williams on 23/10/2003
I am looking for a version of the legend about how the paua got the pretty side of its shell on the inside. Can anyone help me, please?
Posted By: Sally Anderson on 23/10/2003
Maouri Tattoo designs
I was wondering if anyone could please send me the maouri design for love or family as i am going to get a tattoo and wanted a maouri design. My father is from New Zealand so i wanted to get a maouri design tattooed on my shoulder blade. If anyone could help with either photos or even a site i could go to to see all maouri designs and what they mean that would be great. Thankyou Adam
Posted By: Adam on 25/10/2003
Reply to Richard Tohaia
With regards to Business funding...there is the "Bankable scheme" ...the business development centre Hamilton will direct you to info in your area....there is the Enterprise Grant from WINZ...there is Poutama Trust grants (look up website) and there is the maori womans development fund MWD..(i think they are now looking at assisting men)...most require a business plan, and if all else fails, head to the bank and apply for a loan
Posted By: Valletta on 31/10/2003
trying to find my dad
Can anyone help me? i'm half maori and half dutch, i have lived in england for most of my life with my mum. i'm trying to find my dad in new zealand. if anyone has any suggestions on where to start looking or any organisations i could contact please email me -
thank you - more love more power
Posted By: Leon on 02/11/2003
Looking for Lost Maori Friends
I am looking for DAWN NATHAN & RATU TIBBLE They tought Maori
Dance with Napua Woodd in Redondo Beach California. and had a group
called The Mauriora Enteertainers .... And put out a recording on
Viking Mono VP 99 "Songs From New Zeland Sing Along In Maori"
This was in the later 60's to mid 70's I beleave that there was a Kim, and
Tidy in the group also and think that there were 6 all together in the group. They were also in Canada for some time.

Posted By: N. Martin on 05/11/2003
Maori Culture Group in Melbourne
I am trying to locate a Maori Culture Group in Melbourne for a client with a disability who is wanting to learn about his Maori heritage and become involved in a Maori culture group. Please email contact details to my email address. Thanks

Posted By: Therese Christofas on 05/11/2003
Bill Hohepa (teacher)
I am in touch with an ex-pupil of Bill's who would like to mention the date of his death on her excellent website about Taniko Weaving. I wrote Bill's obituary for the Ch'ch Press, and know that he died in mid-April 2002. The precise day would be helpful.
Thank you.
Posted By: Stan Jelley on 07/11/2003
translation of name
does anyone know the translation for the maori name Hohimi, both my late uncle and I were given this name and no one in our whanau is able to translate the meaning. Please help
Posted By: Hohimi on 08/11/2003
Maori ethics, processes and procedures in researching
can i have some examples of Maori ethics, processes and procedures that i need to know when approaching Maori people in looking for information. what is Ahuatanga Maori?
Posted By: Emma on 13/11/2003
maori angels
I saw an ornament in a book on NZ I was reading, it was a beautiful maori angel. Can anybody shed some light on where I might be able to get one, or something similar ?
Posted By: Jo on 15/11/2003
Searching for whakatauki's
Hi i would be glad if someone could send me any whkatauki's that they know of.....
Posted By: Dee on 19/11/2003
E rapu ana ahau
tënä koutou, ngä mätä waka, e rapu ana tënei ki ngä körero e pä ana ki a Mäori Marsden. He minitä-a-iwi ia. Näna i tuhi i tëtehi körero e pä ana ki Te Ao Hurihuri ki tä te mäori. Mëna ka möhio koe: no whea ia?, Ko wai ia? me aua momo körero, tukua mai ki a ahau koa.
Posted By: pirihira on 22/11/2003
Kei hea my mum?
Kia ora tatou.

I'm am trying to find a woman called Helen Rosmary Andrews, born 11/12/39 under the name Abrahams in Te Hapua.

She was matua whangai down to the Andrews whanau in Murapara in Rotorua sometime after she was born but do not have the knowledge of who to talk to down there.

Her papakainga was in Oregon Drive in Murapara.

She is my birth mother and because of the lack of records of her where abouts it has become harder for me to find anything of her.

I have been to Te Hapua but the old people there would only be ten years older than her but no-one recalls the name Helen, especially back in those days.

If anyone can help me it would be appreciated.

She would be 63 now and I am 36.

Kia ora tatou katoa.

My e-mail is

Posted By: Steve Alexander on 26/11/2003
What are the dominant religious beliefs behind Maori songs?
hello my name is Katherine and l am in year 12 at St Columbas High School in Sydney, Australia. I am currently doing a major Assessment task for my HSC, however finding it difficult to obtain information. My topic question (as mentioned above) is "What are the dominant religious beliefs behind Maori songs?" I would be very grateful if you could lead me to further information regarding this question, as a starting point.
Thankyou for your time.
Posted By: Katherine on 28/11/2003
School concert
Hello, I am a year 4/5 teacher in Australia. We are doing a Maori song for our school concert and I am trying to find a translation to the song. Here are the main lyrics in the song. Epo i tai tama e - O" and "Epo i huru epo i tai tama e. Epo i huru huru epo it tai tama e. Can anyone help please!!!
Posted By: Kathy on 01/12/2003
Looking For
i am looking for an old friend, Clare Denny. She is originally from somewhere near Auckland, (New Lynne, I think). We shared a flat together in Manly, Sydney with Adeline about 15 years ago. I would love to see her or Adeline again.
Posted By: Julie-Anne on 08/12/2003
Seeking Someone
My name is Freedom and my fathers name is Darrell Ramage.My dad was born in Mataura. His birth fathers name is Thomas Rangi Tuuta. We think from the Chatamn Islands. We have heard rumours that he may no longer be alive. My fathers mothers name is Shirley. Does anyone know him?Can you help me find him PLEASE!I know he was involved in a manslaughter case in Mataura in about the 1960's. I would appreciate any feedback!!!
Posted By: Freedom Ramage on 09/12/2003
Seeking Someone
Revising my question about my real grandfather Thomas Rangi Tuuta. I also know that he had a brother that he had come over on the boat with but when they got to the mainland they had a fight and wet seperate ways. Hope this sounds familar to someone out there. Thanks to all who take this in and help!!!!!!

Posted By: Freedom Ramage on 09/12/2003
learn to speak moari
Posted By: coleen hindmarsh on 16/12/2003

Kia ora koutou,
Imma 20yr old waahine, currently in sydney.
If there is anyone or persons, whom may have ne knowledge about Lucy Tata nee(Davis), she married Len Tata....they had 4 children Georgina, Thomas, Willie and Steven, If you have any information pertaining to this whanau, Thanx so much....noho ake ra.

Posted By: Ramari Helmbright on 18/12/2003
information on my mum and her whakapapa, her nane is rangi nani maaka from wairarapa
please can u help me, so i can get my whakapapa under way
Posted By: reg meadows her son , also knowen as reg sampson on 18/12/2003
twist pendant
hi, i'm from the usa and was just given a bone carving twist pendant from my kiwi friend. im trying to find as much information on the signifigance of this friendship necklace. does bone mean something that greenstone doesnt? who would normally give one of these pendants, etc..any information would be appreciated.
Posted By: Amy on 19/12/2003
looking for a Kaumatua
tena koutou, My name is Shannon White and I am a Kaimahi Whakawahine for the New Zealand AIDS foundation based here in Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland.I have been asked to locate a kaumatua for the "Herne Bay House" a retreat/hospital for our loved ones suffering from HIV/AIDS. Herne Bay House would be opening a new whare early next year and would like a kaumatua to be present. Unfortunately the response from any kaumatua has been quite embarrassing but if you are able to assist our mauiui then please contact me.
nga mihi aroha
ka kite ano
Posted By: Shannon Anahera White on 21/12/2003

Kia Ora, Im Looking for my Brother' Dean Tata', I have heard that he resides in AUSTRALIA. Would be appreciated if you can help me...Taa

Posted By: Raa on 23/12/2003
I was wondering if anyone knew if there still is a Maori club in Tasmania, Australia....and if there is please e-mail me with the info...
Posted By: Victor on 30/12/2003
mysterious circumstances surrounding dead bird in path

Posted By: vanessa on 31/12/2003
Anne Mary Martin (maiden name)
Would appreciate further information or direct contact if
possible. Details are as follows

Name Anne Mary Martin (also known as Mary Martin
DOB 10 Nov 1926
Place of Birth Mangakahia
Tribe Nga Puhi

Stayed in Donnellys crossing between 1940-1960 approx
Employed as a LandGirl for Hawthorne Family in Donnellys Crossing. Presumed Father Mr Brooks whom resided in Dargaville as a Chemist, unware of Marys pregnancy.
Came to Bethany Centre to have a baby-girl DOB 27 Dec 1946
Birth name originally Dorothy Joy Martin
Adopted name Florraine Tui Moana

Mary Martin may have married ?
Would be willing to pay for for further Information
NB: Have browsed the Internet No success

Posted By: Moresby Kainuku on 03/01/2004
Just cruising
Any photo's of our maunga? Awesome site, comment's, a few way out's but we need them to keep the world going round. Te Ao Tu-Mata-Nui!
Posted By: pirihira on 04/01/2004
St Josephs Maori Girls College
Is there anyone out there who's daughter has finished St Josephs Maori Girls college in Taradale. I am desperately looking for a uniform for my daughter. Size 14 - 16. Please email me if you have or know of anyone who is willing to sell -
Posted By: Awhi on 05/01/2004
traditional north island songs in maori
aust.born girl (gee, lucky me..) seein a top male who's peeved about everything we can find here in aust. being written in south island (can't sing it)..any songs for us to sing?? ps. so far, his family is the truest definition of the word I've ever met. you folks are INSPIRED. much love.
Posted By: trish on 19/01/2004
Maori Weddings
Can anyone help this poor Englishman? My mate is getting married in mid february and has asked me to be his bestman. I was wanting to add something Maori into my speech. He has spent several months in your lovely country and plans to within the near future emigrate. Therefore, can anyone advise as to a) what a Maori Wedding Ceremony would entail and b) any short love poem that I could possibly use? Thanks in advance for your help as this would make his and his future wife's extra special. Symon
Posted By: Symon Reynolds on 20/01/2004
Any Maori in BC Canada
Kia ora
Is there any maori here in British Columbia, Canada.
Especially any maori working on reserve with First Nations would love to hear from you and exchange notes on Cultural diversities.
Posted By: Isa King-Ewe on 20/01/2004
Waitangi Day Festival in Sydney, Australia?
Kia ora,

I am trying to find out where the Waitangi Day Festival will be held in Sydney, Australia in 2004?
If you have any information please email me.

Thankyou very much.

Ka kite

Posted By: maori.girl on 26/01/2004
waitangi day..PERTH..and other things
Kia Ora anyone know where the waitangi celebrations are in perth this year? 2004.Also my husband is Maori and about to turn 40 I want to give him a birthday present with cultural significance... ideas? How do I find a culture group in perth for my two girls (they have performed before but group disbanded)youngest daughter sings publically beautiful voice age 10, oldest plays guitar age 15..also need a social maori group for my oldest she needs to mix with other young maori,and the last thing is how do I find explanation of husbands names HORETA and REHUA, I know Rehua is a star but would love to hear some mythology, Thanks Love & Peace Janette
Posted By: Janette on 02/02/2004
I lived in New Zealand for several years and I was made a greenstone by a close friend and it was blessed by a Maori Elder, My question is what is the beliefs when the greenstone is lent/given to someone else? If it is lent and refused to give back what happens? If it is given does it need to get reblessed in their name? What about if it is stolen? Any help in this topic will be extremely appreciated as mine was lent to someone in need of good luck but that person is refusing to give it back! As you can appreciate this is extremely special to me and my piece of New Zealand!
Posted By: Rebecca Conway on 05/02/2004
Maori/New Zealand Photos Needed ASAP!
My name is Amy Bailey, and I am a copy editor for Woman's Missionary Union in the United States. We are a Southern Baptist organization that produces materials for teaching children and adults about missionaries. Currently, we are studying New Zealand and the Maori people. We have a supplemental picture set that we offer that includes photos of the areas of study. I am in need of any and all photos of Maori people (traditional dress, families, etc), a Whare, and any musical instruments or traditional customs. Scenic photos of New Zealand are also welcome.
If you have any photos that meet these requirements, email me ASAP! If you can scan them in at a high resolution and save them as a .jpg, or if you can send high resolution digital photos, please send them to Please include the name of the person who took the photo and include contact information just in case. You will be given proper credit for your contribution to our publications (NO money will be paid for these photos). I need all photos by the middle of next week! Thanks for your help in advance!
Posted By: Amy Bailey on 06/02/2004
Please translate for me
I am looking for someone whom speaks, writes Maori from Te Arawa (not the modern Maori language thank you) to translate my songs into Maori. If you could help, please email me.

Posted By: Fransisca Roach on 07/02/2004
From Tuwharetoa
Kia ora all, i'm a maori rangatahi from waitahanui! i'm part of da blake whanau on Blake road. Anyways just wanted 2 say dat. cyas
Posted By: Makere on 07/02/2004
Epo i tai tama e
Hi, I'm a teacher wanting to share 'epo i tai tama e' with my students. Could someone please give me a translation of the song. Words go: 'epo i tai tama e, o e po i tai tama e. E po i tai tama e po i huru huru e po i tai tama e'. Much apprecitated. 🙂 email
Posted By: karen on 08/02/2004
Translation of meal blessing
Could someone please translate this meal blessing into English for me.

E te matua
Homai enei kai
Hei oranga mo matau tinana
A mene
Posted By: Cyndy Carvell on 09/02/2004
kete making
I wish to make a kete for my son but do not know the right steps to take when boiling the flax.Do I soften first with shell and then boil? If so how long to boil and do I weave while damp or wait till it dries? I was very careful about not taking the three centre leaves of the plant and have saved the ends etc to go back under the plant.All done very respectfully.
Posted By: Trish on 10/02/2004
Kia ora, IM searching for information about Ngati Maru Iwi i would like to know, the mountain, river, lake etc eveything. I know my Marae is in Paeroa but not sure which one, I know how to get there and eveything!! just need the rest of the info, if you could help that would be great.
Posted By: Shirlene on 11/02/2004
Kia ora, IM searching for information about Ngati Maru Iwi i would like to know, the mountain, river, lake etc eveything. I know my Marae is in Paeroa but not sure which one, I know how to get there and eveything!! just need the rest of the info, if you could help that would be great.
Posted By: Mita Family on 11/02/2004
I am researching my whakapapa and would like info on Harry or Hare Williams a.k.a. Wahu, Pueru, Puelu and his brother Peter from Honolulu. They are supposed to have jumped ship on The East Coast and lived with a family, Kururangi. Harry was married to a Mereaira Paratete Kerehi. There children were Hoani, Ropata, Peter and Ihipera. Mereaira left her husband and married Everard Hannam Henderson. If anybody has more info or photo's of this family would be very much appreciated.
Posted By: Leonie Te Hau on 12/02/2004
Baby name meanings.
Could you tell what the name - mokorea means/ I have a family member wanting to name her son by that name.
Posted By: Diane on 13/02/2004
Kapa Haka ?
Kia Ora Koutou......
I'm moving to Bunderberg Qld and I wonder if any knows if there is a KAPA HAKA GROUP there...Ex Te Aute Kareti Boy
Posted By: Anaru Hemopo on 14/02/2004
hahi tapu
could someone help me?? I am interested in the ringatu faith and my family on my fathers side are devout ringatu followers but the prob is i live in the south island in chch and they live on the east coast of the nth is. so its hard to keep in contact.i know the basics of the church but want to know more thank you.
christopher huriwai
Posted By: chris huriwai on 19/02/2004
touch teams
how come a samonan girl got to competate in a maori touch team and got picked for the Maori under 19 world cup touch team .
Posted By: smith on 19/02/2004
this is a cool site for young maoris that are fasinated about the maori culture.
keep it up
Posted By: erina metekingi on 23/02/2004
how do i get a hold of morgan dehar.
Posted By: carol williams on 24/02/2004
Integration of the Maori
hi,i'm from germany and i need for a project a lot of infos about maori and the integration! can someone help me please??write on my email addy! thank you!
Posted By: Vanessa on 26/02/2004
Pre christainty Moari preceptions on disability
I am researching Maori history and the pre and post christain perceptions of disabilities in Maori, there is little information - your help would be very much appreciated.
Posted By: felicia on 28/02/2004
Culture in General
Could anyone tell me the maori culture as it evolved over time? Much thanks!
Posted By: Midnight Rain on 29/02/2004
Maori Scholarships
Kia ora Koutou

I am a Journalism student in my final year. As one of my modules I must do a feature on something pertaining to maori. I am going to do my feature on Maori Scholarships and how important they are .I am looking for anyone who has successfully completed a course while on a scholarship or anyone doing a course while on a scholarship. Thanks

Posted By: Louise on 01/03/2004
Can anyone tell me where and when the Tai Tokerau festival is this year (2004). Kia Ora.
Posted By: Wallace Reihana on 02/03/2004
Rewena Bread Bug and Recipe
Hello there! If anyone has the instructions for making the Rewena bread bug, and then the actual bread itself, could you send it to me please! Thanks and regards
Posted By: Danielle on 02/03/2004
Whakapapa " Makutu" Family
I would like any information regarding the genealogy of the family name Makutu, to put a birth pack together for my unborn grandchild.
Posted By: Robyn Knight on 03/03/2004
wishing to find any family ties out there . my biological name was mere karena born te awamutu. my father was bill karena and my mother is rose karena. dada is buried in te hapua born in te mingi.his tribe was ngati whatua , te aupouri. ngati kuri,i need some help you can telephone me on 039428422 i live in the christchurch area
Posted By: mere paul/nurse on 03/03/2004
1st Maori who attained Masters in Psychology in NZ
Could anyone tell me who the first Maori person was to graduate in NZ with a Masters in Psycholgy. If so please e-amil
Posted By: Anna on 04/03/2004
Maori marriage traditions and customs
I will be traveling to New Zealand this coming June with a group of students. One of my assignments is to find out about the marriage and wedding customs of New Zealand. I am most interested in the Maori traditions.
Posted By: Stefan on 08/03/2004
Where can I buy mattresses? I'm looking to buy 20x150mm thick mattresses for the papakainga. Would appreciate some contact names, phone numbers or email addresses. Kia ora mai.
Posted By: Kevin Haunui on 08/03/2004
A piece of music I found
Hi. I'm going to University in the US (originally from Australia but raised in Hawaii). I am taking Dance and Drama classes this semester. I have found a beautiful Maori song that I am thinking of using in a project (as dance music); unfortunately I don't speak Maori and my search for lyrics to my piece of music have met with frustration thus far. I was wondering if anyone here could please help me out with this. In paticular I am looking for the song lyrics (in Maori and, if possible, English). I would also like to be able to understand what the song is about, even if I cannot find anything in English; I'd hate to discover, the hard way, that I am using a dirge or similarly inapproproiate type of music for a calm, uplifting dance piece. If you are willing and able to help me out, my e-mail address is and the song is a version of Hei Konei Ra performed by Maui Dalvanius Prime and the Patea Maori Club. I would very much appreciate any help that you can provide.
Posted By: Brian on 12/03/2004
I am looking for information on my grandparents Hone Whatarau, his parents were supposed to be Ben Raoul and Ngahina Tukupoto. He was from Ngunguru up North. Or else his parents were also Kahuti and Whatarau. Some of his siblings were Pairama, Manira, Matire, Hemiona , Riwhia, Te Paea, Hiraina and then Hone. My grandmother was Ihipera Wahu or Williams or Puelu. She was born in Tuparoa. My great grandmother was Mereaira Paratete Kerehi married to Harry or Hare Williams or Puelu or Wahu and she was born in Waipiro Bay and also married to Everard Hannam Henderson. anyone who can make sense of all this can you please contact me at Would be greatly appreciated
Posted By: Leonie Te Hau on 15/03/2004
kura a fantasy story
kia ora koutou
i am very interested in maori legends and myths. apon reading one in particular from the website i became very attached, however was gutted to find that the story is only availiable upto cahpter 35.the rest is ther but unable to read? can any1 help me find the rest of the story please? the name of it is: Kura a fanatasy story, and to anyone who hasnt read it its awesome!! up to chapter 35 neway!!!
Posted By: Tangiwai on 22/03/2004
Hi can anybody tell me this, I went to this Tangi on the weekend went into the marae the body's were both on the right hand side I asked this person been his marae why they have the body on the side he doesn't know he asked me the same question and I don't know why we have our dead up the top of the marae? would anybody shed some light to this question Thanks.
Posted By: Reece on 28/03/2004
Looking for Pere whanau
Kia ora e te iwi!
Does anyone have info regarding the Pere whanau on the east coast? My grandfather, Te Huatahi Tony Gillies, was adopted, but is believed to be from the Pere family. Any info would be much appreciated.
Posted By: Jade Gillies on 30/03/2004
Because I have live out of Aotearoa for a long time, I am relearning Te Reo. I find that at many functions I attend, I am expected to say the Karakia and of course I am not able to this in Maori. Can you please tell me where I can find a suitable Karakia to bless the food and the people at the gathering.
Kia Ora, Simon Tirikatene

Posted By: Simon Tirikatene on 30/03/2004

I am writing a homework about short stories in new zealand at university. I need some information about Paikea, because in my story there is a link between the main person and Paikea. It would be great if someone could help me.
Posted By: Sina on 02/04/2004
asking about my origin in nz
i am khaled maori from yemen ,and i want to know the relationship between maori tribes in yemen and maori innz
Posted By: khaled maori on 02/04/2004
what are the colours used for the Tuhou Tribe?

Posted By: Anne on 03/04/2004
maori costumes
i am interested in learning to make maori costumes for my friends here in the states who have school children learning about new zealand. i can only remember how to make poi.
Posted By: lee anne on 06/04/2004
Kia Ora Ano E Nga Iwi,
I am doing a degree in Maori Performing Arts, and am looking for any information on the house Wharetapora and the Kaitiaki for it: Rakataura.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Also, if anyone wants to go to a great traditional Maori show in the christchurch area (optional hangi meal included) drop me a line, or if ya just wana chat!
Heoi Ano,
Kai ruka rawa te manaakitanga o te wa!!!
Posted By: Hollygirl on 07/04/2004
Kiora Whanau. i am wanting information on my Whakapapa
i am Ngati Porou ( East Coast) Te Aoroa. but that's all
i Know i was brought up in Turangi.

my (mother) is Margaret Rose Te Ngahue.(maiden Name Puha)
my (father) is Peter Simon Te Ngahue (Deceased)
Posted By: Te Iwingaro Matua Te Ngahue on 09/04/2004
I need information about the political situation of Maoris today in New Zealand!
Hi everyone!! Please, please, I need info about the political situation of Maoris today in New Zealand. I'm writing an assignment of about 8 pages and it's essential to write about that too. So, please, if anyone knows a good homepage or could help me - write an email to my adresse. That'd be so awesome!! Thanks! Regards, Friederike from Austria.
Posted By: Friederike on 12/04/2004
Would like to hear from anyone who has adopted a baby/child of maori origin esp if child adopted by overseas family.Need to know from a legal standpoint what is involved, husband is Maori and rest of family are NZ citizens any help or advice would be much appreciated,GodBless.
Posted By: M&J on 14/04/2004
Maori beauty and adornment
Kia ora everyone - I'm currently doing an assignment for a beauty therapy course on beauty practices and adornment thru history. If anyone can point me to some resources or info on Maori beauty rituals or adornment (besides ta moko) I would much appreciate it! Especially looking for info about natural skincare products used pre-European and any ideas about beauty they had. Ka kite, Sarah 😀
Posted By: Sarah Jackson on 14/04/2004
Question below...
Mistake made in the query below - use above e-mail address as I mistyped that one. Thanks, Sarah
Posted By: Sarah Jackson on 14/04/2004
Meaning behind my name
i was given my name by my grandmother 33 years ago and her name was Ella Cooper, or era brown before her marrige to piru cooper or bill cooper as i knew him to be, from the little settlement in the far north called Moerewa (tuna town!) yes i know of the history about Hin-A-Maru but don't know the meaning of the name itself, i guess it is how i would explain it to my children and what it may mean in english too. would really appreciate some comments back.
Posted By: Hine-A-Maru Taylor on 19/04/2004
looking for my fathers relatives, his name was BEN RICHARD KORA,
Posted By: KORA on 19/04/2004
Can Some One PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE E-Mail Me A Recipie For Fried/Fry Bread Before I Go Insane!!!!! 😉
Posted By: FriedBreadAddict#1 on 19/04/2004
Dance Teacher Needed- Teach No Pay
Hi there, I am a student here in Seattle, Washington and was wondering if there were any Maori's here in Washington that would very much like to teach us a Maori dance for our May Day Festival, which will be on the 5th of May 2004. We do not have money to repay you but sharing your culture is not that hard. Please help us. If you are the one we are looking for then i would very much appreciate it if you please give me a call at 253-212-1183. I am a student at Clover Park High School and the name of our group or club is called ACE or All Created Equal.
Please if you have any info I would very much apprecitate it.
Fa'afetai Lava. Ma le fa'aaloalo tele o le fa'apotopotoga a ACE.
Posted By: Sila on 23/04/2004
If anyone knows hinewehi's mum,dad,nanny,any brothers or sisters if she has any it would be much appreciated if i could have their names. and if anyone knows her birthdate and were she grew up would be good to please answer (asap)
p.s need it before this friday 30/4/04
Posted By: Te Ata on 27/04/2004
Cooks Whakapapa
I was fostered to Kapi and Emma Taha of Waitotara, My Mother Racheal Cook and Father Frank William Ford from Lower Hutt, Otaki Areas can anyone help me with tracing my past of the Cook, Taha, and Ford Family and Whakapapa . o
Posted By: Matiu (Matt) Ford on 01/05/2004
hei tiki
Kiora, I'm doing a Maori art history course at uni, and I'm writing an essay on hei tiki and what it means to Maori. If anyone could please email me their thoughts or feelings or info on hei tiki, that would very much be appreciated. I'm also looking for information on plastic hei tiki, so again, any thought/feelings/info you have on that would be very helpful to me.

Posted By: Shiyavanthi on 03/05/2004
whakapapa and whakatauki
I have been lead to believe that i am of Ngati Raukawa decent and i reqire a whakatauki for my upcoming marae stay for my mihi. Any help would be fantastic.
Am a also trying to confirm if i am of Ngati Raukawa decent.
Mary Ann Baker born 1860 at Pauatahunui and died 6/4/1934 and buried at Kaori. She married William Alfred Clout in 1860. She had 2 brothers - William and George Baker and a sister - Elizabeth who married a man Grant. I am seeking her mother name. She was born at Pauatahunui and married a man Baker who was a road worker.
Do i have any relatives out there and can any one help me finally find my Iwi. Thanks Melinda
Posted By: melinda meikle on 04/05/2004
whakapapa and whakatauki
I am lead to believe that i am of Ngati Raukawa decent and i require a whakatauki for my mihi. Can any one help me on that.
I am also wanting to confirm that i am of Ngati Raukawa decent. Hopefully by finding my great great great kuia.
My 2 great kuia is Maary Ann Baker born 1840 married 1860 to William Alfred Clout and died 6/4/1934. Born Pauatahuni and buried in Kaori. She had rua brothers - william and george baker and a sister Elizabeth. Elizabeth married a man Grant. Their mother, whom i am searching a name for, was also born in Pauatahunui. Does any one know of her or her family. She married a man Baker who was a road worker.
Am i of Ngati Raukawa decent? Please anything would be helpful. Thanks Melinda
Posted By: melinda meikle on 04/05/2004
Any Maori in New York???
Kia Ora! Looking to see if there are any maori organizations in New York, or if there are any Maori here interested in starting some. Drop me an email.
Posted By: Ed Bradley on 06/05/2004
Language question
Hi, sorry for the stupid question, but I've looked all over and haven't found the answer. How does one say 'We will live' in Maori? Cheers
Posted By: Lis on 08/05/2004
Legend of Mt Taranaki
Hi there, does anybody out there have the full maori legend about the battle of the mountains? (How Mt Taranaki came to be standing where it is today). I am currently studying to be a primary school teacher and we have to reasearch a place that is relevant to us. I have chosen Taranaki because I was born in New Plymouth. However, I am having problems finding the full legend, everywhere only seems to have a shortened version.
Posted By: Stephanie Scott on 10/05/2004
Moari History
Do you know any history on aotearoa expect for treaty of waitangifor my speech at school
Posted By: Dayna Tapiki on 11/05/2004
maori clubs in melbourne
i am trying to arrange item/s for a school concert. are there any maori cultural groups in melbourne who might be able to lend me a video of a dance group or offer any assistance? would be appreciated.
Posted By: kathy miletich on 11/05/2004
Kapa Haka uniforms
Can anyone help? Our school needs new kapa haka uniforms. Does anyone know anyone who makes them. Preferably on the East Coast. Kia ora.
Posted By: Marlene on 11/05/2004
Another email that does not work
I have sent emails to these people and they have been returned. guys update your email contact if you want some help. Admin these guys may need deleting or do you have unlimited space. Also guys hope I've figured out how to post properly now....
(Renee )
Greetings from Queensland, Australia.

I would dearly love to hear from some people - I need a wider base to find where to start helping my daughter with her Maori culture.

She is 6 and wants to know a little about her fathers side, who isn't available. Her desire was started by a recent movie preview of the whale movie ... 🙂

I would love to know of anyone in Queensland or NZ for that matter, for if it is worthwhile & educational for her, we will come for a visit (great excuse to revisit really).

do you have a name of the father? Date of birth, school etc?

Help / Advice wanted re: 14 year old daughter of Nga puhi decent
(Margaret )
My 14 year old daughter is heading off track, her father died when she was 2 and I feel she is a lost soul searching, I think for her heritage, are there any Maouri clubs/groups Gold Coast Queensland that can help or is there any one that can put me in touch with the Ahipara Marae. Thanks

A Kaumatua (elder) for the area is coming down this weekend to Auckland.
His brother's name is Bob Mehana and he is a Kaumatua in Auckland. NZ Ph: (09) 570 8693.

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Auckland NZ 09 570 8693

Bob's brother does the services at the Ahipara Marae and he will be in Auckland this weekend at Bobs. He lives in Kaitia. Where is your Gt Grandfather buried? I have three Gt Uncles that went to war SYLVA Basil, Robbie & Wiki. Wiki died in war. Two returned but they were never well. Robbie died young and Basil lived until 80. he died 9 years ago.

(possumkiwi )
how do I trace my maori ancestry? I know my great grandfather was a "Brass" or "Paraihi" born in Ahipara, Northland. He was in the 28th Maori Batallion.
I need to know about my 'bones'.

Posted By: Rozita on 12/05/2004
How do you spell Grandma in Maori,thaANKS FOR YOUR HELP

Posted By: Neil Drummond on 12/05/2004
Raiha (Eliza) Te Maihia where are your bones resting?
Raihia may have been born around 1850??
She married Joseph Sylva around 1866 and possibly died in during childbirth in the 1870's in the Far North. Can you help us with this missing link? Any other info on the Te Mahia family would be much appreciated. Her brother was Nutana Te Mahia.
Posted By: Rozita on 13/05/2004
URGENT Material Culture. Tribal Art HELP!!!
Hi can anyone pleeeeeease help for an upcoming 21st present my friend wishes to get a piece painted for her best friends 21st. Her friend is of Ngati Kahungungu descent, and she would like something relative and longlasting to her roots. However, ideas and pictures are hard to find in general, is there anyone out there that could offer some suggestions where to look to get some ideas for painting, or places where this art could be viewed or found???
URGENT, appreciate ANY help.

Posted By: Loki on 14/05/2004
finding the old ones
Kia Ora,
I'm an Australian woman, searching for any information about my gt gt gt grandmother, Tiraha Papa Harakeke of Bay of Islands. She married William Cook also of Bay of Islands and she was a cousin of Tamati Waka Nene. Her daughter Esther Cook married Dwight Allen (an American whaler) and their daughter Agnes Allen married Charles Nobbs and they lived on Norfolk Island. They had 16 children of which my grandmother Nea Nobbs was one. If you have any suggestions about how to trace my Napui family lineage, please know that I am deeply appreciative of any advice. I sadly don't speak any of my grandmother's languages and yearn to know the culture of my mother's polynesian heritage, and mine too!

Regards Teone
Ka ki te
Posted By: teone reinthal on 16/05/2004
Pita Sharples
Hi there

I am a student at Ruawharo Napier and I need to find some information on Pita Sharples. I am doing an oral presentation on other forms of education and would like some info on Kura Kaupapa and Kohanga Reo. P.S. There is nothing in the Massey Library that I can find.
Posted By: Ray on 16/05/2004
Kapa Haka in Melbourne
I was just wondering which Kapa Haka groups are still around in Melbourne, preferably the eastern/south-eastern suburbs. Haven't been involved in a while but would like to get back into it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: Tim on 17/05/2004
Perspectives Needed
I am asking for perspectives on the issue of Communicating the importance of an understanding of tikanga and te Reo Maori to school and early childhood communities. It's for an essay I am doing and you will be anonymous in it. Can you help? Is it important, is it just for Maori, how can it be communicated?? Thanks
Posted By: Sarah King on 18/05/2004
What is your perspective?
(this is the one to reply to, sorry left off link to other posting)I am asking for perspectives on the issue of Communicating the importance of an understanding of tikanga and te Reo Maori to school and early childhood communities. It's for an essay I am doing and you will be anonymous in it. Can you help? Is it important, is it just for Maori, how can it be communicated?? Replies before 25/5/04 Thank You kindly

Posted By: Sarah KIng on 18/05/2004
I have posted a notice and passed my assessment on the 28th May which says I have to post a notice
Posted By: tauira on 27/05/2004
How many verses are there to E Pa to Hau? Who composed this waiata?
Posted By: Brigitte on 27/05/2004
DTT Assessment
Wuz up. Dated 28 May 2004 Assessment (reference DTT Technology)Post a notice on a notice board.


Peter Lawless
Posted By: Peter Lawless on 27/05/2004
Do Maori have links to Inka?
It is fascinating that Maori traditions parallel that of Inka
Posted By: Leanne on 27/05/2004
Maori language classes near, in Waikanae?
I'm trying to find Maori language classes near/in Waikanae...even if the classes are given at a community center...Help please!
Posted By: Becky on 27/05/2004
I was wondering about the Kapa Haka groups in Melbourne
I was also wondering about the Kapa Haka groups in Melbourne but for a different reason I lived in the South Eastern surburbs up until the early 1990's I went to several meetings about the start of a Marae and a community centre. I was involved in politics and I put our people in touch with government officials. Eventually I came home to whanau. Did anything come of that work or our groups still using other commuity centres. I often wondered about what happened I know the Chairperson died at the time we all thought was a wonderful idea and there was a Scotman learning language. At that time they were teaching the children but using (Melbounre)landmarks. I know it was a long time ago but its bugged me for a while.
Posted By: Lynette Neill on 31/05/2004
does any one have words and music for E karnaga e te iwi e waiata

Posted By: Tracey Burgess on 02/06/2004
Maori language class in Sydney
Would anyone know about Maori language class in Sydney? Do you know anyone who gives Maori language tuition in Sydney?
Thank you very much for your help,
Regards, ludi.
Posted By: Ludi on 08/06/2004
Kapahaka groups
Kia Ora. Alot of people have asked about Kapahaka groups to join in Melbourne or Brisbane. Doesn't anyone want to join one in Sydney? I am in a roopu in Sydney and at the moment we have room for more performers. If you can commit yourself 100%, don't mind travelling out west for training, have some experience, want to make new friends and WHANAU, don't mind fundraising,and want to perform at the Aotearoa Festival in NZ, Feb 2005 then email me for info. We are open for new members until August. Kia Ora....So anyone interested?
Posted By: Ozzie_mama on 14/06/2004
Learn Traditional Maori Spiritual Practices

I'm very interested in learmning about traditional Maori spirituality and spiritual practices etc. I'm finding it hard to find information. Does anyone know of good books and/or sites to read? Forums to be part of? What is the opinion of Maoris when non-maoris ry to learn and practice their tradition spiritual ways? Living in the uSA and having native american friends, They have mixed feelings about people that learn and practice their ways. For the most part they view it as good that others have adopted their ways to live in harmony with the earth and all life.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Posted By: Bryan on 14/06/2004
Maori legends and myths
I am doing a project on New Zealand and I am going into a lot of detail on Maori and on all the legends etc so I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good sites for this especially on Paikea/Kahutia but anything is very much appreciated! Also I have heard about Phoenicians living in NZ before the Maori arrived if anyone has any info on that that would be great! Thanks very much!
Posted By: Ruth on 15/06/2004
I am trying to FIND links to my Tuhoe Whanau if anyone can help me? The following are names on my grandmothers whakapapa. Herehere Makere Te Ata Hakiaha(my grandmother)Ruatahuna. My grandmothers brothers names were "Pakeha Makere", "Tamaipoua Makere", "Te Uatuku Makere" and "Te Rapai Makere". From what I know Te Rapai Makere had numerous children and understand that these children or childrens children are living in RUATOKI......I have lost contact with my cousin "Kaa Anderson" who maybe residing in Ruatoki, if anyone is able to help me I would appreciate it very much.
Posted By: Mate Koneke Williams on 20/06/2004

Can anyone tell me the name of a short film about 3 maori tamariki waiting for the parents in the pub. This short film was written and directed by a Maori, who was featured on TV (news or flipside) last month. I didnt catch the his name or the name of the film.
Posted By: Matt on 21/06/2004
history of maori radio station
im currently doing level 4 nat cert in social sciences and im looking for any info on how, when, by who, on the history of maori radio. i do know that it was formed in 1986 anyone help me??
Posted By: karen on 21/06/2004
kapahaka costumes urgently required
kia ora koutou,
Pakuranga Heights Primary School East Auckland urgently require costumes for our kapahaka kids... anyone that can help us please call tu on 0274 902 800...

Posted By: tuaharu edwards on 24/06/2004
Books of the Far North?? (from Ngataki up)

Posted By: Rozita on 24/06/2004
Posted By: ashley on 29/06/2004
Can someone help me please? I could be asking dumb questions but AROHA MAI.
Are there such hapu with these names? and if so does anyone know where they are and would you have any info on them. Tuhorangi, Ngati Whakaaue, Ngati Wewehi, Uenuku Kapako me Rangi Taore. ( I may have spelt these names wrong.) i have been told I connect to these Hapu but I cant find any info on them. Is there such a Marae as Tama te Kapua and Tunahopu. I am told they are in Te Arawa. Can someone also tell me where the Urupa "Te Kauwe" is. I Would appreciate an answer and my apologies if I have offended anyone.
From Ignorant Maori girl..
Posted By: LINK on 29/06/2004
Kei a koe te Tikanga
Kei te haere te reo maori ki hia ki te taringa tae atu ki te hinengaro, mai tetahi taringa puta atu i tera atu taringa.
Posted By: Rhys Tohu on 30/06/2004
Cultural exchange
I work for a Japanese educational company in Auckland. We are looking for local high schools who would be interested in doing some cultural exchanges with our Japanese students!!! our students want to learn about maori dance, songs, games and tell you about their culture.
if you know of any high schools who would be interested, give me an email 🙂
Posted By: Angela on 30/06/2004
legends and myths
hello i need help i need to know why the maori made myths and legends? its for a school project please help asap
Posted By: Leya Rutene on 01/07/2004
language resources needed
Good morning,
I hope you can help. I was given a book called "lets learn Maori" as a wedding gift from my work colleagues because I am saving up to go to New Zealand! Would anyone know where I can get the matching set of cassettes/CDs to help me with the pronounciation! I am starting to understand the grammar but speaking Maori is very different form english or french so please help. Thank you so much!
Goodbye/au revoir
Posted By: Mrs Christel Anslow form England on 02/07/2004
Maori Song?
Hello! I am so pleased to find this site. I hope someone can help me. I am doing research on 150 different folk songs for my masters thesis and I have discovered two different versions of a song that I believe must be from New Zealand. Can anyone confirm that "Epo I tai tai e" is indeed Maori? My spelling may be VERY wrong but the lyrics are: Epo i tai tai e, Epo i tai tai e, Epo i tai tai, Epo i tiki tiki (or possibly tuki tuki), Epo i tiki tiki e. Any ideas, on orign and translation? Thank you so much for your help.
Posted By: Tiffany- Music Teacher in Ohio, USA on 07/07/2004
Kia Ora,

I am looking for info on my Whanau. My grandfathers name was George Hawkins who grew up in Mohaka, his Fathers name was Tomlin Hawkins and his mothers last name was Aranui (i think?). My grandmothers name was Polly Tiripa (nee Hema) Hawkins, who grew up in Wairoa, her fathers name was James Hema and her mothers name was Ivy may peck.
I dont know much about my whanau and would liek to learn more about my whakapapa.
Can anyone help me?

Posted By: Nicole on 11/07/2004
Need Advice for Writing a Maori Character in a Story
I am writing a story about a man named Nathan Ford. Nathan is a young man with a lot to complain about, but no will to make changes in his life. To make changes in his life now, he must come to terms with his past. To do this, he goes to visit his family, whom he has not seen in many years.

He is invited to his younger brother's wedding. Before he goes, he has to be convinced that he has to go. He encounters a number of strange characters from a variety of walks of life, all of whom have advice to give him.

I would like one of them to be a Maori living in the US because I think it would be interesting. This Maori character ought to use some, i dunno, Maori wisdom (as corny as it sounds) or some Maori proverbs or something to help convince Nathan to see his family. Aside from help with these finer points, I'd also like some suggestions for a name for this Maori character.

I would really appreciate any help that any of you could give me.
Posted By: David Wilensky on 12/07/2004
Is maori a language? How do you pronounce it?

Posted By: Sabrina Saveh on 15/07/2004
Boarding Schools For Boys/Funding
Kia ora Koutou, Can anyone assist me, I presently live in WA Australia and am trying to locate a boarding school for my 13 year old son, whom lives with his grandmother over there. And if so, does anyone know anything about funding I can apply for? Please help
Posted By: Kataraina on 19/07/2004
looking for grt grt grand farther
he arrived in australia from new zeland south coast around 1840s thats all i have to go on his name richard marshall
Posted By: terry on 19/07/2004
International Indigenous Womans Conference
I'm wondering if anyone has any info on the International Indigenous Womans Conference in New Zealand thats coming up in November. My friend just moved down there from Canada but she hasn't heard too much about it. If anyone has info, please email me! Greatly appreciated:) Thank You:D
Posted By: Megan Thorne on 19/07/2004
Kapa Haka Uniforms
Our kohanga are looking to purchase some kapa haka uniforms for our tamariki, ranging in age from 6 months to 5 years old. Can anyone please help with any info on where we can buy some. Kia ora.
Posted By: Kirsty Jamieson-Te Huia on 19/07/2004
Baby names
Hi, I'm origionally a kiwi girl born and breed, But I married a US guy and moved to the states. Now we are trying to have children and we are picking out baby names. I was wondering if anyone new a site that had a list of english - maori names. I would really like to carry on my culture to my children through their names as well as their lifestyle.
Posted By: Monique Hernandez on 21/07/2004
Hangarau - classroom technology
Tena koe Bridgett, as per my assessment re: ACTT, do u know where I can get access to a Template of an Assessment Sheet please on Hangarau?,If so, can u e-mail one to me please. Kia ora. Tena koe Te Miri. Ed.
Posted By: EDPrime on 23/07/2004
Hei matou
I am looking for designs and methods of construction for functional hooks to work into my mahi raranga as clasps and adornment on kete. I am thinking of composite designs: wood, bone and harekiki. However, anything you have to share is appreciated.
Posted By: Luke on 24/07/2004
who is
who is Rangi and Papa
Posted By: lizzie on 27/07/2004
Any body got any paua for sale?
Posted By: Matiu on 27/07/2004
modern maori housing? How it effects health?
Hi if anyone has any information from a reliable source on modern maori housing could they please contact me. thanks
Posted By: monique on 28/07/2004
Maori artists
Who knows of any artist who paints beautiful Maori patterns on automobiles? I saw some on the internet done by a Maori artist but I lost the website. Would be grateful for any information. Kia Ora.
Posted By: Mahia Mo'o on 30/07/2004
Belgian TV

I am Nevine Gerits and I work for Belgian Television, more specific for a TV company: TV De Wereld, which means TV The World.

Actually we are making a TV program which is called "The Best Belgian"; it's a travel/entertainment program for our national TV.

The "Best Belgian" is a program where our host (his name is Staf Coppens) goes around the world, looking for (for us-)unusual, rather funny, dangerous,....competitions. Every time he takes a really known Belgian person with him (every time a different person) to meet the local people and in the end that person has got to compete against the locals in that particular competition. We've noticed that it's a wonderful way to show something about the culture and the way of living.
So I am doing the research for these competitions. As I said, I am looking for some really original games/competitions,..around the world.

Could you maybe help me out? Or could you give me the name of a person or an organisation that could help me with this?
I would be so thankful !

If you have any questions what-so-ever, you can always contact me!

Nevine Gerits
TV De wereld
Posted By: Nevine Gerits on 30/07/2004
Maori culture/history/traditions
Greetings! Tehom and I are members of a small village in SW Tennessee, USA called Rose Creek Village ( Our village is hosting a festival this fall where we will celebrate cultures from around the world. After viewing "The Whale Rider", we've become very interested in learning more about the Maori people and their history & traditions. If anyone out there has any info or info sources you could direct us to, we would greatly appreciate your assistance. We would like to learn the Haka and Poi-ball related dances; along with traditional folklore (especially creation-related) t present to the public at our fall festival. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You! -Mitch
Posted By: Mitch & Tehom Paeglow on 01/08/2004
Maori designs etc for wearable art
Hi. My daughter is designing a wearable arts costume. The topic is the future. Her design is about her vision for the future, the Maori and Pakeha people living in peace and harmony with each other with no racial disharmony and all the unhappiness with each other sorted out. She sees a country where we have the upmost respect for each others cultures with neither losing their traditions and yet getting on as one. She wants to incorporate maori designs on her outfit and anything else which represents Maori culture but she understands it is a very respectful topic with much protocol and steeped in tradition and she doesn't want to show any disrespect by doing the incorrect thing. Please could someone help with some ideas. Her outfit so far includes flax which she has weaved herself and she is using European linen plus a mix of other mediums so there is a mix of the two cultures. She needs some ideas for Maori design which could be appropriate to use and which talk about peace, harmony, ones own identity, respect and anything else which could be used. Also ideas for Maori adornment which could be suitable. She is 14 and a lovely, gentle kid who has much respect for all people, regardless of age, race or sex. Thank you for your help.
Posted By: Sez on 01/08/2004
Te Ataarangi
Kia ora te iwi,
He aha ngarangi wa me te kaupeka matawai o Te Ataarangi.
Awhi mai kua!
Tena koutou katoa.

Greetings my people,
Can someone help me out with Te Ataarangi timeline please!
Many thanks.....

Posted By: Ko Atareta ahau on 02/08/2004
DTT Noho
When is the next Noho for DTT
Posted By: Earl on 04/08/2004
Kia ora koutou
Anyone out their successful in obtaining their Super after shifting back to Aotearoa.....protocol/status/criteria.
Would dearly love to hear from you.
Posted By: Te Uira on 05/08/2004
Tena koutou, does anyone know where and who said " Standing in the shadows of our forefathers" Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted. P.
Posted By: whai2karanga on 05/08/2004
looking for origen of te rehia nga puhi
Posted By: te rehia on 06/08/2004
Tribes of the Hawkes Bay Area
KIa Ora I was just wondering if anyone knew the names of all the tribes that belong to Hawkes Bay or a website with the information? Thanks
Posted By: Siobhan on 07/08/2004
can someone please tell me the colours song in Maori that would be used for young children to learn the colours in Maori thank you.
Posted By: jen on 08/08/2004
Marae resources
we are looking for mattresses for our marae Ngarongo which is in Taranaki, if anyone knows of any cheap moenga please
contact me kia ora mai ra
Posted By: Jonathan on 11/08/2004